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Hello! I can't believe how popular yesterday's home was, I really enjoyed reading all your comments both here and on Facebook (where it got over 245 likes!), it was indeed a beautiful apartment and I too could move in tomorrow. To continue the theme of homes for sale in Sweden I was extremely excited to come across the Stockholm home of Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling which is currently for sale through Per Jansson. It's a picture of calm. I am particularly loving the bedroom - I'm sure it's impossible to have a bad nights sleep there, what do you think?

Per Jansson
Such beautiful images!

On Sunday we had a Facebook discussion on whether to go for less or more based on this post. Elin's home is definitely 'less' and the beauty of that is that it feels incredibly serene. Are you a less or more person?

Thank you so much to Sofia for today's tip. Have a lovely day!


  1. I am definitely a less person !!! ;)

  2. No doubt I'm a less person. I love this home: it's the perfect example that minimal doesn't mean lifeless. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Aww this is such a beautiful home! So dreamy I am really in love with it

  4. I love this place. Very peaceful, but a great artwork (could be ckack and white) could bring out the reste even more

  5. Great home, love the white bedroom. And yes, I'm definitely a less person.


  6. It' s really a charming place to live in!

  7. I just love this simple styled home.

  8. I do not like clutter at all but this one I think is a little too less. Though it looks beautiful it is not practical.

  9. Very peaceful indeed, white but not boring or "flat" at all!

  10. I'm trying to be somewhere between less and more, have stuff I find beautiful and interesting around but not too much of it. I really want the ladder in the bedroom here to hang blankets on in my living room.

  11. Absolutely lovely images and soooooooo simple styling, I love this apartment :)

  12. I love love love your blog and every single post! Please keep them coming!! Keep up the good work

  13. Perfect harmony in the colors, serene and relaxing feel to it.

  14. Hi Niki! Fab post. Is it ok for me to mention it on my blog and link the readers to your fantastic blog? xo Caroline

  15. Hello, Scandinavian;
    I Just start to follow your wonderful blog, but today I decided to leave a comment, unfortunately I am one of the few people that I would never buy the apartment Ellen Kling, except for the wonderful light who coming in, the décor leaves much to desired according to my tastes of course!. I do not see any bookcase, I do not see music, I do not see even a paint!. I love a lot put in order, but here order does not exist, I really have not anything to put in it's place!. Less is more, but unfortunately here less takes over and climbed up the stair of the bedroom!.
    Greetings, Eva

    1. Hi Eva, thank you for taking the time to comment. I understand your sentiments. I actually think the reason it is so 'clean' is because this isn't her perminent resident. However there are people who do live in this minimalist way and indeed appreciate it. I love to admire this look from a far and personally love this home, however like you I like to be surrounded by objects and lovely pictures on the wall :) I hope you continue to leave comments also on other homes you do love! Thank you for reading my blog /Niki

  16. In a Scandinavian home there should be a Hästens Bed!

  17. White combination color is my favorite .I love this house very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Same kind of my thailand property Chiang mai property

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