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12 Playful Design Trends in Sussie's fabulous Danish Home

Every time I head over the bridge to Denmark I come back feeling really inspired. I simply love the way people dress, the lifestyle they lead and of course, the interiors in Copenhagen. Last week I felt no different when I returned from Formland - a fantastic Nordic design fair. Researching for my panel discussion about minimalism or maximalism', I learned so much about the latest trends that are rocking the design world and would love to share a few of these with you today! 

I couldn't think of a better way to do it, than through the lens of Sussie Frank, an interior designer, photographer and stylist as well as co-founder of paint brand Colour Stories who lives in a beautiful house in Aarhus on the Danish mainland. Sussie's house was built in 1917 and measures a tremendous 382 m2 / 4111 f2 laid out over four floors. Sussie renovated the house for 6 months, while being careful to honour the time and age of the house before moving in in January 2021. Today the family of four enjoy an incredible home that's full of surprises - and a perfect example of what's happening in the Danish design world. 

Here are 12 trends I spotted:  

1. Anything goes 

I bet you weren't expecting the pink stairs. I certainly wasn't! 

But why not? I mean we only live once, right?

In fact, this reflects the sentiment of the fashion and design world right now - go your own way, work hard on making your home as personal as possible. Mix and match colours, patterns, shapes and texture to create your own world. 

Looking to add joy? Bring in playful touches. Looking for calm? Think about adding soothing tones and furniture with soft round edges.  

But above all else decorate for your, and don't worry what others think!

As I write this it feels ridiculously obvious, but I think it's been easy to forget this over the years with so many supposed design 'rules'. It was only during the pandemic where many of us started to think 'hang on, is the decor I want? Are these the colours that make me feel at my best'? Have I surrounded myself with meaningful items? Or can I do more to my home to make it feel personal? 

The time is right, right?

2. Eclectic dreams 
Every piece in Sussie's home is unique - and this is very much the direction of homes today, as people strive to create a home which is unique and packed with personality. 

3. Art is everywhere
Art is everywhere - it's in the furniture which has taken on all kinds of fabulous forms (like the Puffy Chair designed by Faye Toogood), it's in the rugs, lamps and even the staircases, doors and architraves.

4. Folk art
We're bringing more folk art into our homes. Patchwork (like this quilt by Instabydomi) is becoming more popular and a great way too upcycle scraps of fabric. I love the work by Danish brand Jou Quilts

We're also seeing more embroidery which has a wonderful sense of nostalgia. But forget 'fuddy duddy' - it's all about 'newstalgia' and bringing a modern touch to old pieces. 

5. Mix and match pattern
Oh, and pattern. Lots of pattern. Mix and match dots, checks, stripes... anything goes! 

6. Upcycling
In the past, some might have seen painting an antique or vintage piece as sacrilegious. But as we move more and more into creating a more sustainable home, up cycling is a great way to breathe new life into an  old piece. Keep a look out for the less attractive items at the secondhand store (usually in the back corner / bargain basement) - with a little vision and an artistic touch, they can quickly become a unique treasure! 

7. A load of texture
The home has become more and more textured and yep, you've guessed it, any type of surface goes. Think everything from mirror, chrome and brass to leather, 'fluff', boucle, marble, glass, paper, and wood. 

8. Playful accessories
Small items are a great way to add a play touch to the home. Decorative  lamps, crazy mirrors, and colourful and crazy shaped vases are all great ways to play around with your home and add a personal touch. 

9. Newstalgia
Spot the chair above? The red legs give it more of a playful touch from what we're used to seeing. It's 'newstalgia' at play - taking something old and giving it a modern lease of life. Expect to see more of this in the design world moving forwards. Although don't worry, if you're like me, there'll always be the iconic, tone on tone, natural classics too! 

Another nod to embroidery that's slowly creeping into homes in both modern and traditional ways. 

10. Patch and repair
This also transcends into 'fixing' things - like socks, cushions, bedspreads etc it's time for a 'repair and re-wear' mindset, and best of all, your sewing doesn't need to be perfect. Phew! 

