3 New lamps At Home from Hudson Valley Lighting

MSH partnership, all words are my own: 
Everyone has a 'thing' when it comes to the home, don't you think? For some it's chairs, for others it might be rugs, or smaller items such as books, art and plants. What's yours? I love all these pieces, but for me, it has to be lighting! I love the way it can be used to create an atmosphere. I appreciate how it's vital for practical tasks such as cooking or reading. And I'm inspired by the way it can be used to highlight the things you love - and hide the things you don't! You also can never really have enough lighting in a home (especially in wintertime), so I'm always on the lookout for something new. 

Recently, I added three shiny new lamps to our living space - courtesy of Hudson Valley Lighting Group. You might recognise the name from the wall sconce in my sitting room. The international brand sells hundreds of lamps, offering everything from pendants to outdoor wall sconces, all with exceptional quality. I'm excited to share the ones I've chosen this time, they've certainly brightened up some dark corners of our house and cottage! I hope you'll feel inspired / get some ideas for your own home too! 

New lighting at the Cottage

Last time we were up at the cottage we installed the Barron lamp in aged brass over the sink. I felt immediately drawn to it since it's inspired by the work of mid-century Danish architects who reduced the glare from electric lighting by applying layers and curved shades. The result is a soft, diffused glow, that immediately feels warm and cosy - or as the Danes would say hyggelig

In Scandinavia, people love to place lighting in the window since it gives off a warm and inviting feel - which is why I chose this position over the sink. But I could also see it hanging in the corner of a room, or next to a sofa (I have a feeling this one might get moved around quite a lot!). But for now, there'll be a lovely light shining from our cottage kitchen window! 

New Lighting in our Home Hallway

A few months ago I shared my latest hallway update, but we were still missing lighting (cue: guests fumbling around in the dark for their jackets and kids emptying the entire content of the wardrobe to find a tennis racket... that sort of thing!). Needless to say, good lighting in the hallway is key, especially on darker days and nights. We were lucky enough to have the power source already, so all that was needed was the actual fixture! 

I decided on the Estee semi-flush by Mitzi. It's actually available in two colours: polished nickel or aged brass - but you know me, I love a brass look! Usually Per helps me out when it comes to DIY, but actually I did most of the installation myself, it was surprisingly simple (the round glass pendants just screw into place). Admittedly I was wise enough not to attempt the wiring though - being a Physics teacher, that's definitely Per's area! 

I can't tell you what a huge difference this lighting makes to our hallway - it looks way smarter than before, and the Estee emits a great light - which can also be dimmed down with the right switch if you want to make your hall / sitting room / dining area more cosy. Love that! 

If you're curious about this piece, you might be interested to know that there's also a 6-arm version, which would be perfect for bigger spaces. 

I recently installed a mirror and hooks in the narrow section of our hallway (more details here) - which have been great for bouncing around light and also providing space for a (daily) overflow of coats, bags, hats etc. But I really wanted to add some interesting lighting to the area - and the Angela in aged brass by Mitzi fit the bill perfectly. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the weight (it's quite substantial which makes it feel really high quality!). I also love the cable - which is why I decided to hang it this way using a hook - some cables are designed to shine! 

It has a really cosy feel to it when switched on (especially if you use a dimmer switch like I have). Placed next to a mirror, the reflection immediately doubles the light source too, which brightens up this little corner of our home after dark! 

Next step... the hallway tiles - but that's a subject for another day! 

For now, we'll be enjoying the fact that we can actually see something when we arrive home or about to leave! 

