A beautiful apartment in a 1920s art deco build

Oj oj oj (as they say in Sweden)! The end of the week has really crept up on me. How great is that?! It's probably because I've been virtually padding around this Swedish space and sunning it up down under at a beautiful estate! I think it would be a shame not to complete the week with one final Scandinavian inspired Australian home tour, don't you? Designed, styled and decorated by Lynda Gardener (also the brains behind yesterday's barn conversion and that estate - yup, she's talented), The Apartment is a boutique rental accommodation in Melbourne's St Kilda. It's located on the third floor of a wonderful 1920s art deco building and has been styled in one off pieces, pure french linens, toasty warm blankets, hand crocheted rugs and vintage oil paintings. It sounds like one of those places where you can check out anytime you like but will never want to leave....(eh hem)....

Credit: photos Lisa Cohen, Styling / design Lynda Gardener. The Apartment St Kilda

That 1920's building is just incredible?! I love how Lynda's used so many natural textures too, it all looks so warm and inviting.

Could you see yourself staying here? 

Get the look from this lovely apartment:  sitting room - this rug is similar, source lovely vintage portraits here. Chunky crochet blanket. Kitchen: macrame plant hanger, I love this bamboo light shade. Bedroom - reindeer skin, stonewashed linen striped duvet cover. Bathroom - H&M used to sell this shower curtain - I've been looking around on the web for a similar one but no luck yet - any tips?

Have you got any great plans for the weekend? We're having a little birthday party for my daughter who turned 6 this week - so much fun (will need a glass of this to recover though - and while on the topic, how pretty are these simple DIY ice cubes, perfect for the weekend?)!

Have a wonderful couple of days and see you Monday!

PS The nominations are now open for Elle Decoration Sweden's interior blogger of the year award here, I'd be so happy if you feel My Scandinavian Home deserves to be in the running! 

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A Dreamy Holiday Rental in Daylesford With a Mini Warehouse Feel

Every single time a fabulous new holiday rental pops up in Australia it resurrects my desire to travel Down Under! Today is one of those days. Stylist extraordinaire Lynda Gardener recently added Room + Board to her wonderful repertoire of holiday rentals. The dreamy space has a mini warehouse feel which is part glass and part conservatory. Beautiful recycled schoolhouse windows flood the living space with light and help to highlight curated pieces, furniture, art and plants which have been individually sourced from personal collections and sustainable suppliers. Located in the heart of Daylesford - a town in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range of Victoria (also home to Lynda's fabulous The White Room and The Barn and The Estate Trentham holiday rentals) - the one bedroom property is waiting for its first guests. Form and orderly queue, please! 

This hand sewn burlap lamp* is similar. I have a cinnamon coloured cushion in my sitting room like this - you can pick it up here*.

The beams! The pools of light! 

When you go for an entirely white washed space, the furnishings need to work harder to create a cosy feel (this comes from personal experience from the days when my bedroom was white!). Look closely at the above picture and you'll see a load of natural textures at play, all of which help to create a relaxed vibe. 

Bemz sells similar linen headboard covers* like this, three legged wooden stool*

I'd love to know where the over-sized brown lamp is from - any tips? 

Could you imagine hanging out here for a few days? 

I'm totally in! 

Read more about the space and book your stay at Room + Board here

If you're visiting Melbourne, Lynda also has a property to rent in St Kilda (also on my radar!). 

Australia has been on the world's radar for other reasons lately - catastrophic bushfires. Rescue teams have been working tirelessly to help all those affected, including people who have lost their homes and livelihoods and all the beautiful animals. If you would like to offer your support, here are a few charities that welcome donations:

Koala crisis - bushfire recovery - a GoFundMe page created by photographer Kara Rosenlund (who's home I featured here) which set out to accrue $8000 of funding and current donations exceed $210,000 and counting! Incredible! 

Please feel free to add charity suggestions in the comment section below - I know there are many, all of whom are doing what they can. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Marnie Hawson

* This post contains affiliate links which means I will make a tiny amount of money if you click on the link and make a purchase. 

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My dream holiday home (and garden room)!

If I ever visit Australia (which I hope to!) I'm going to be in home-from-home heaven. Seriously, I already have my accommodation mapped out! I'd simply rotate through all the homes designed by uber talented interior designer Lynda Gardener! You'll recognise The White Room, The Apartment St Kilda and The Estate Trentham from previous posts (all stunning in their own way), and today I discovered a fourth home (yes there's a fourth!). Located in Melbourne, The White House Daylesford not only offers guests a cosy main house, decorated in classic rich hues and furnished in a beautiful blend of vintage finds, it also has the most incredible 'garden bedroom'! Get ready to feel truly inspired!

Photography- Marnie Hawson (shared with kind permission). Interior design - Lynda Gardener. The White House Daylesford is available to rent privately and as a location for photo shoots, film etc.

That bathroom?! *siiiiiigh*. That garden bedroom?! Just everything! EVERYTHING!

The problem is, if I stayed here, I'd never want to leave, how about you?!

Get the look: pick up a vintage electric fan here, I usually source my vintage industrial lamps here. The best tip I received lately is to buy vintage army blankets - they're always incredibly warm and come in beautiful army green colours - perfect!

I'm going to be dreaming about this space all day, I hope it's inspired you too!

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'The White Room' - a studio with beautiful one-off vintage pieces

They say that part of the enjoyment of holidays is in the planning. To some extent that's true - but I have to say I've been known to spend hours searching for accommodation that's just right (do you?!). But when you strike upon that perfect place, a real home from home, the anticipation is wonderful! And that's exactly why I was so excited to discover this gem in North Fitzroy, Melbourne (a friend of mine told me I was pronouncing the name all wrong and it should be 'Melben not 'Melboooooourne'!). Anyhooo, The White Room is a simply stunning studio, which as the name suggests, is indeed white and interior designer Lynda Gardner's signature style shines through with a divine mixed of one-off vintage pieces, industrial lighting and layers of pure french linen and handmade sheets. Let's take a tour of this wonderful sanctuary, beautifully captured by Lisa Cohen...

Credit: photography Lisa Cohen / interior design Lynda GardenerThe White Room. With kind permission.

The funny thing is, as much as I'd love to have a trip to Australia planned, I don't! But the key thing is, when I do, the hours of accommodation searching is out of the way - I just need to decide whether to stay here or at one of Lynda's other places I've featured - The Apartment in St Kilda or The Estate Trentham.

Hmmmmm. Tricky!

Could you imagine staying in this lovely studio?

Get the look from The White Room: kitchen - industrial style trolley / cart, glass fronted cabinet, knitted pouf (absolutely love this!), jute rug. Source vintage industrial lighting here. Bedroom: beautiful charcoal grey duvet cover and pillow case and white linen summer blanket, this leather club chair is similar.

Have a wonderful start to the week!

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