7 Small Space Tricks To Learn From A Light-Filled Stockholm Family Home

Unless you're completely minted, you usually need to compromise somewhere on a property - whether that's location, size, outdoor space, aesthetics or layout. For this family in Stockholm, living in the hippest neighbourhood in town - South of Folkungagatan, Söderhamn (SoFo), an area buzzing with independent shops, quirky cafes and lively restaurants - meant compromising on living space. But despite measuring 44 m2 (473 f2)  - the occupants have made maximum use of every inch - carving out a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, master bedroom, children's room and even a library! So how do you create a charming family home in a small space? Here are 7 great tricks: 

1. Use the height: In small spaces it's important to think vertically and use every inch. In this home, bookshelves have been mounted above the dining area creating a family dining space and library in one! And it looks super cosy too, don't you think?

2. Leave a little breathing space! The blank space between the dining table and chairs and the bookshelves makes the space feel less cluttered even though there's a lot going on. 

3. Go wall to wall: built-in benches in dining rooms, kitchens and sitting rooms are perfect for small spaces since they help to maximise space, eke out a little extra seating and provide extra storage. 

4. Let the light flow: small spaces can be starved of light - widening doorways between rooms helps natural light to flow into even the darkest of corners! 

5. Use curtains for privacy: Sometimes there simply aren't enough bedrooms to accommodate every member of the family. In this lovely home, the living room doubles up as a master bedroom. A curtain helps to carve out a separate sleeping zone while still allowing the light to flow from the window. 

6. Internal windows: The little kitchen in this Stockholm home wouldn't have received any natural light had it not been for the glass room divider. At night, a curtain can help to shield the children's bedroom from lighting (we all know how important it is not to wake the crazies!). 

7. Create storage wherever you can: In this tiny bathroom, the tank top doubles up as storage and an extra freestanding unit has been installed for shampoo bottles, shower gel etc. 

I had another look through the pictures to see if I could establish where they keep clothes - and there are two storage cupboards in the hallway (not featured) - I wonder if they've stashed items in other unseen places too, like under the bed? 

Either way, there are so a many great ideas to steal from this home, don't you think?

Other small spaces providing great inspiration:

Is your home small? What do you find the hardest thing about living in a small space? Have you got any space-saving tips? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm excited to be winding my way up to Stockholm by train today to visit the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This post has taken me way longer than usual to write as the snowy scenery flashing passed the train window is simply stunning! If you're curious to follow my journey / time in Stockholm I'll be sharing away on Instagram stories

Ha det fint! 


This home is for sale through Historiska Hem. Photography: Anna Malmberg

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A Dreamy Holiday Rental in Daylesford With a Mini Warehouse Feel

Every single time a fabulous new holiday rental pops up in Australia it resurrects my desire to travel Down Under! Today is one of those days. Stylist extraordinaire Lynda Gardener recently added Room + Board to her wonderful repertoire of holiday rentals. The dreamy space has a mini warehouse feel which is part glass and part conservatory. Beautiful recycled schoolhouse windows flood the living space with light and help to highlight curated pieces, furniture, art and plants which have been individually sourced from personal collections and sustainable suppliers. Located in the heart of Daylesford - a town in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range of Victoria (also home to Lynda's fabulous The White Room and The Barn and The Estate Trentham holiday rentals) - the one bedroom property is waiting for its first guests. Form and orderly queue, please! 

This hand sewn burlap lamp* is similar. I have a cinnamon coloured cushion in my sitting room like this - you can pick it up here*.

The beams! The pools of light! 

When you go for an entirely white washed space, the furnishings need to work harder to create a cosy feel (this comes from personal experience from the days when my bedroom was white!). Look closely at the above picture and you'll see a load of natural textures at play, all of which help to create a relaxed vibe. 

Bemz sells similar linen headboard covers* like this, three legged wooden stool*

I'd love to know where the over-sized brown lamp is from - any tips? 

Could you imagine hanging out here for a few days? 

I'm totally in! 

Read more about the space and book your stay at Room + Board here

If you're visiting Melbourne, Lynda also has a property to rent in St Kilda (also on my radar!). 