11. The unexpected
Small elements of surprise go a long way towards creating a personal space. I love this view of Sussie's bathroom with luxury marble walls, gold trims and a playful vintage pendant. 

Take a closer look at this collection of items - including a jute holdall, contemporary sculptural stool and a traditional Nordic basket - it demonstrates the mix and match ethos. 

12. Go wild with paint
Do you remember when painting one accent wall in a room felt like the wild thing to do? Well, today, absolutely anything goes. Bannisters, architraves, radiators, windowsills, ceilings. And don't worry about 'just' going for pastels or tone on tone. Playing around with contrast is the way to go! It's such an exciting development and has me looking around my own home thinking what to paint next, how about you? 

What an absolutely incredible house! I love how Sussie has added so many interesting pieces. And the paintwork is fab too! 

See more of her wonderful home over at @sussiefrank

I'd love to hear your thoughts about these latest developments that are rocking the danish design world. I think they are so fun and playful. Who doesn't want to walk into a room and feel joy? They also make me want to go a bit more wild in my own home - while maintaining the calming sanctuary I've created - of course! 

Wishing you a fabulous start to the week! See you Wednesday! 


PS The mail subscription is up and running so do sign-up below if you'd like to receive my blog posts directly to your inbox! 

Photography: staircase - Anitta Behrendt. All others: Sussie Frank

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5 Cosy Autumn Trends, Scandinavian Style

With the temperatures set to drop to a high of 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) here in Sweden next week, it's time to make the home extra cosy. Here are some of the key Autumn trends from this part of the world. Think plenty of texture, warm and inviting hues and wonderfully tactile materials - with a few shapes thrown in! 

1. Earthy tones: think a neutral base with warm brown accents and plenty of texture.

2. Wood: tables, chairs, lamps, bowls, picture frames. mid-to dark wood is exceptionally popular right now and fits beautifully with the earthy tones while adding warmth. 

3. Fluffy rugs with contrast: get toasty with shag-pile rugs on the floors and walls!

4. Triangles: think lamps, vases and chair legs.

5. Arches and soft, round edges: the interior world's gone soft. Update your home with arched shape mirrors and rugs or furniture with rounded edges for a contemporary look. 

What do you think? Will you be adopting any of these trends in your home this Autumn? 

I love the earthy walls (check out my bedroom make-over post to see how to achieve the patina look), arched mirrors and fluffy rugs! Cosiness and natural light in one: just what we need here in Sweden this autumn. 

For more Autumn inspiration check out: 

Here's to cosy times ahead. Unless of course, you're in the Southern hemisphere in which case, welcome to the joys of spring! 


Photography credits: 1. The Österlen home of Ellen Dixdotter taken by Petra Tungården 2. Linda Haglund 3. Anna Malmberg 4. Ellen Dixdotter with rug demo Cappelendymr 5. Sedsel Roug 6. @scandinavian.interior

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All Fluffed Up: This Autumns Cosiest Trend (And The World's Most Simple DIY IKEA Hack!

I've kind of got over my end of summer angst and finally starting to embrace the chillier Autumn days, dhow about you? There's something about the idea of layering the home with cosy blankets, warm chestnut tones and lots of candlelight that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But there's also another cosy item to hit the scene and it's fuzzier than ever. It all started with the re-emergence of the short faux furry Teddy jacket back in 2016 (so called for its 'teddy bear' appearance) - an item that has become a bit of a wardrobe staple in 2019. And now stools, armchairs and sofas are being upholstered in undeniably cosy, super fluffy fabrics too. From The Tired Man armchair to the Banana Sofa (great names!) - this Autumn's seating is akin to a big bear hug - just add tea! 

