A 19th Century House Ready for Summer, On The Swedish Island of Gotland

Linda and Martin Bendelin Munkhammar grew up on the Swedish summer paradise island of Gotland before moving to Stockholm for higher education and work. But when they had their first child, they longed for their home turf and wanted to give their children the idyllic childhood they had enjoyed on the Swedish Baltic island. The pair fell in love with a dilapidated old 19th century limestone house near the coast in Djupvik in Southwestern Gotland which was in major need of repair. After extensive work - the beautiful house has become their home - and a place where children can roam free in the garden surrounded by lavender, and Linda and Martin can enjoy morning dips on the nearby beach. The interior offers a cool respite from the long hours of sunshine - and features cool, exposed stone, original wood beams and beautifully textured walls inspired by the surrounding landscape. Let's take the tour!

How beautiful! 

I understand why they wanted to go home, do you?

Gotland really is a wonderful island, and really comes into its' own in summertime. But more so, I bet the locals really appreciate the end of summer when the tourists pile onto the last ferry back to the mainland and the island quietens down and readies itself for a raw yet revitalising winter! 

See the full feature in Residence magazine here (in Swedish). 

Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell - shared with kind permission

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Your island retreat on the Swedish island of Gotland?

Hello! Having a bit of a Monday morning shock here after two very late nights in a row. Guh! Coffee. I hope you've had a great weekend too? Luckily I have something to brighten up the start of our working week. A summer home in Hamra, on the wild and wonderful island of Gotland (off Sweden's East coast)! The retreat recently came on the market through Fantastic Frank (and I'm pretty sure it will be snapped up in no time). The home is a blend of concrete and wood adding just the right amount of warmth. The look is simple and pared-back with soft linens and the obligatory Gotland sheepskin throw. Oh and did I mention a pool and small guesthouse too?!

Source: Fantastic Frank

Oh so lovely. The nature is just beautiful on Gotland.

Could you spend your summers here?

A few items I love from this home:  Gotland sheepsking throw, light grey linen bedding, g print, PH 5 pendant lamp.

*But where's that pool you mentioned?* - see a complete tour of the rural home here.

And more Gotland homes here.

If I've got you in the holiday mood you might also like to see this magical post- hey, shall we just forget the working week completely?!

Have a lovely day!

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A 19th Century Farmhouse on The Swedish Island of Gotland

How long ago was it that I featured a house on one of my favourite Swedish islands? Too long! So folks, here's a Gotland beauty for you. Located almost in the centre of the Baltic island, this wonderful 19th century farmhouse has been decorated using calm shades to compliment the original stone walls, exposed beams and beautiful old solid wood floors. True to Gotland style, the look is pared back and draws heavily on natural, raw materials to connect the living space with the surrounding countryside. Could this be my next home (I've always dreamed of spending a year on Gotland!)? If not, perhaps you can snap it up and we can all come and visit? Teamwork friends, teamwork! 

Imagine having bones like these to play with? Mesmerising! 

My mind has immediately wondered back to the days we spent on Gotland last summer. Have you ever visited this island? If not, it's definitely one to add to your future travel files! 

In the meantime, here are a few other houses on the island to feel inspired by: 

Have a lovely day friends!


Photography: Fantastic Frank

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A former lighthouse keeper's cottage on Gotland

One of the things I love about writing My Scandinavian Home is I come across homes such as this one, which engulf me with inspiration and I know they will you too. This former lighthouse keeper's cottage is one of them. Located in Visby on the island of Gotland off Sweden's east coast, this family summer cottage has been beautifully renovated using white, greys and dusty pink and breathtaking views out to see. Safe to say, I could spend my summer here, how about you?

Photography: Jonas Ingerstedt (shared with kind permission) via Casa del caso

What do you love most about this home?

Each year my parents visit us from London and take my little girls away somewhere for a treat. Last year they had a fantastic time on the Danish island of Bornholm and this year they plan to go to Gotland. I think I'm going to have to pack myself in their trunki, I've been waiting to visit Gotland for years!

If you're not convinced, this post by Little Scandivian will have you sold. It's such a breathtaking island with so much to see and do, plus you get to rent holiday homes like this one

I've shown so many beautiful homes on Gotland before including this stunning summer cottage, a Gotland retreat, and a converted brewery.  Could you imagine restoring your own home here?

Have a lovely day!

