Tour Brit's delightful home with touches of pink and gold

I've had trends on mind these past few week (as you can tell from my colour feature and your home = your sanctuary posts) - as we start a new decade there are certainly some subtle changes on the horizon.  But for all lovers of 'millennial pink' out there (of which I am one) - you'll be excited to hear that's one rosy hue that's here to stay. Hey, even if it wasn't, I'd have it in my home anyway! But no one loves the hue as much as Brit.  Self proclaimed 'Midwestern gal' Brit Arnesen is an interior stylist, blogger and enthusiastic DIYer with a penchant for dusty pink and golden tones. She shares her home with her 'one and only', 'two little loves' and one very handsome cat! Enjoy the tour! 

Keep an eye out for these dried fan shaped palm leaves - they're everywhere right now, whether displayed in a vase or as a key player in fabulous floral installations

Estee lamp by Mitzi, Sculpted rattan mirror from Anthropologie

So pretty! Not sure if I'll ever tire of the dusty pink / gold combination, how about you? 

See more of Brit's home in all its rose tinted glory over on her blog and instagram @britdotdesign

And more pink inspiration here: 

Are you a fan of pink? 

Seeing the shell cushion reminded me of this write-up over on Emily Henderson's blog - such an interesting read! What are your thoughts? 

Have a fab day - shells or no shells! 


Photography courtesy of Brit Arnesen shared with kind permission

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5 Lessons to Learn About Adding An Accent Colour From A Lovely Malmö Home

Millennial pink. An earthy, powdery, achingly cool shade that the interior world never seems to tire of. And when you see apartments like this one (currently for sale in Malmö, Sweden) you can understand why. The owners have added subtle touches in a spectrum that range from pale powder to a deeper brown-pink in every room. Pink not your gig? There's still a load to learn about how to add an accent colour that gives your living space that seamless flow seen in the homes in interior magazines! And the good news is that you only really need one or two items in each room. You may find you've naturally already achieved a great flow, but in case your home needs a helping hand here are 5 'accent colour' lessons to learn from a lovely Southern Sweden home: 

1. One or two will do! It's tempting to go overboard and add your chosen colour to everything: walls, furniture and accessories, but actually it's enough just to go for one or two things such as a chair and a few accessories (like the cups seen on the shelf below) in each room.

2. Stay on the spectrum: There's no need to stick to the exact shade, slightly different tones of your accent colour will work as long as they're on the same spectrum. For example, in this Malmö home all the pink hues have a blue undertone and feel earthy and soft. 

3. Add balance: I was umming and ahing about including this picture because I didn't want the colour-coded books to distract from the pink (we all know there are a LOT of strong opinions out there about how to arrange books!). Anyhooo, check out the artwork on the sitting room wall, the int of pink picks up the colour in the chairs in the kitchen and helps to add balance and tie the rooms together. 

4. Pick a statement piece: To really set off your accent colour opt for one or two pieces that really make a statement - like the owners of this apartment have done with the Hay Mags sofa*. I understand many like to go for a safe bet when it comes to choosing a sofa or armchair since it's a rather large investment. Having said that, if you choose an accent colour that you're naturally drawn to and have always loved rather than an on-trend hue, you'll never tire of it. 

Tip: If in doubt, try an IKEA sofa (which you can pick up for a song second hand) and invest in a beautiful designer cover from Bemz* with you can swap out at any time (like I've done here). 

5. Something in every room: try to add at least one small thing in your accent colour to every room in your home, even if it's massively subtle like a cushion (seen below) or a vase (on the windowsill in the sitting room) or a few folded textiles (above the dresser in the last picture). This will help to tie your home together in a subtle way and create a cohesive look. 

What do you think? Has this been helpful? 

In my home I've used a rust / chestnut colour as an accent. I have to admit I haven't been entirely consequential with it and having seen this home I think it would be nice to do a little more.

Do you have a colour that you're particularly drawn to?