1. &Tradition 2. Oliver Gustav 3. Paustian 4. Jesper Florbrant / Lovisa Häger 5. Louise Holt Design 6. Suite NY 7. The modern House 8. RandCompany 9. Warm Nordic

Get the look

1. &Tradition Little Petra Chair
2. Paustian Arctander Chair
3. DIY Stool by Lovisa Häger
4. Flemming Lassen Easy Chair
5. By Lassen The Tired Man Chair
6. Danish Cabinetmaker Banana Sofa
7. Pierre Yovanovitch Pappa Bear Armchair
8. House of Hans Olsen Fried Egg Sheet Chair

How To Make Your Own Faux Fur Stool

Looking at Lovisa Häger's beautiful Stockholm home, you'd never guess that many of the pieces are handmade. Stools, tables, paintings - she is without doubt one of Sweden's queen of DIY! If you're feeling inspired by the fluffy furniture in today's post but a little tight on budget, Lovisa's DIY faux fur stool is super simple to make and looks fab!

What you need: 
  • Frosta stool from IKEA
  • A section of thick foam 
  • Black paint
  • Faux white fur 

What to do
  • Before assembling the stool, cut the foam so it's the same shape and size of the seat surface 
  • Glue the section of faux fur to the foam and the foam to the seat
  • Paint the legs black
  • Assemble the stool
Et Voilà!

If you love this, you might like to check out other DIY ideas on Lovisa's beautiful blog An Interior Affair and see more pictures of her fabulous Stockholm home here and on Instagram.

Could you imagine curling up in one of these seats this Autumn?! I most certainly could!


PS Thank you to the wonderful Ana Degenaar for helping me to compile this post! 

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Trend Alert: How To Rock The Pastels

The skies might be slowly darkening here in Sweden, but summer looks set to continue thanks to one of this year's hottest interior trends: pastels. Powder pink, mint, lavender, clearwater blue, lemon yellow - it's all about that soft, sweet touch. Own the look by colour blocking with tone on tones or add simple, subtle touches in the form of a single item of furniture or accessory. Combine with clean lines and contemporary touches for a tougher, modern vibe. Here are three pastel shades I'm loving - and a guide on how to rock them in your home this autumn! 

Powder pink

Pastel Pink
1. Tom Fereday 2. Kelly Day 3. Mark Hadden 4. Surrounding Australia 5. Anna Pirkola 6. H&M Home

Powder pink has reigned supreme in the world of interiors for a while now. Often referred to as 'millennial pink', the earthy shade holds an element of retro (my Granny Ruth had a matching bathroom suite in this shade - and although I didn't appreciate it at the time - looking back it was pretty awesome!). The beauty of this shade is that it looks equally great as an entire room (try deco pink by Jotun Lady or Sweet Pastel by Valspar for the ultimate wall colour) or as an accent in the form of lamps, vases and bedding.
Get The Look
1. SP01 Jeanette Chair
2. Ferm Living Hexagon Vase*
3. Gubi Grasshopper Floor Lamp*
4. H&M Washed Cotton Duvet Set


Pastel Green
1. Ferm Living 2. Earthborn 3. Little Greene 4. Earthborn 5. Taubmans

I've got a confession to make. I was sceptical about this shade. But then I started to see it creep into interiors in the form of soft, earthy lavender-grey walls (try Lavender Lace by Behr) or a rug here or a sofa there and I quickly changed my mind. In order to avoid it looking fusty, combine with beige, gentle browns, grey and light blue, for a style that's bang up to date.
Get The Look
1. Dino Floor Lamp
2. Anthropologie Veru Dinner Plate
3. Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

Mint green

Pastel Lilac
1. Carpet Right 2. Beth Kirby 3. Deiji Studios 4. Anthropology 5. Mindlike Studio

The least cutesy of the three, mint is cool, calm and contemporary. I'd lean towards the light green- pale blue of the spectrum (try Top sail by Sherwin Williams or even Soft Mint by Jotun Lady if you're looking for something slightly darker) and combine with other natural, earthy shades. I think it works particularly beautifully with rattan, light wood, dark greens and chocolate brown.
Get The Look
1. Ferm Living Tufted Wall Deco Rug*
2. Ferm Living Bau Plant Pot
3. Louis Poulsen AJ Table Lamp*
4. Cachae Tall Pendant*

Did any of these shades leap out at you? I have both powder pink and a darker shade of mint green in my own home. They're very soothing and easy to live with! I'd  absolutely love a pink bathroom just like Granny Ruth's too!

