A Stunning Norwegian Home In Many Shades of Blue

This has been a really inspiring week on the blog, I hope you've felt the same! On Monday I was dreaming about buying this holiday cabin on the Swedish island of Gotland complete with sea view and sauna. Yesterday I felt the urge to pack up all my belongings and move to a tiny cabin in the woods and pursue a career in pottery and today, I'm thinking I might just stay put after all and paint my home in shades of blue! When you see the interior of this stunning Norwegian home you'll understand why! Former owner Jan Thoresen and his wife (the apartment was sold last year) hired Tone Kroken to design their beautiful home in Oslo, which she decorated using a range of blue shades, veering from a soft grey-blue in the sitting room and a vibrant middle blue-grey in the hallway to a deep blue in the bedroom. Cognac accents, contemporary art and piles of books also add to the wonderful, unique feel of the space. Så flott!

TIP: To achieve the same rich patina seen in the bedroom and hallway try a minerals based paint like Pure & Original (which was used to paint this home) Jotun Lady Minerals (seen in the first two Norwegian bedroom shots in this post) or Kalklitir powder based paint (which the girls from Our Food Stories used to paint their beautiful studio and home) - the latter ships worldwide. You can also add Roll-A-Tex to normal paint like I did with my dining area (although be warned, this last option is soooo messy!!). Notice how the skirting boards and architraves have been painted in a slightly different blue accent adding interest and depth.

My eyes on that hallway. BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! Anything with piles of books and I'm in (I know I'm not alone either, the open shelving in Katarina Mattson's home is still my number one most popular instagram post E.V.E.R!) - but in combination with the 'mineral walls' - simple amazing!

Is there anything that caught your eye?!

Kudos to photographer extraordinaire Yvonne Wilhelmsen who took these wonderful pictures and interior architect Tone Kroken, the latter of whom who I had the pleasure of meeting when we captured her former home on an tiny car-free island outside Oslo for my second book The Scandinavian Home. It was such a magical day! Check out their interior book here and see more pics of this beautiful home on their website here.

More blue interiors to drool over today: feeling the blue in a Swedish home, a striking dark blue Stockholm pad, the wonderful home of a Swedish food blogger and how to add colour the Danish way.

I hope you're also singing the blues after all this Scandinavian inspiration today!


Photography: Yvonne Wilhelmsen  Styling: Tone Kroken

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  1. Gorgeous colours; but unless they just moved in and haven't purchased a proper bookshelf yet, I find such manner to display books very disrespectful. Maybe it's just me, but for me books are never to serve a purpose in design - to match it, to enrich it yes, but their main function is within themselves and they must be displayed to express that function first of all. For example, the rainbow bookshelf trend is ok if the books are selected based on their content but it's not difficult to place them in that order. But when I see interiors with thrifted books specifically to be placed in a rainbow or with their backs to the wall with no intention to be read - it's a nightmare for me. Thankfully this does not seem to be the case here, but still, books on the floor? Please don't...

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this, I did wonder if someone would comment on the way the books have been stored - as it is a topic that can evoke strong feelings. I do agree that I dislike it in interior when I see books turned inwards so you just see the paper side (unless they are placed in direct sunlight, in which case it's necessary to protect the jackets). However as an avid reader (and author) I happen to love piles of books like these. To me, it evokes the idea that the house is over-flowing with tomes, and that there are always books at your fingertips to dip in and out of. I often have little piles like these next to my bed! The one thing us book lovers can all agree on is the wonderful quote by Horace Mann: "A house without books is like a room without windows." Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  2. I understand where KSI's comment comes from. I have been a voracious reader all my life but I don't own many books simply because I don't have a lot of suitable storage (but I am OK with this decision). Personally, I hate when books are organized by colour and rainbow bookshelves drive me quite crazy. My main concern with books vertically stacked on the floor is how does one clean the floor around them? As a dog owner, I am constantly sweeping dog hair (and they like to trap a lot of dust). I do realized that people with no dogs don't have this problem but I certainly do.
    There are many things in interior decor that I like but I would not have because I don't find them practical; and stacked books are one of them. I don't like them as much here (in a walk-through space) but there were other interiors on MSH where the look was very nice but not practical.
    On the other hand, I don't mind books with their spines facing the wall (although looking for a particular book can be a challenge, especially if one has as many books as in this example).

  3. Must be tough getting a book near the floor!


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