Did you have a favourite lamp among these? Or perhaps you're after something different? If so, you can discover the full range of Hudson Valley Lighting Group lighting here


Photography: Niki Brantmark (and my kids - where I feature!)
Cottage kitchen Styling: Niki Brantmark
Hallway styling: Helen Sturesson

*This is a paid post in collaboration with Hudson Valley Lighting Group, however, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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Monday Mood: An Edinburgh Home That celebrates A Slower Pace of Life

I got to know, and fall in love with Edinburgh, Scotland as a student. And these days, I love to see how the beautiful old apartments mature into adulthood - through the lens of Nina Plummer. You might recall I featured Nina's Georgian apartment back in 2019, but so much has happened since then (including an entire bathroom and hallway renovation), that a new home tour has been well overdue! Nina's beautiful, earthy apartment reflects her thoughtful approach to homemaking, and is filled with pieces from Ingredients Ldn - her and husband Craig's online homeware store that celebrates a slower pace of living. A perfect vibe with which to start the week, don't you think? 

Absolutely beautiful! 

I particularly love the bathroom, it's exactly how I would like to decorate mine should I own an old house (one day friends, one day!). 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Many of the accessories you see in the pictures can be found in Nina and Craig's lovely shop (I've got my eye on the coffee pot!). 

Shall we pull up a chair, pour a coffee and take a peek inside some other serene homes this morning? Here are a few of my favourites:

I'm excited to be featuring an idyllic Finnish farm in the next couple of days - it's a rare gem that might just have you dream of moving to rural Finland! Keep an eye out! 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography: Nina Plummer - shared with kind permission

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Interior Shop Tip: The WallpaperSTORE* (15% off!)

MSH Partner
I've been a fan of Wallpaper* magazine for as long as I can remember. There's something about the design and style which truly resonates with me each and every edition. But did you know there's also a WallpaperSTORE*?! I did a little dance when I find out. Sure enough, the curated marketplace doesn't disappoint - it's a complete treasure trove of the most stellar and emerging brands and designers in the design world, and includes decorative objects, furniture, lighting, tabletop, desktop, and stationary, technology and travel kit! And the good news is that all My Scandinavian Home readers can get 15% off with promo code WMSH15. Here's a taster of the type of beautiful specimens you might find.

How beautiful, are these brass items? I spy the Swedish Skultuna 'kin' in the mix too!

I could actually lift these items out of this picture and arrange them on my desk in exactly the same way! The only thing is, I seem to accidentally pick up ugly branded ballpoint pens wherever I go - if someone gives me a pen to sign with, I'll find it in my hand ten minutes later, a mile up the road! Please tell me there's somewhere else out there who accidentally does this too?) and these pieces are way to pretty for them!

What do you think? Did anything catch your eye?

It'd be a tricky one, but if I were to go for five items in the store right now, it's be these...

My Picks From The WallpaperSTORE*

1. Tip of the toungue light
2. Echasse Bowl
3. Bølling Pauline bar stool
4. Myhrre candle
5. Brewer stand

This could be dangerous!

See you at the WallpaperSTORE*!


This post is brought to you in collaboration with WallpaperSTORE*, however all words are my own and I only ever work with shops and services I think you'll love!

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A Breathtaking Home That Celebrates Slow Living

Do you sometimes find that you walk (or click) into a shop and love absolutely everything you lay your eyes on? That's how I feel about INGREDIENTS LDN. Owned by Nina and Craig Plummer, the boutique interior and lifestyle store celebrates a slower pace of living. "It's about taking time to do things with care and intention," Nina says. "It’s a recognition of the importance that time and attention play in enabling us to savour the small moments that give everyday life meaning and value." The duo's incredible Georgian apartment in Edinburgh shares the same simple, calm and organic feel. I asked Nina to describe the renovation and décor in her own words.

"Last year we moved into an old Georgian apartment with beautiful proportions and large windows but with little else going for it. Pretty much every corner was in need of complete renovation. Several spaces had been subdivided during the 1960s which disrupted the carefully considered Georgian proportions."

"What is now the kitchen had actually been divided into three separate cramped, dark spaces. We set about renovating and restoring the entire apartment, including removing walls and moving bathrooms. We are only just approaching the end of the long renovation phase with some work still going on and much of the furniture and décor still to be added."

"Our home was renovated and decorated in line with the ethos of our store INGREDIENTS LDN. We used natural materials such as linen, wool, ceramics and bare wood. We also used materials that acquire a patina over time such as brass or copper and a neutral, calming colour palette."