Australia has been on the world's radar for other reasons lately - catastrophic bushfires. Rescue teams have been working tirelessly to help all those affected, including people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and all the beautiful animals. If you would like to offer your support, here are a few charities that welcome donations:

Koala crisis - bushfire recovery - a GoFundMe page created by photographer Kara Rosenlund (who's home I featured here) which set out to accrue $8000 of funding and current donations exceed $210,000 and counting! Incredible! 

Please feel free to add charity suggestions in the comment section below - I know there are many, all of whom are doing what they can. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Marnie Hawson

* This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a tiny amount of money if you click on the link and make a purchase. 

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A Small Swedish Home Tucked Under A Gothenburg Rooftop!

Homes come in all different shapes and sizes - which is wonderful (how boring would life be if they didn't?!). It's just that some shapes and sizes are a little trickier to decorate than others. This little Swedish home is tucked under the rooftops of Gothenburg and measures 50 m2 (538 feet2) Even so, the owners have made full use of every inch - including dark corners under the sloping ceiling (check out the leaning radiator and clever shelving unit!). The result is a charming home that's practical and full of light. Step this way to take a tour! 

 Karin chair, Mantis BS3 table lamp*

From a distance, the shelves look like they have been made bespoke for the apartment. But look closer and you'll see that simple white planks have been attached to the original beam work to form the shelves. Very clever - and more affordable too! 

IKEA sofa with a Bemz urban loose fit linen* cover, print: Figure 04, BYCDESIGN Studio*

Slimmed down appliances and a narrow shelving unit have ensured that every centimetre of the small kitchen has been used. I think this kitchen is from IKEA. When I was planning my summer cottage I sought help from the kitchen planners at IKEA and they really knew how to make the most of small spaces. 

They say that to get a good night's sleep, you need a calm environment  - and this room certainly hits the spot. Look closely at the skylight window and you'll also see a black out blind for total darkness!

The shelving in the last image is so clever - once again they've used the original beams. I can also see a mirror peeping in from the side of the shot - another great way to make a fairly pokey room feel light and airy!

Are there any ideas you might steal for your home?

These posts also might come in handy for anyone living in a small space (or looking to convert an attic):

I'm off to Copenhagen today (WOOHOOO!) to visit Georg Jensen. They've organised an exciting schedule for us which involves a home tour, boat ride and a preview of a brand new collection - sounds like my kind of day! I'll be sure to share away on instagram stories if you're curious. Being pretty much the one man band that I am, it's meant that I've been up since 5 am to write this post and get other bits done before I head off. GIMME COFFEE! 

I hope you have a great day! 


PS I'm so excited to share Gen's new home office with you tomorrow, it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Don't forget to stop by. 

Photography courtesy of Alvhem

*affiliate links

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A Small Swedish Apartment In Fresh White and Soft Grey

Hejsan hoppsan! I hope you had a great weekend! Did you get up to anything fun? Per was away and the girls and I headed out to the forest for some mushroom picking - we weren't very successful I have to say, but it was lovely having a picnic amidst the pines! Trees aide, I've been thinking about how it's been a while since I showed a fresh white and light grey home. It makes me realise just how much the trends have changed lately with so much colour and golden tones creeping in. So, how about we kick off the week with this serene, light and airy apartment in Gothenburg? For those of you who messaged me with words of glee over Friday's post (10 clever small space tricks to learn from a lovely swedish apartment), you'll be pleased to hear this space is also only wee - measuring a mere 42 m2 (452 f2)! Think fresh white floors, pale grey walls, a spattering of iconic design pieces, clever storage and one very beautiful masonry oven! Enjoy the tour! 

Love the tall plant, it adds so much to the room, don't you think? Does anyone know what species it is? The white ceramic shell pot* (just peeking into the corner of this picture) is a new item from Ferm Living. 

The front door leads straight into the kitchen - which also doubles up as a hallway. On Friday I mentioned how internal windows can do wonders for the flow of natural light into smaller spaces - and was pleased to see a little round window in this space!