In case you're undecided, I love these archives for colour inspiration: 

Oj oj oj! I do believe it's Friday people! I love it when the weekend comes around that fast, don't you?! I know it sounds strange, but I spent so much time with my little family over the holidays that I've kind of missed them this week, do you ever feel like that too? I'm looking forward to hanging out with them this weekend. 

I hope you have a great one! 

See you Monday!


Photography courtesy of Bo-laget

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The Fabulous LA Home of Garance Doré With Peachy Tones

I'm actually breaking every rule in the 'working from home' book this morning and tapping away at my laptop from bed (shock, horror!). The truth is, it's pouring with rain outside (will it ever stop?!) and I just couldn't bring myself to hop on my bike (nor, so it seems, wonder down the stairs!). I have to say, as a one off, it's kind of cosy! Anyhow, my point is, I'm still craving a few rays of sunshine this week, which is why I thought I'd share the happy LA home of Garance Doré. Garance is a French photographer, illustrator, author, fashion blogger and the creative force behind Atelier Doré. When she moved into her new build she was keen to put her own personal stamp on the space and sought the help of interior design guru Sarah Sherman Samuel. Together they shaped the living space into a stylish, modern home. I particularly love the colour scheme which combines soft white, earthy neutrals, pale peach, light wood, muted pink and terracotta accents. Look closely at the furniture too - there are some fabulous pieces! Little wonder the home is currently featured in the spring 2019 edition of Domino magazine. Here's a sneak peek:

I love the peach accent, it's so fresh and yet fun at the same time. Understandably her breakfast nook is making its way around instagram at an alarming rate too, isn't it fabulous?!

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

The original feature in Domino lists many of the items here (in case you're curious). 

More peachy details spotted in these beautiful spaces: 

On an entirely different note, Per and I went to the cinema to see Green Book last night, what a brilliant film! If you haven't seen it, it's a must!

I hope your day is, well... peachy!


Photography: J.F Rothenberg for Domino magazine

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An Elegant Copenhagen Home With Pink Accents

As lifestyles go, teacher and part time PR rep for Stolbjerg Sidsel Garsdal has it pretty sussed out! In the winter she and her husband Jason and children Carmen and Bror hang out in their beautiful, light-filled apartment in Copenhagen. In the summer they head to their summer cottage on a Danish island to soak up the sunshine and take in the nature. While both homes are fairly minimalist with a sprinkling of vintage finds, the family's city apartment has a slightly more contemporary look. I also love the soft pink accent throughout. Enjoy the tour!

Resting Feet print by Julie Pike, Mirror table - Kristina Dam Studio,  Hammershoi vase

 Pink suit from Mango, crinkle throw*

Neon sign from Neonskiltet

Sidsel often shares pictures of pretty corners of Copenhagen on her instgaraqm account - I love this one of a snowy day in the capital!

Such an elegant apartment, don't you think? - the pink accents are everything!

You can see more pics from Sidsel's lovely life here and more Danish homes here:

A rare peek behind the facade of Copenhagen's colourful Nyhavn
A Danish home full of vintage treasures
Before + After: A Danish 1950's house gets a fabulous make-over

Tomorrow is my last day on the blog before Christmas - can you believe it?! I'm thinking of celebrating with a 'Best of My Scandinavian Home 2018' -post, what do you think? I'd love to hear what some of your favourite posts have been!

Vi ses imorgon! 


Photography courtesy of Sidsel Garsdal with kind permission

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Peach and Rust tones in an Elegant Norwegian Home

This is definitely the year 'pink' got tough. Forget fluffy and romantic, it's all about the earthy, 'dirty' peach tones. And it goes beautifully with the chocolate and rust notes of Autumn. Take the beautiful home of Malin Antonsen as an example. Malin is an interior designer living in Oslo, Norway with a penchant for "decor, flowers and other pretty things that makes life better". She has recently given her walls a once over in one of my favourite shades: blushing peach - I'm excited to see it looks equally pretty in the sitting room as it does in the bedroom. The hue also provides a soft, yet atmospheric background for abstract art, design classics, in-season bouquets and shiny details! Step this way!