What are your thoughts on pastel? Are you a fan? Do you have any pastel shades in your home?


PS I've just arrived in Hamburg for the day to record a podcast with Holly Becker (Decor8) and Living At Home Holly magazine. Eeeek, wish me luck! I'll be sure to share snippets from the day on instagram stories so hop on over if you're curious to see how it's going!

*This post contains affiliate links which means I might receive a teeny amount of money (we're talking one coffee bean) if you purchase any of the items accompanied by an asterisk! 

Thank you so much to the wonderful Ana Degenaar for your help to compile this post. 

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5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Weekend House by Gafpa architects
Whenever I visit interior fairs, I always intend to take it a little more easy, put my feet up here and there. And then I get there and there's so much to see and feel inspired by I end up running around like crazy and arrive at the press happy hour totally disheveled (and in desperate need of a glass or two!). Perhaps it was ironic then, that my favourite trend forecast at the wonderful Ambiente Fair - which focuses on international consumer goods - in Frankfurt this weekend was 'Quiet Surrounding'. Annetta Palmisano, Cem Bora and Claudia Herk picked this out as one of three 2019 trends alongside 'tasteful residence' and 'joyfilled ambience' - all of which have an underlying theme of sustainability, naturalness and recycling (hurrah!).

Noma restaurant, Copenhagen

So what is 'quiet surrounding' all about?

"Simply beautiful: natural, simple and useful products satisfying a yearning for calm and honesty. They create in soft colours unpretentious havens for everyday life free from stress. Respect for materials and creativity in the use made of them are of great importance here."

Sounds good to me - and something very close to my 'scandinavian heart', how about you? But how do we tap into this trend and create our very own sanctuary far from the stresses and strains of everyday life? Here are 5 simple steps:

1. Colour:
Think about introducing soothing, earthy, muted colours inspired by nature to your home. Walls, textiles and accessories in 'green moss', stormy sea' and rose dawn' are bound to help you lower your pulse and create a dreamy haven!

Pantone 466 C Pantone 16-09460 / Pantone 11-1001 TCX Cream Pink / Pantone 5655 C 16-6307 Agate Grey / Pantone 2177 C - 18-4711 Stormy Sea / Pantone 451 C 17-0636 Green Moss / Pantone 7504 18-1029 Toasted coconut / Pantone 7612 C 16-1522 TCX Rose dawn / Pantone 426 C 19-4006 TCX Caviar

Mark's 'Memories / Bigso notebook 

2. Natural materials:
This season is all about natural, honest, sustainable materials and are "combined with a love of experimentation and traditional handcraft techniques". Furniture and accessories in wood, stone, glass, paper and wool with a handcrafted finish will help you to reconnect with nature.

Uashmama washable paper bags

The beautiful patina from different types of respectful, handcrafted items made from wood tell a story and add to the warm and inviting, ultra cosy feel of the home. Plus they'll just get better with time!

Wooden Hanger by Aveva Design, Serving Boards by Stuff Design

3. Textiles
Linen tea towels, bedding, knitted dishcloths and blankets not only make you feel super comfy so you can relax anywhere in your home - but they also help to dampen noise for a calmer abode! OK, and they look pretty too!

Aspegren dish cloths, LinenMe Tea Towels and Lovely Linen towels

4. Plants and flowers
I always find it incredible how quickly you can be in the moment and unwind when surrounded by nature. Think about the last time you are in a forest, a meadow, the local park or walking along the beach - everyday concerns seem, to disappear (even if for a short time). It makes sense then, that bringing plants and flowers into your home are an instant mood lifter - and an essential part of our 'oasis'!

