10 ways To Transform Your Home Into a Sanctuary Like a Dane!

Yesterday I talked about one of the hot (or should I say cool?) colour trends of the year. And today I wanted to share another key trend that's been popping up - which centres around well-being. In my Lagom book I wrote about how, in an age where we're connected 24/7 and constantly feeling a little overwhelmed, it's become important to create a living space where you can find balance, switch off and relax. In essence the home has become our sanctuary. Not quite there with that spa-like feel yet? Don't worry, it's easier than you might thing! I was excited to discover the Danish home of Simone Østergaard which is a great example of how a family living space can be transformed into a calming oasis in 10 simple steps. Ready to dive in? 

1. Declutter: There's a big difference between having a minimalist home and one that is devoid of clutter. The essential aspect of creating a calming home is surrounding yourself with things you love and believe to be useful. Even if you have many! Everything else must go - they'll only make you feel disorganised and stressed. 

2. Texture: Keeping things clean doesn't mean boring. Simone has applied Kalkitir paint in powder form to her walls for a beautiful textured look. 

3. Plants and flowers: maybe a cliché but nature is like balm for the soul. Surrounding yourself with fresh or dried flowers and lots of greenery is an instant mood lifter! 

4. Sheer curtains: Sheer window dressings slip in soft, diffused light for instant calm. Source similar made-to-measure curtains here*

5. Candles: Where would a Scandinavian home be without candles?! Don't wait until night fall though - a naked flame in daylight hours is perfect for adding a spa-like feel! Add a beautiful scent to really get the senses going.

6. Natural textures: wood, rattan, sheepskin and other natural materials will instantly make a room feel cosier.

7. Calm bedroom: a bit of an obvious one, but for the best type of beauty sleep, your bedroom should be decluttered, calm and fairly cool. Since living in Scandinavia I've also become a real advocate for single duvets too - being able to choose your own down thickness and sticking a limb out in whichever direction you please are tantamount to a great night sleep! 

8. Cocoon: Children love to be cosy and feel safe. Creating a cocoon over their bed in the form of a canopy will sure to send them into a blissful slumber. 

N.B. make sure anything items you choose to place around a cot are child-safe! 

9. Fluffy towels and dressing gowns: Towels rolled up in a vintage wooden dough bowl* and a soft robe give the bathroom instant spa appeal! 

10. Contain your stuff! It's impossible not to have lots of bits and pieces in the bathroom (if you ask me!). Using trays and pretty containers for hair clips, cotton wool, moisturisers and other bits and bobs will help to create a calmer, more organised space and it'll look prettier too! Hay sells a similar marble tray*

I'm feeling more relaxed just looking at these pictures, how about you? 

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular - or anything you might implement in your home? 

The first thing I'd like to do is organise our bathroom so there are more containers for all our stuff! It's out of control right now - and I'd sooooo love it to look like Simone's. I have a feeling that if I rolled up towels like that in our bathroom my 11-year-old daughter would use them all in one afternoon though! Guh! 

You can see more calming snapshots of Simone's home on her blog and instagram

Other serene homes to feel inspired by: 

Have a relaxing day friends! 


Photography courtesy of Simone Østergaard with thanks

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  1. Rita/Turtledesign30 January 2020 at 12:01

    Haha, with a curoius toddler like the one in one of the pictures, I can totally see the need for a home that is calm. I also plan to have more containers for my bathroom-stuff. The surfaces are clean and tidy, but one of the cabinets just has all kinds of stuff thrown in, and I like my cabinets to be tidy and organized. Makes me feel calm.

  2. My kind of space, comfortable and serene with beautiful accents.


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