// affiliate links marked with *//

Blushing peach wall colour, IKEA mirror wardrobe, washed linen pillow case*

I so enjoyed this tour. Malin's home strikes a wonderful balance between classic and elegant and everything that's hot right now. 

I might just have to nick the idea of the Pholc light by the bed (I don't actually have a reading lamp right now so there's definitely a lamp vacancy waiting to be filled, and this Swedish one is a beauty!).

Is there anything that caught your eye?

See more of Malin's lovely home on her blog. And continue soaking up the Norwegian vibe by taking a tour of a colourful retro funkis house, a relaxed artist's apartment in Oslo, the relaxed Norwegian apartment of Maja Hattvang. And of course - there were those four Norwegian bedrooms in yesterday's post! 

Have a wonderful day!


Photography courtesy of Malin Antonsen, shared with kind permission. 

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A Delightful Light-Filled Home In The Rooftops of Munich

It's been raining all day here in Sweden - so I'm checking out! Fancy joining me on a trip to Munich? Judging by the beautiful light in the home of Friederike Gorytzka, it looks way sunnier down there! Friederike's lovely light-filled home is nestled on the top floor of an apartment building in the centre of town. Mid-century pieces and design classics have been arranged against a backdrop of white (the ceilings measure a staggering 3.6 metres in places!) and in the summer the balcony doors are thrown open to welcome in the sunshine. I caught up with Friederike to find out more about her lovely home.

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Have you always been passionate about interior design? 
Just like other interior addicts, I started moving furniture around and rearranging things in my room as a teenager. When I moved into my own place (my first being university accommodation measuring a mere 17m2 “big”!) I loved to plan ways to make the most of the space and play around with furniture to see how it would look in different positions.

Gold mobile* (also seen in this home and my reading nook!)

How would you describe your style?
Hmmm, difficult! Maybe scandi and mid-century goes glam and non-puristic? Also, even if I really like the puristic Scandinavian style, I would never be able to reduce my living space to monochrome  / neutrals only. I love brass, marble, mustard yellow and anything from the brand Gubi. Gubi matches my style 100 %!

Gubi G10 floor lamp 

What is your approach to colour?
I noticed that more colour has entered my interior with age. I started with white and oak wood, then black accessories creeped in and lately I discovered my love for nude and mustard yellow. The pink lounge chair for example was a total impulse buy. I was never a 'pink-loving' girl, but combined with mustard yellow, pink loses it's sweet girly touch. But I do try to limit the variety of colours, white, black, wood, dusty pink and mustard yellow is enough!

Mantis floor lamp*, BoConcept sofa, photography - Lumas gallery

I spy so many fabulous design pieces in your home, do you have a favourite? 
Thank you! I have an absolute weakness for lamps and my first design piece was the white AJ floor lamp - which is still one of my favourites. I will always remember the proud feeling as a hard-up student when I opened the package with the certificate of authenticity. I must add - even when I was young and didn't have much money, I would never have bought a fake design classic. Another of my favourites pieces is the Schottlander lamp (I have two pendants and one floor lamp*!). I love the mid-century shape.

As an author, I am happy to see so many books. What do you like to read? 
Unfortunately, since I became addicted to Instagram and the internet, I don’t read as many books as I used to do.... but who could throw away books? I certainly couldn’t!  My library includes books I read as a teenager and philosophical tomes from university time. I also love German postwar literature and American contemporary literature (T.C. Boyle). And Scandinavian crime thrillers, of course! 

RoTM Lounge Chair*Nordstjerne vase, Billy bookshelves

What do you love most about your home?
The wonderful light thanks to the huge windows and skylights, the view from the top floor and the feeling of sitting in a birds nest. Ah, and the high ceilings!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home and telling us more about it Friederike!

I've got my eye on that pink chair - isn't it fabulous?!

Is there anything that caught your imagination?

If you loved this home as much as I did, I can highly recommend following Friederike on instagram for daily snapshots. 

Oh and check out more German homes here, here and here (all wonderful in their own, unique way!).

Have a great day!


Photography: Friederike Gorytzka shared with kind permission

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