Smart Compact Family Living On a Budget, Swedish Country Style!

Sometimes the best things come in small packages. And this home is a perfect example of this! Located in Uppsala, Sweden, the 43 square metre (463 square feet) apartment is home to digital creator Emma Boman Högmark, her husband and their three children: ten-year-old twins and a four-year-old. 

"The hallway, living room, bedroom and kitchen are all one room," Emma tells me. "Our bed is behind the curtain, behind the sofa. And the kids' bedroom is in a separate room. The closet has been changed into a bedroom for our youngest daughter - so compact living, yeah!"

Looking at the style, which Emma describes as "country design and second hand - full of harmony, ikea hacks and warm colours", you'd be forgiven for thinking this budget friendly pad is in the countryside - but it's actually in a 90's block, right in the heart of the city! 

Ready to feel inspired? Pull up a chair, and take the tour! 

At mealtimes, the table is pulled out from the window to create seating for the entire family. 

One of the beautiful things about this apartment, is that there is storage almost everywhere (look closely and you'll see open shelves and rows of hooks on almost every wall throughout the flat). And yet it still looks uncluttered, cosy and charming. 

Behind the dining table you can glimpse Emma and her husband's bed by the window. 

Sheer curtains are ideal for flexible small space living. During the day, they can be pulled back to flood the sitting room area with light. By night, the curtains can be drawn across to create privacy while still slipping in soft, filtered light to the other half of the room. 

The corner of the sitting room doubles up as a dressing room. 

Wall-to-wall storage made from a group of Ikea IVAR cabinets painted in an earthy green provide storage for clothes, toys and other items. 

Above it, family photos and a selection of art add a personal touch to the room. 

Despite the small space, the apartment is dotted with  beautiful pieces that create a unique and homely vibe.

The twins sleep in an Ikea MYDAL bunkbed which Emma stained brown for an aged look: "I mixed a whole load of wood stains - using everything I had at home, some of which were different colours!"

On the opposite side of the room, more slim ikea ivar cabinets are used for storage, while a wardrobe at the end of the bed provides hanging space and a vintage suitcase* offers a home for smaller items.  

While the youngest family member sleeps in a converted closet. This is how it looked before the make-over: 

To make it more 'liveable' Emma removed the door and painted the interior in cosy two-toned walls and added small details such as a mini shelf, hooks, and a canopy. 

Compact family living at its finest! 

And also, a perfect example of how you don't need to go contemporary just because you live in a modern apartment in the centre of town! 

Truly inspiring, don't you think? 

See more snapshots of Emma's home and follow her latest ikea hacks and other wonderful home DIY projects at @emmahogmark

Intrigued to take a look at some other small spaces today? Head on over to this archive - it's FILLED with amazing Scandi style compact living ideas. 

Har det så fint! 


Photography: @emmahogmark, shared with kind permission. 
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A Small-ish City Flat With a Lush Balcony & Clever Room-Divider

Hi campers! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing easter weekend? I'm feeling all revived and ready for some inspiring Scandi-style home inspiration, I hope you are too? I thought I'd kick off with this charming Berlin apartment. Bang in the centre of the city, it measures a mere 50 metres square (538 foot square), but owners Kateryna Gonchar and her partner have made sure it covers all bases. The light-filled kitchen leads out to a lush, green balcony oasis, while a second room has been divided into a bedroom, sitting room and dining area. Oh, and there's even a small workspace and of course, a bathroom! A perfect oasis for two in the heart of the German capital! 

An extendable balcony table ensures that the balcony can cater for a cosy evening for two - or a party for four or more. Smart!

Notice how the shelving also includes a mirror to reflect the light and visually enlarged the room - a clever small space decorating technique. 

Such a clever use of space - and above all, a lovely place to come home to after a day in the office. 

I can just seem myself on that balcony with a cool glass of rosé on a balmy summer evening, how about you? 

See more of Kateryna's home here.

Would you like to feel inspired by more clever small space design ideas today? Check out: 

Har det så fint! 


Photography: Kateryna Gonchar shared with kind permission

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6 Small Space Ideas To Learn From a Beautiful Blue Swedish Pad

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend! It's a beautiful, sunny day here in Southern Sweden and I pedalled to work feeling full of the joys of spring (although, also mindful that snow could appear on the forecast at anytime - let's hope not!). Yesterday Per and I went to see how our tiny cabin build is coming along - I'm so looking forward to sharing an update tomorrow. Small spaces are therefore on my mind, and lo and behold, this beautiful 34 square metres (365 square feet) Gothenburg home popped up in my feed this morning. I simply can't believe, it's almost the same size as our little cabin - not only does it look very stylish (and yes, styled!), it also looks really spacious, despite breaking the rules with a darker wall colour HOW? I dissected it to find out what's at play and discovered 6 great small space styling tricks:

1. Round tables - circular tables have a smaller footprint than square tables simply because corners are such a waste of space. Better still, choose an extendable table for entertaining - as well as chairs with the same curve so they can be tucked away under the table and you'll achieve a flexible, space saving dining / work area. 