At first glance, I wondered why the wall opposite the kitchen cabinets haven't been made into cabinets - but on further inspection I realised that there's a bed in the recess on the other side of the wall!

I spotted lights like the small pendant in this picture over at deVOL last week. It's so pretty! I've been wondering where to put one in my own home ever since! Could you imagine having a little light like this in your home too?

The Line print, white and wood storage from IKEA (I think)

When you're short on space you need to make use of every inch. I love the way a recess above the door has been used as hallway storage.

I have to say, no matter what trends come and go, I'll always have a penchant for homes with a white and soft grey palette. Are you a fan too, or do you need a little more colour? 

Have a wonderful start to the week friends! 


PS I'm not usually into numbers but I was excited to reach 250,000 followers on Instagram today - that's a quarter of a million! Kind of crazy! Thank you so much to everyone who follows along and makes my day that bit brighter with your comments!  

This home is for sale through Alvhem
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10 Clever Small Space Tricks To Learn From a Lovely Swedish Apartment

This Stockholm apartment is the type of charming and relaxed home which makes me want to pull up a chair and stay for a while. Books, plants, mix and match vintage furniture, an abundance of natural light - the CUTEST dog - what's not to love? It's only after taking a long hard look at the space that you realise each room is actually pretty small and narrow. So, how does it appear so light and airy? I spotted ten very clever small space tricks which have done wonders to create a cosy, comfortable and practical living space - I hope you might find them helpful for your own crib! 

1. Make use of every inch of floor space: This is particularly important if you live in a rental and can't drill holes into the wall. What could have been dead space under the windowsill makes a handy spot for books. If you're not too keen on piling books on the floor (remember the discussion in the comments section of this Norwegian home?!) - a low shelving unit would work equally well. 

2. Bring nature indoors: Small spaces can feel a little closed in and claustrophobic and plants can do wonders to draw the great outdoors in and bring harmony to the living space. 

3. Source easy to move furniture: in a tight space your furniture needs to work harder. In this instance, a Karin chair can be wheeled into the corner to create a reading corner for one or easily be pushed back into the centre of the room for socialising. 

3. Add an internal window: An internal window helps a narrow room to feel wider and also increases the natural light that enters the space. One very worthwhile investment! 

5. Create multipurpose zones: a built-in storage bench in the dining area can be used as a private place to sit and gaze out of the window with a morning coffee - or as extra seating at the dining table. Plus, it's handy for storing items like napkins, tablecloths, candles etc. 

6. Let the light flow: Wider entrances encourage natural light to flow through a space and make the room feel more light and airy. A sliding door or curtain are ideal for creating privacy when a standard door doesn't make the cut! 

7. Reflect the light: an obvious one - but mirrors can work wonders to bounce the light around and make a room feel larger. One of the My Scandinavian Home Studio interior designers recently included a series of mirrors made to look like a window in a narrow Brooklyn dining space and it did absolute wonders for the room! 

8. Wall to wall open and closed storage: it's easy to think that the entire wall should be covered in closed storage for a clean, practical look - but in this case the storage not only provides a place for clothes, the display surfaces add character and a personal touch to the room: two birds, one stone! 

9. Dual purpose furniture: A stool in the bathroom provides a handy spot for shampoo and conditioner - and can also be used for extra seating whenever and wherever needed! 

10. Wrap-around storage: We're well versed on book shelves that go up and around doors - but this is one of the first times I've seen shelving around a loo. Such a clever way to add extra storage in a tight spot.  

I hope you found this helpful! Even if you don't live in a small space, we all have a small room somewhere in our homes where these tricks can come in handy! 

And how cute us that doggy? He totally OWNS the space! 

If you have any more small space hacks to add, I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below. 

In the meantime, here's a little more small space inspiration for the weekend:

And of course, there's always the small space archive

I hope you've had a brilliant week! It's been a crazy one for me with a trip to Copenhagen and Hamburg thrown in. I've got a feeling I'm gonna sleep well tonight! 

Trevlig helg! 


This home is for sale through Historiska Hem - found via Coco Lapine with thanks. 

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