Climbing plants in the Stockholm home of Karolina Modig

Uashmama paper bag plant pot / Wooden vases by Danish Made By Bent

5. Wildlife
You might be lucky enough to have a wonderful furry friend rocking about the house, but for the rest of us pet-less folk - bringing wildlife indoors can help to complete your oasis! And I'm not talking about the two homing pigeons that made themselves at home in my bedroom last summer (I'm still worrying they'll be back again this year!). Search for beautiful Danish bird-shaped ornaments and nature-inspired art.  Or go a step further with an indoor 'Zwitscherbox' bird house with sensor chip: every time you walk past, the birds start to sing!

Finnish Illustrations by Teemu Järvi / wooden birds by Novoform

I'm feeling pretty inspired by this trend, I have to say - and was so excited to discover some of these items at the fair. I hope some of these ideas will help inspire you to make small changes to create your very own sanctuary at home too! 

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PS you can hear about other news from Ambiente fair over on their blog here

Note: My trip to Ambiente fair was a paid press trip. All words are my own. 

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2019 Colour Trend: Rust And Other Earthy Tones

I have just arrived back from a fun, yet massively intense few days in Germany, attending Domotex floor-covering fair and IMM Cologne. I caught up with a load of brands, met inspiring people from the world of interiors, chatted with bloggers and journalists and checked out the latest design news on the stands (cue biggest step count ever - bonus!). It was a great way to get the low down on what to expect in 2019 and it was the colours that really struck me. As always there are a fair few different directions, but the one I felt super excited about was the palette I'm going to refer to as 'Earth Year'!

Reflecting Nature
There's no denying the climate is changing at an alarming rate and we need to act, fast. Sustainability will continue to be a key focus in 2019 (thankfully!). This could be why we're looking to the 1970's for inspiration (it's the decade in which 'Earth day' was. born and homes were awash with earthy brown, rust, beige, harvest gold and greens. Yep, the trend colours for 2019 are all about nature and climate change - from rust (symbolising decay), terracotta (meaning 'baked earth'),  harvest gold (to reflect the sun), green (plants), and teal / blue (the oceans).  Nature also has a calming effect on our soul. In a world where we feel permanently connected and more than a little stressed, these gentle, earthy tones will help turn our home into a temple: creating a calm sanctuary in which to unwind.

Out of all the brown tones, rust seemed to be a firm favourite this year - it was everywhere at the fair - from velvet sofas and armchairs to table lamps and book shelves - this tone has hit the big time!

A touch of orange
As a throw-back to the 70's era, orange will most certainly pop up here and there. I have to say I've never been a fan, but when I see it in combination with rust and mustard yellow I could well be swayed, how about you?!

In the pink 
Every revival has a modern twist - and the dusty rose / dirty pink accent will continue to provide a pretty touch to interiors. As we've seen, it fits beautifully with the earthy browns - but also helps to soften the look. Go all out with a subtle tone on tone and you'll be bang on trend!

Feel the Teal
A new addition to the look, teal offers a fresh, spa-like feeling and helps to create a space where we can breathe thanks to it's gentle, nurturing tone.

Ocean blue
A mid-tone grey-blue is also in the mix. Whether in the form of paint (try Denim Drift by Dulux), accessories (the baby duvet below is called Ferm Living Moon*) or wallpaper (Raphael by Sandberg),  it offers a subtle retro vibe and is a fine match with rust, dusty pink and harvest gold. 

Finally, if you're feeling bold - you could throw in an electric blue. As mentioned in Friday's home tour, the 1990's is a rising trend - and you may remember (depending on your age!) there was a 70's revival in the 90's, so it all ties together!

What do you think? Are there any accents you're thinking of adding to your home. this year? Any shades you think will be big? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Credits: Jotun lady / Design Seeds / Unknown / Ferm LivingFerm Living / Unknown / Dulux / Dulux / Ferm Living / Unknown / Ferm Living / Wunderblumen

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