2. Use the height: OK, this place has envy-inducing, ridiculously high ceilings - but still, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not using the vertical height - crucial when it comes to making the most of every square inch. 

3. Bed nook: evolutionary, we sleep a whole lot better if we feel cosy and safe - so carving out a zone for sleep in which we feel cocooned in some way is key. Here, they've made great use of a nook. if there isn't space for this, you can create your own bedroom zone in a small space using shelving placed perpendicular to the wall, curtains, or screens.  

4. Paint your storage the same colour as the walls: if you want a neat and tidy home, plenty of storage is key. But that doesn't mean it needs to take over. Paint it the same tone as the walls and it will blend into the room to help create a clean, clutter-free and cohesive look. 

5. Make the most of every nook and cranny: a bespoke cabinet has been squeezed into a nook in the bathroom to create storage space. I'd have probably also included an under sink cabinet (like we're planning in the bathroom at our cabin). 

6. Disguise the front door: In a small space front doors can be very prominent - sometimes leading straight into the main open-plan living area / bedroom. A curtain in front of the front door is a great way to create an oasis, plus it helps to keep sounds from the communal hallway and drafts at bay. 

Here's the floor plan: 

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own home! 

Did you spot any clever solutions I missed? Please do point them out in the comments below. 

Here are a few other small spaces to feel inspired by: 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Alvhem (through whom the apartment is currently for sale). 

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6 Smart Ideas To Steal From a Small Danish Apartment

Goddag, goddag! I'm going straight in this week with the delightful Copenhagen apartment of Büsra Demirhan. A student living in a 47 metres square (505 foot square) apartment with her boyfriend, Büsra was selected by Danish magazine Bolig Magasinet as instagrammer of the month thanks to the clever way she has designed her small space on a tight budget, without compromising on style. Here are six very smart small space ideas that make a big difference! 

1. Round table: Round tables have a smaller surface area than square tables and therefore take up less space - and can squeeze into a tight spot. Plus you avoid the risk of walking into a corner with your thigh (winces). 

2. Extra storage: Büsra has used used dead space above the kitchen cabinets to store little used items. A wooden cup holder (this one is by Sætter and is taking the Danish interior world by storm right now) slots in neatly between the upper and lower cabinets. 

3. Think slim: Narrow furniture - like this glass cabinet is ideal for small spaces. 

4. Wall mount where possible: a flat screen TV has been tucked in among frames on the wall of the sitting room, leaving the floor clear. Wall mounted furniture is especially great for small spaces as it helps you to make full use of vertical space and creates a more airy feel. 

5. Wall to wall, mirrored storage: one whole side of the sitting room area has been reserved for much needed storage. Using closed storage not only helps to keep a space looking clean and clutter free - but the mirror helps to visually enlarge the room. Perfect! 

6. Get creative: A cupboard / wardrobe space off the corner of the sitting room has been reserved as a bedroom for Büsra and her husband. A simple curtain across the doorway helps to keep the space private without feeling you're closed in. 

I hope this lovely space has given you plenty of ideas if you're currently furnishing a small space - or have smaller rooms in your home! 

You can see more snapshots of Büsra's home over at @busrademiirham

And there is a LOAD more inspiration in the small space archive (if this pops up first just scroll on over!). 

Wishing you all a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of @busrademiirham, shared with kind permission. 

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Beautiful Small Space Living in a 19th Century Swedish Apartment

Every now and then a real gem comes on the market - like this apartment in a 19th century farm building right in the heart of Gothenburg! Measuring a mere 38 m2 (402 foot square), the living space might be considered relatively small - but it's an absolute dream for a single occupancy or a couple. Think lovely high ceilings, large arched windows and doors and beautiful old beams. In summertime the apartment spills out onto an inner courtyard, extending the living space. All in all, it's a wonderful lesson in organising and decorating a small space - and of course a dream for anyone that snaps it up. Enjoy!  

I'd be so happy to call this space my home, how about you? 

Sadly, but not surprisingly, it's already sold. 

Other Scandinavian small space inspiration: 

7 small space tricks to learn from a Stockholm home

Clever small space ideas in a Swedish studio

A cosy small Swedish pad with warm tones

Wishing you all a lovely day!


Photography: Jonas Berg, styling Grey Deco for Stadshem

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