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A charming 19th century house on Gotland

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know I have a weakness for homes on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic. That's why I was really excited to come across this beautiful 19th century house. The owners have successfully renovated the property to embrace its history and at the same time bring it up to date.  Think wood burning stoves, tiled masonry ovens, rickety stairs, original wood floors and traditional earthy colours blended with mid-century and modern day finds. The style is laid back, traditional and rustic. Welcome in!

Photography: Jörgen Kristiansson for Fastighetsbyrån

Simply lovely, don't you think?

Oh and it's for sale. I know. 

You can see more pics of this lovely home (as well as the exterior) here (just in case your mind's not already made up!).

A few items I know and love from this Gotland cottage: dining area - Bentwood chairs, Gotland sheepskin throw, Klong oil lamp, source a beautiful vintage dough bowl here. Sitting room: chefs hat lamp, Gubi mirror. Bedroom: lampe gras wall lights. stonewashed linen bedding, dark grey quilt.

It would almost be unfair not to share some of my favourite Gotland homes from the past, don't you think? Here goes: a beautiful Gotland home in shades of grey, the bohemian sumer home of a fashion photographer and an idyllic island holiday home. Do you have a favourite style?

My blogging constantly brings new challenges and this afternoon I have another first. I've got a photo shoot with my neighbour's poodle, Daphne. I've been told she's a real natural behind the camera (she comes from a family of models after all) but most of all I'm looking forward to her company - I'm sure we'll get a long just fine!

Have a lovely day!

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A Dreamy Manor On the Swedish Island of Gotland

We've come back to the city (Malmö) for a few days - even so, my heart as always at this time of year, is in the Swedish countryside. I have been busy taking my camera around our little neck of the woods on the west coast and hope to be able to share a guide (or at least some snapshots) with you after the summer. In the meantime, I'll rely on my summer fall back: the beautiful island of Gotland. 

And this incredible house has everything you might need for an idyllic summer in the swedish Baltic. Step this way to feel inspired! 

Swedes typically take around 3 weeks holiday in the summer, but it's not unusual to take anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks! Many will head out of town and camp, stay at a summer cottage (their own or visit friends and family) or head on a road or train trip in Europe. Either way, it's all about taking some time out to enjoy everything that nature has to offer at this time of year. 

As you are likely aware, the Swedish weather gods aren't always on our side. And while we have been enjoying some blisteringly warm and sunny weather lately, there's plenty of rain on the forecast next week! Greenhouses have become less about gardening and more about shelter these days, and the warm spaces are ideal for dining and taking afternoon naps when the weather is not quite on our side! 

Swedes are great at seeking out sunny spots. In the garden it's not unusual to find quite a few different areas so you can follow the sun! I love this dining area looking out over the fields of Gotland from under the boughs of a tree! 

This dreamy limestone 'gård' (Manor House) beside a church looks out over the surrounding farmland - and offers plenty of space to be alone (hey, I absolutely love my children, but things can get intense in the school summer holidays, am I right? 

The main room is so large, it offers both a sitting room and dining area. But you could also slope off to play the piano! 

You'd be hard pressed fining a home on Gotland without a local grey sheepskin throw.

I love the wood cladding finishing touch on the storage in one of the children's bedrooms - especially the green hue which helps to draw nature indoors and adds a serene touch. 

I love an A-frame ceiling, it adds a really awe-inspiring touch to a room, don't you think? Plus, old wood beams are a dream!

Quite a children's room, don't you think? 

One of the incredible things about these limestone houses is the thickness of the walls - check out the window area! The rough texture of the walls also catches the light in a beautiful way. 

While the dining spot further up this post makes for a great spot for supper al fresco, I could easily image a fika (coffee and slice of apple crumble!) right here, how about you? 

What a perfect place to unwind in the summer. Actually, scrap that - I could imagine living here all year-round, how about you? 

See more pictures and find out more about this manor house here

Would you like to see a few more cottages on the Swedish island of Gotland? Check out: 

This weekend I need to write an article about Christmas for a magazine - and I'm kind of struggling to get in the mood. Someone suggested I put on a Christmas jumper and play some jingles ("last Christmas....") let's see what happens! 

I hope you have a summerier weekend ahead than me! Thank you for stopping by - see you Monday! 


Photography courtesy of Bertwig Fastighetsförmedling

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