"Our kitchen was made using sustainably harvested wood and natural marble that ages beautifully, with brass and copper finishes. Most of our furniture is vintage and the details and finishing touches are a combination of vintage items and the artisan-made items we offer in our store."

"The use of natural rather than synthetic materials is the central aspect that binds both the visual aesthetic of our store and our home together. Using this value as a guiding light helped us to achieve the calming space we were after, that could serve both as my studio and as a peaceful place for my husband and myself to retreat to."  
"Our home is still very much a work in progress but we want to let it evolve slowly and naturally with time and use. Our home is where we rest and recharge, but it also serves as my place of work and the backdrop for our business. The fact that we can fulfill the various needs of our business and our personal lives in one space is what I love most about it."

"All of the products we offer in our store pass through our hands, many of them are used by us on a daily basis so that we can truly understand their merits and unique qualities. As we continue to discover, test and add new unique products and artisan made goods to our range, I am sure our home too will continue to evolve in interesting ways."

Thank you so much for inviting us into your breathtaking Edinburgh home Nina!

Looking through the pictures I was immediately transported back to my days at  The University of Edinburgh - my flatmates and I lived in a few different Georgian apartments, but they didn't look quite like this (there were traffic cones in the hallway for starters....). If you've never been to this Scottish city it's definitely one for the travel list!

For more inspiration you can also read their online journal and follow along on instagram (I'm an avid follower of both!). And of course get the look by shopping away at INGREDIENTS LDN!

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular? 

Have a lovely day!


I've finished my design talks on the Scandinavian cruise and we're now Dover bound! So looking forward to giving my family a stor kram (big hug) back in Sweden!

Photography courtesy of INGREDIENTS LDN.

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For the Love of Linen!

Linen has to be the prettiest fabric, don't you think? I've noticed it's sneaked it's way into all areas of my home - the kitchen, the bedroom and even my sitting room! So, what is it about this fabric? Made from the flax plant, linen has so many great qualities: it keeps it's shape, it's resistant to dust, has non-allergenic qualities, it's durable and feels soft and cool to touch - but best of all perhaps, it looks extra pretty slightly wrinkled so there's no need to get the iron out! Right now, some of the best linen is coming out of Lithuania, a country known for it's skilled craftsmanship. One of my favourites is Iconic Linen who make items from handcrafted, stonewashed linen made from 100% pure flax that's natural and chemical free so it's soft and kind to your skin (and they ship worldwide!). Here's a quick round-up of some of my favourite pieces:

Linen Table Cloths

With summer on it's way, I'm loving the natural and white striped table cloth (it has a true Swedish summer cottage feel about it, don't you think?!). If you prefer a little more colour there are three others to choose from. And they sell linen napkins to match!

Linen Tea Towels

The kitchen range also includes a load of linen tea towels (check out the green one) and linen aprons (I have a linen apron at home and even though I'm hopeless at baking, I feel the part so much more in it than when I'm wearing my ancient, waxed apron with cats (hmmm, funny that!).

Linen bedding

Bed linen is where the 100% European flax comes into play (this is what you want for softness against the skin) and the iconic linen range is stonewashed, carefully handcrafted and super soft. Once again I'm loving the 'Swedish cottage' bed set up - but I'd also take the blue and white striped (seen at the top of this post), white and dusty rose (not at all swayed by that picture of the breakfast in bed... honest!). You can check out the complete range here.

Linen Fabrics by the Metre

And finally, I love that all the Iconic Linen colour ways are available to buy by the metre so you can make your own linen creations.

Small side note: at Christmas we stayed at a friends house who had linen waffle duvet covers -  I've been wondering where to find them ever since. Perhaps I should ask Iconic Linen to whisk up a bespoke pair (remember in Scandinavia it's customary to use two single duvets instead of a double!), what do you think?

Is there anything you are tempted by?

If you'd like to see more, you can check out the complete collection here.

Have a cosy day!

This post is in collaboration with Iconic Linen, however all words are my own and I only ever recommend brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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