A beautiful Gotland home in shades of soothing grey

A post in the midst of the Swedish summer calls for a tour of a house tour in the Swedish holiday heartland - the beautiful island of Gotland! Owner Sofie Nordenberger (founder of fab online shop Oh Living) and her family live in a limestone house with 1 metre thick walls (that's insulation for you!) in the western part of the island. The interior has been beautifully, yet simply decorated in calming shades of grey and soft textiles - creating a soothing yet relaxed vibe. Let's take a tour....

Source - Carina Olander (shared with kind permission), Anna Truelsen. Vakre Hjem 5/2016.

What a house?! And that garden? I need to speak to the man about Gotland....good transport links these days I hear....!

Get the look from Sofie's lovely home: hall / sitting room - soft grey blanket, Charocal linen by the metre, source a similar industrial pendant here. Dining - Artek stools. Bedroom - Lamino armchair, chunky knit blanket. Children's bedroom - Miffy lamp.

Check out this post to find out how I achieved a similar look and feel on my walls...

I love the way this home has been photographed by Carina and Anna! Previous tours the duo has captured include - a rustic Norwegian cabin, the home of a collector, and an idyllic Swedish country home. I'm not sure how they always manage to find such lovely homes?!

You can take a peek inside Anna's own home here (beautiful - as predicted!).

We're on an island ourselves right now in the Gothenburg archipelagos - one of my favourite places in the world! Have you ever been? If not... make these islands top of your list for next summer!

Have a lovely day and see you Friday!

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  1. It seems to me that painting a baby's room grey is the antithesis of what a small child, living so often in its room, needs. That little person needs COLOUR as we all do. I am beginning to understand that the basis of this design blog is now grey! Pity, as there were formerly some lovely homes in earlier days, when nature took hold, and colour was unafraid.

    1. Thank you for your input anon. Grey happens to be a big trend right now in the world of interior design. However, always good to get input from readers.

    2. When we bought our house 17+ years ago, grey was a trend then as well. Since then it's never been out of fashion, maybe we have reached "peak-grey" and this trend is about to collapse (I think I'd welcome that)?
      PS I'm a different anonymus from the first one.

    3. I tend to agree with you, Anonymous. I personally love the monochrome white/black/grey looks, but in decorating my current apartment, we chose to paint the bedroom (which will be shared with a baby) green because babies really need the visual stimulation of color. Grey has its place, but breaking out of the monochrome palette is nice sometimes, and especially when kids are involved. I'd love to see more houses that mixed in some more color, or are places where kids could actually live.

  2. I love this home as it is calm and inviting. The nursery is really nice too and just what a small baby needs! Nanni.

  3. Such a beautiful space - so calming, and with a lovely mix of contemporary and rustic pieces. I've heard great things about Gotland from a Swedish friend of mine too - I must visit!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful calm and super stylish house. I love the chandelier, what a stunning focal point. Looks like a tranquil room for a baby in my view... not too over stimulating for bedtime, plus if you don't plan to find out if you're having a boy or girl beforehand but would still like to get a nursery ready for their arrival this seems like the sensible colour to go for. Cat x

  5. There are some lovely features here, but the stools at the table look so uncomfortable & univiting. And grey has really had its day surely? Grey for a child's room - that really takes "fashion victim" to the extreme.

  6. Haha. Loving the comments. Love all the homes, too, but they are all beginning to blur in a sea of grey. It is calming but here in the UK we just need to look up at the sky most days to see grey. 😭

  7. I too am reading the other comments, I like certain shades of grey, I use it in my Studio as a place for my eyes to rest from the colors I use while painting...That being said, I too am getting tired of the monochromatic look...Too much grey, and white! I have chosen pale shades of blue and green, with butter yellow in my home, I find it to be calming and soothing...Tray-c
    ps. I do think this is a lovely home, and I like the texture on the walls! oh and that Garden!!!

  8. Amazing home! LOVE the nursery!

    1. The nursery reminds me of children who wear black. I've never met a child that likes black on his or her own accord, my children (13 & 10) still don't want to wear black.
      My sisters mother in law would send my nieces back to my sister after babysitting with a complete dark-blue/ black wardrobe every now and then. They never really ended up wearing it though.

  9. What a beautiful house. I so love the monochromatic look! In fact, My Scandinavian Home is my "happy place" where I come to get a break from the chaos of everyday life/work. The apartments/houses that Niki features feel so serene and peaceful.

    I adore the unevenly painted wall(s) with a bit of texture. I did something very similar in the living room of my previous house (although sans the added texture). It was so much fun to do it (I used three different colours) and I received so many compliments on it. I am thinking of doing something similar in my bedroom; because why not? If I don't like it I can always repaint.

    Thanks, Niki, for sharing the beautiful images.

  10. I love it, I find grey really peaceful. We are currently renovating our small cottage and going grey, white and black. Though the girls room and Master are colours (boys have chosen monochrome though for their room).


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