A New Wall Colour In My Bedroom / How To Create a Textured Wall

Good morning friends, how was your weekend? Per and I have been busy painting our bedroom. Don't get me wrong, the 'blushing peach' (above) was really cosy, but with the impending (whisper it) autumn and darker days on their way (shudder!), we were keen to give it a fresh, light feel. In the past few years I've been really into lime paint and the beautiful matt nuanced / textured affect it creates. I've painted quite a few walls in my home already with this, but it occurred to me to share a little more about the process this time round- just in case you're tempted to do something similar in your home!

There's a bunch of great lime-based powder form paints out there. My go-to is Icelandic brand Kalklitir - (I've used it before in the kitchen and they kindly gifted this batch - thank you Audur!). We chose the shade 'Palladio' which is fairly light and I noticed, the same one Jacqueline Mikuta used in her apartment which I featured recently. It has a wonderful, calming aesthetic. 

How to apply it
Before you apply it, the trick is to think carefully about how nuanced / cloudy you would like your wall. Lighter colours will automatically show less affect. 

We used 1.7 litres of water for 1 kg of powder (although this varies depending on which brand you use) and applied it evenly using fairly straight / curved strokes for a relatively 'clean', subtle look. 

However, if you're looking for a more textured aesthetic, you can add more water and apply it fairly roughly, using a cross action (which we did on the final layer) - adding more in some areas than others. Or for a REALLY textured wall you can work the powder into a paste and apply it with a spatula.

Bear in mind that every wall is different and some have better absorption than others - so results will vary no matter what! 

Is it easy to apply?
When I shared the picture above on instagram I got asked a lot of questions about whether or not this type of paint is easy to apply. Firstly, I always think that when you see renovations online they always look so effortless. It's as if they appear by magic!!! But with any decorating there's always a lot of work involved - checking samples, taping adjacent walls and windows, removing appliances, cleaning the wall etc. 

However, once you get started applying chalk paint is really quick and easy with a brush - in fact I would say, it's way quicker than standard paint. But it can be very disconcerting the first time you use it as it feels like it's never going to cover whatever was underneath and looks SUPER patchy while it dries! Fear not though, it'll quickly settle and the coverage is great (we used three layers, but probably could have got away with two). 

On the other hand, applying it with a spatula is way more labour intensive - but no doubt worth it if that's the look you're going for! 

If you're using Kalklitir, there's more info about the application process here

How many layers do you need?
This always depends on the wall in question. I was slightly concerned as one of the walls in our bedroom (behind the office) is really dark - but since it had a matt (or semi-matt) finish we were able to apply the paint straight over it without any prep work. We ended up using three layers in total, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly in between.

Ready to see the result? Ta-daaaa:

As you can see, the texture is really subtle, but you can still see shifts in the colour which helps to add depth and interest the space. 

We're so happy with the result - I hope you like it as much as we do! If you have any questions about the paint please do give me a shout below and I'll do my best to help!

I'm so looking forward to sharing more pictures and info about our bedroom soon.

Have a great start to the week!


Final image taken by me and styled by Helen Sturesson

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Tile Edit: 25 Decorative Floor and Wall Tiles To Love Right Now!

There are so many fabulous floor and wall tiles out there right now. From curvy scallops and flowers to bold geometric shapes, could 2019 be the year to re-do your hallway, bathroom or kitchen?! Here's my edit of 25 fabulous tiles to love from Mosaic Factory - that are bound to put a smile on your face!

1. Terrazzo Wild 2. Terrazzo marble large 3. Terrazzo Cristal 4.Terrazzo Pattern 5. Marble 5 collection 6. Marble 5 7. Terrazzo Pattern

I've started to see Terrazzo tiles pop up everywhere and predict big things for this pretty tile in 2019. Think pastels, aqua and inky black with jewel-like inlays. And the best thing? You can customise the tiles to create the look you're after. The Marble 10 range for example, allows you to choose from 9 marble options which can be combined with a variety of cement colours. If you feel like really jazzing things up, you can also go for crystals and tempered glass!

1. Stamped ref. 10320 2. Modern ref. 10162 3. Modern ref 10847 4. Hexa Long ref. HL122 5. Diamond ref. L118 6. Classics ref. 10270 7. Zellige Fish Small 8. Classics ref 10520 9. Hexa ref. H170 10. Hexa ref. H128 11. Stamped ref. 10768 12. Classics ref. 10670 13. Stamped ref. 10320 14. Modern ref. 10194 15. Modern ref. 10808 16. Diamond ref. L106 17. Classics ref. 10200 18. Designers ref. FM100

Do you have a favourite?

I love the scalloped cement ones (7 and 18)!

For more information about the tiles, or to find the exact look you're after, hop over to Mosaic Factory where you can choose from 1000 patterns in different shapes and sizes and visualise the result in 3D before ordering online. Founded in Tangier in 2002, they also have showrooms throughout Europe.

Definitely time to get that tile style going on!

Hope your weekend sparkles - we've woken up to a load of snow and my girls have rushed out sledging with their friends here in Malmö!


// Credits: Lifestyle image 1: Cecile Fossey. Lifestyle Image 2: @modernluxeblog / photo: Cathy Pile

// This post is brought to you I collaboration with Mosaic Factory. I only work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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An Eye-catching Plaster Wall In A Swedish Home

I remember the first time I saw a deliberately unfinished wall. I was at a friend's house when I was 16 and asked her if her parents were in the middle of decorating. She said "I know it looks like it, but it's actually meant to look like this," and we both had a bit of a giggle before running upstairs and listening to our yellow sports walkman or whatever!! Fast forward err (too many) years, and it's a look that I've not only become accustomed to, but love (when done right)! In this Gothenburg apartment a rough plaster wall in the hallway and sitting room adds so much texture to an otherwise neutral scheme - it helps that the space itself is absolutely beautiful too!

