A Swedish Cottage in the City - In Autumn Time

Many of my Swedish friends tell me that November is their least favourite month. Admittedly, it is very dark. Here in the furthest south the sun will set at 4pm today. And in Kiruna - a city in the far North famous for its ice hotel, the sun will dip below the horizon at a crazy 2pm! Could you imagine? And we still have six weeks until the winter solstice. 

But I have always loved November. I love the golden leaves. I love the cosiness of coming home to a warmly lit home and I love steaming stews and apple pie! 

This charming cottage is my way of sharing not only the beauty of the fairytale quarter of Högelid in central Stockholm, but also the capital city in all it's Autumn glory! It's also a rare opportunity to take a peek behind the facade of one of the city's historical homes. 

Welcome to Sweden in 'höst'! 

What a beautiful haven to come home to each day. It's hard to imagine this cottage is in the heart of a city, don't you think? 

Did I mention it's for sale? A unique chance if ever there was one! 

Incidentally, I have had quite a few questions lately asking if Scandinavians tend to own less stuff. The simple answer is yes! Granted, some of these homes have been decluttered to make them appeal to potential buyers, on the whole, Scandinavians take a 'less is more' approach to decorating. I wrote a load about it in my Lagom book if you'd like to find out more*! 

In the mood for some autumn / fall inspiration? Here are some of my favourite sources: 

Happy mid week!


Photography: stern interiors
Styling: Olivia Lind

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Autumn touches in our Little Cottage Kitchen

Hello, happy Friday friends! Got any great plans for the weekend?

Last weekend we stole away to the cottage for a couple of days. An hour and a half north of here, the wind was howling and the rain lashed at the windows. Perfect weather for cosying up indoors beside the fire! In Sweden each season is so powerful and in contrast to the one before that I think it's important to embrace each and every one in all its glory! Is it the same where you are? 

Along with our fireside tea, we also made some small Autumn updates to the cottage kitchen - I hope you like them (my favourite was Per's apple pie!). 

Per is definitely the baker of the family. He whipped up this apple and cinnamon pie with apples from our neighbour's garden - it tasted divine! 

I picked up the ceramic bowl at Mölle Krukmakeri in nearby Kullaberg and the candle holder was made by a local ceramicist. 

We recently swapped out the faux brass handles from IKEA for these solid brass knobs (I was fortunate enough that it was part of an instagram collaboration last week). They've made a difference to the entire experience of the kitchen. 

I've noticed that one of the most important investments in the kitchen are the items you touch: handles, taps, utensils etc. Do you agree? 

I love bringing in Autumn foliage! At the back you can see The Little Swedish Kitchen cookbook, which was a present from my Mother. I dip into it all the time! 

Hooks are so useful in the kitchen (these wooden ones are from H&M Home) - the display here is forever changing too.

When we renovated the kitchen, the curtain was the last thing to be installed. My mother-in-law was a bit unsure to begin with but she's really grown to love the way it billows in the wind and creates a sense of drama and privacy even when the door is open. 

We're lucky enough to have a huge stack of firewood in the garage (last winter there was a shortage due to the rising price of electricity!), it's looking the same for this year. 

I hope you like these touches. 

Have you also updated your home for the season? If so, I'd love to hear how!

Feel inspired by other Autumnal homes here: 

What are you up to this weekend? We're heading to Västerås for Allie's gymnastics competition. I'm so excited as I love to watch her and her team do their gymnastics. I've never been to the Swedish city before either so I hope I'll have some time to explore! 

Trevlig helg! Have a fabulous weekend! 


// This post is not sponsored. Some of the items seen are press gifts but I was under no obligation to mention them here on the blog. 

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Cosy Autumn Ideas From Laura and Nora's Beautiful Homes

I have heard that Autumn is fairly late around the Northern Hemisphere this year, is this the case where you are? In Sweden, it has hit us with full force! Think blustery gusts sending golden leaves spiralling through the chilly October air and dark candlelit days. It's definitely time to update the home to embrace the golden season to the full! 

I have been following Laura and Nora for many years and never tire of the beautiful inspiration they share. Famous for their recipes, the pair live in Germany (although once flirted with a summerhouse in Southern Sweden) and love to share snapshots of their apartment in Berlin and country home. Here are some Autumnal (that's 'fall' for you guys across the pond!) touches from their living spaces (including several tablescapes!) to get us into the spirit and fill us with ideas for the new season ahead. 

Nothing says Autumn like an artisan teapot* and a steaming cuppa to warm the cockles! 

A little side table in their outhouse can be pulled out at dinnertime. At this time of year, small items foraged from the great outdoors help to bring nature in. Why not create a simple bowl of acorns, conquers and other items for an instant display. 

Blankets are your best friend in Autumn and winter - add them to sofas, armchairs and beds so that you can curl up, get cosy and keep the chill at bay! 

Cosy sheepskins add to the cosiness of the season. This Danish-made Little Petra chair is a favourite of mine, but simply draping sheepskins* on furniture can make a difference! 

A thick rug (by Cappelen Dimyr) and branches with berries help to add a cosy in-season touch to their cosy sitting room. 

A simple vase of foraged branches with golden leaves looks so pretty on the dining table. 

Or if you'd like to go all out, hang branches from the ceiling for an autumn dining table with wow factor! 

Edible berries and fallen leaves make a charming touch to the table setting. 

I couldn't resist sharing a snapshot from their powder room. Although tiny, it packs a punch thanks to the textured wall, pretty tiles and linen towel. 

Extend the season outdoors by adding string lights, candles and plenty of cushions and blankets! 

Pumpkins make a really lovely touch to the autumn table. I've noticed that  green pumpkins are particularly popular this season! 

Rustic linen in tones of brown add to the texture of the season and a bouquet of Autumn flowers ensures a burst of colour. 

Don't forget to wrap up warm in cosy knits to keep the chill at bay! 

Trust Nora and Laura to create such beautiful autumn table scapes - great inspiration for the coming months, don't you think?

Is there a particular way you like to update your home in Autumn? if so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 

In the meantime, here is a little more Autumn inspiration for the weekend: 

Have a cosy weekend! 


Photography: Our Food Stories, shared with kind permission

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A Quick Cosy Autumn Update in My Sitting Room!

Paid partnership with Bemz (contains affiliate links). All words and photos are my own and I only ever work with the brands I love. 

Sweden is a country with very pronounced seasons. From the abundance of light and beautiful warm days in summertime, to the icy cold, dark yet cosy winter - it's a constantly changing landscape. I have long admired the way Swedes adapt to and embrace each season - after all, each one offers something magical. 

Autumn is a time for 'mys' (the Swedish version of 'hygge') - and when leaves swirl in the cold wind and the sun lowers in the sky, there's no place like home. My family tends to gather in the sitting room where we relax, watch TV (it's hidden behind the curtain to the right!), play games and read (oh, and eat too - no one is meant too, but I see the crumbs kids, I see them!). With the clocks going backwards in a few week's time, I felt it was time to do like the Swedes and add some cosy touches. 

This season I really wanted to up the mys factor, so I've doubled up on candles, blankets, a fluffy rug, books and little foraged touches. But most importantly, I also updated our IKEA Söderhamn sofa with a new Classic Tweed cover in mole brown

I've been a fan of tweed ever since my University of Edinburgh days, so you can imagine my excitement when Bemz (who make designer slip covers for IKEA sofas) included a Tweed option as part of their new Grounded Heritage collection. To me, tweed conjures up images of walks through the Scottish Highlands followed by a steaming broth and a hearty red wine.  The darker shade (there are three to choose between) helped strike just the right mood! 

I also went a little wild with the cushions and selected Striped Twill in soft oak (above), Tartan Wool (below), and Melton Wool in stone and birch - all warm, earthy tones and tactile to touch. Lovely! 

You'll no doubt recognise my coffee table, I've had my vintage wooden bench for years and it's still going strong. I love that about natural materials, don't you? They just get better with age! 

My wall is a forever rotating gallery of prints, paintings and illustrations by the likes of Peytil (black tights), Hilde Mork (who's Norwegian home I featured here) and local artist Pearl Wallin which we've collected over the years. As with all things autumn and winter, good lighting is essential - and we have reading lamps at each end of the sofa for good measure! 

And finally, I invested in a new fluffy rug - to keep any drafts at bay! 

Right, time to enjoy this corner before everyone gets back from school. Sadly, it won't stay this tidy for long, but at least it'll always feel cosy! 

I hope you like this autumn update as much as we do! 

If you're looking for a cosy new cover for your IKEA sofa this autumn, I can totally recommend checking out the lovely new Bemz Grounded Heritage Collection. You can order 5 free fabric samples to test out the colour and texture before you decide which one to go for - perfect!

See previous changes I've made to our sitting room and bedroom with Bemz here

If you're wondering about anything else you see in my sitting room give me a shout below and I'll be happy to help! 

Have a toasty weekend friends!


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A Small, Cosy Swedish Pad with Warm Tones

It's all very well showing incredible country houses with sweeping staircases or apartments made up of a myriad of large, spacious rooms - after all, I'm a firm believer that you can take inspiration from just about anywhere. BUT, if you are dealing with just one room to live in it can be a little tricker to achieve the look you're aiming for. Fear not, this delightful Swedish studio is proof that sometimes the best homes come in small packages. Designed by Emma Fischer, the Gothenburg living space is a sea of earthy, autumn tones and features an abundance of texture giving the home a lovely, relaxed look. Step this way for the tour!

After my post about round coffee tables last week, I've had many responses from readers saying how much they love theirs. In many ways they are so much practical than a square table: no corners to bang your shins on and they're great for entertaining - but also, from an aesthetic standpoint, the shape helps to soften the look of the room. 

Also, the fluffy rug makes the entire room feel real cosy. 

I love how this sofa has a built in shelf - multi-use furniture is always handy in a small space. 

I'm a huge fan of glass cabinets and this vintage one is a beauty, don't you think? It's important to keep clutter to a minimum in small spaces, and this cabinet helps to maintain a neat and tidy look. I am guessing there's a wardrobe on the hallway for clothes etc. And the bed skirt could also be hiding drawers. 

Book lovers would also need somewhere to store their tomes - I would suggest built in shelves above the sofa or over the bed. 

So pretty! 

I hope you felt inspired by this too! 

See a gazillion more small spaces in this archive

I haven't quite decided on the order of my posts this week - but I'm looking forward to sharing a cabin update and my first Christmas post of the year (yes, I know it's a tad early, but it's starting to get very Christmassy around here in Oslo, and it's got me in the mood for some 'Jul' inspiration!). 

Ha en fin dag! 


Styling - Emma Fischer

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