Photography courtesy of Alvhem

Isn't it such a lovely space? It's actually for sale too - got to love that!

What did you think of the hall and living room wall? Could you imagine doing something like this in your home? 

In case you're curious, I dug around a little today and found three different styles of  'textured' walls and simple ways to achieve the look.

1. Raw Plaster Wall

James Gardener and I captured the bedroom above in artist Maria Øverbye's relaxed Oslo home for my book The Scandinavian Home. Maria was planning to give the wall a fresh new lick of paint but fell in love with the patina created by the raw wall, dotted with fillers and decided to leave it exactly as it was!

Here is another beautiful example in Karina's Berlin home.  The 'distressed' look works because everything else has been kept fresh, while a vintage table helps to balance the look.

Laura and Nora love using the texture of a raw plaster wall in their country retreat to add depth to the pared-back space. It looks particularly great on a half-painted wall and with industrial-style furniture, don't you think?

2. Hand-troweled plaster work

This beautiful wall has been created by plaster work gurus Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersery Ice Cream Co. The layer of pigmented plaster has been hand-troweled using gypsum (you can also use Lime, Vemeitan or Tadelakt) and the finished surface is smooth rather than textured. You can tap into your inner artist and create your own look - or make the most of Tara and Percy's new service and get these guys to do it for you!

3. Subtle concrete

In our dining room and window nook we added roll-a-tex sand texture to the paint (Fjäder by Jotun). The more you add, the more textured the look. It was actually a total faff to put it on the wall with a paint brush (wrong tool perhaps?!) - but it was worth it in the end!

You might remember the Norwegian bedroom of Steffen Olsen from a few weeks back (FYI it went on to win 'Norway's best bedroom'!). Steffen used Lady Minerals from Jotun to achieve this dramatic aesthetic on the wall.

If you have any tips, please do share them in the comment section below, I'm sure there are a million ways to create the industrial-style plaster / concrete wall!

Have a lovely day!


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Beautiful Wall Inspiration for Autumn!

Ever since I painted my bedroom in Blushing Peach, I've been crazy about the browns, rusts, chestnut, soft green and pinkish accents that are starting to seep into homes right now. And they're absolutely perfect for Autumn! If you're looking for colour palette inspiration for this season (or early 2019), I'm particularly loving the Calm and Raw series by Jotun Lady Pure Colour - so beautiful! Here's a peek (I couldn't resist including the hipster - this season's muse!!):


Soft neutral shades and warm, subtle contrasts


Warm earthy colours, shades of grey and burnt reddish tones which work together to create a relaxing yet refined style with a rustic touch. 

I think I need to get the paint brush out!

What do you think? Could you imagine having these tones in your home? Are you in the Calm or Raw camp?! I have a hard time deciding so perhaps a combination of the two would be beautiful!

You can find out more about these colours here and here.

If you'd like to take inspiration from real homes with beautiful Autumnal hues, I can highly recommend checking out: a dreamy home from home down under, the lovely, relaxed home of a DIY blogger in Berlin, and a beautiful Swedish space with Autumn tones.

Bring on the chill!

My sister's arriving today with my little niece (they're 10 months and 2 years!) - so excited! It's Allie's birthday tomorrow and my sister's two year old has been insisting on wearing a party hat all week in preparation for tomorrow! I hope I can get a few snapshots of them for tomorrow's post (I'll be sharing the full make-over of Allie's room). They're unbelievably cute and funny!

Have a lovely day!


PS This post is NOT sponsored, I just love the Jotun hues and lifestyle images and thought you might feel inspired by them too!

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Pretty Wallpaper Inspired by Swedish Nature

What's your experience of patterned wallpaper? As a child in London I recall people covering lots of their home in a pattern of some kind (often DIY - which of course sometimes resulted in entire rooms of upside down roses!). I'm excited to see wallpaper steadily growing in popularity again (it makes me feel nostalgic, and done right it can look really pretty). So, imagine how happy I was when an invitation arrived from Sandberg wallpaper for the launch of their spring summer collection Arboretum at the beautiful Holmanäs Gård in Trelleborg. Small side note: if you're looking to get married in Southern Sweden, this place is your gig. It's so beautiful! I love everything Sandberg does so I knew I'd be in for a treat. Here's a sneak peak of the new wallpaper and some behind the scenes from the prettiest of evenings....

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home."

"We are leaning towards wallpapering the whole room. but there is absolutely nothing wrong with just papering one or two walls to give more life to the room." 

Wallpaper in order of appearance: 1. Harsyra 2. Harsyra 3. Hassel 4. Ek 5. Notebooks 6. Arboret 

Do you have a favourite? Being a softer tone kind of girl, my heart is set on the last one (Arboretet) -  it would look so pretty in one of my daughters rooms, don't you think?

The party was styled by the Sandberg team, led by creative director Katrin Bååth - who's studio I once featured (I sat next to Katrin on the night and she's so much fun too!). The food was created by the amazingly talented Diana Dontsova (AKA Diadonna) - such a treat!

Thank you so much to Sandberg for a wonderful evening!

(If you're feeling inspired and looking for more wallpaper ideas - there's lots in this archive. If this pops up first just scroll past!). Tempted?

Have a lovely day! 

Photography: Wallpapers styled by Sarah Widman and captured by Kristofer Johnsson courtesy of Sandberg. Party courtesy of Katrin Bååth

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