A Light-filled Swedish Home in Former Slätthults School

I absolutely love the idea of living in a former a school - or just about any conversion for that matter, how about you? There's something about the buildings past life which makes the building feel extra special, and it often lends itself to beautiful architecture too. 

Having said that, converting a building is not without its difficulties - and the interior design can also be a complex jigsaw puzzle! Especially when there are very large rooms and awkward angles involved, which you so often find with schools.

This beautiful light-filled house in Lerum, West of Gothenburg in Sweden used to be Slätthults school. The house has undergone a meticulous restoration, blending modern comforts with respect for its original architecture and the era in which it was built. The result is a thoughtfully preserved house which marries the present with its historical roots. Wonderful! 

I can just imagine the patter of children's feet as they ran up and down those stairs. And the silence in the classroom as they went about their school day! 

Such a beautiful house! Could you imagine living here? 

I have shown quite a few converted schoolhouses here on my scandinavian home over the years - here are few that are well worth returning to this weekend: 

My friend Louisa's home in a converted school (don't miss the cat at the end!)
A beautiful Finnish family home in a former schoolhouse

I have also featured many other conversions including a former fire station, garage, bar and shop! You might like to pour a coffee and pull up a seat this weekend and explore the entire conversion archive

Have a fabulous few days, and see you Monday!

Trevlig helg! 


Photography: Peter Pousard, styling: Isabelle Seger for sale via Lundin

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A Swedish Florist Turns a Schoolhouse into a Home

There are some people in this world who are blessed with a rare talent to transform homes into beautiful, distinctly unique spaces - which could also grace the pages of a magazine. Sofie is one of them. We first met at her lovely flower shop Florista in the heart of Malmö (featured in this guide). I'd often stop by to pick up flowers and have a chat while her loyal dog Farfar (meaning 'Grandad') sat and guarded the door. At the time, she was living in this flat. 

Sofie left the city in pursuit of a country garden a few years ago, snapping up an incredible old school which she and her partner set about renovating and adding their signature stamp to the place. And now, I noticed on Bo-laget last night, it's time for the pair to move on once again - with Sofie taking up a job as a stylist in the fabulous eco-friendly store AB Småland in town. Which means, this beautiful house is waiting for a new owner. Could it be you? You're in for a treat if so! 

In the large open-plan kitchen, Sofie has installed freestanding stainless steel units with open racks - giving the space a contemporary industrial touch. 

Farfar in action behind Sofie! 

I love the windows to the right - evidence that this room was likely used as a classroom in the past. 

I've been seeing this check version of a seagrass rug pop up more and more in homes lately. It catches the light in the hallway in such a beautiful way! 

Faithful Farfar again, guarding the stairs! 

In true Sofie style, the sitting room is full of lush layers of texture and an amalgamation of styles. But the showstopper is the installation of pendant lights, don't you think? 

Sofie has a penchant for darker earthy shades, which help to add cosiness in areas like the bedroom. 

I absolutely love the bathroom! The combination of a deep earthy chestnut with white tiles, art and open shelving is spot on in my book! 

Beautiful. All of it. 

Whoever snaps this up is very lucky, I have to say! I even checked it out myself but we're not quite ready to leave Malmö. More info here

Also, if you missed it at the beginning, here is the link to Sofie's former apartment in town. I can't wait to see what she does next! 

Would you like to see a few other schoolhouses? Here are a few I've featured in the past: 

Here in Sweden we're gearing up for the big match in the women's World Cup - Sweden Vs Japan. The bacon sandwiches are ready and coffee is on the boil! May the best team win! 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


Photographs courtesy of Bo-laget

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A Rundown Schoolhouse Becomes a Swedish Family Home

I absolutely love it when someone takes the time and energy to painstakingly restore a historical house! Even better when they share the step-by-step process online, right? Photographer Lovisa 'Furubo' Andersson and her partner Daniel bought a former schoolhouse in Ölvingstorp, near Kalmar in South East Sweden a few years ago and have been renovating it by hand ever since. Today, the former classroom serves as a spacious and light-filled kitchen and other rooms (such as the gym hall!) have become beautiful living spaces. Here is a selection of truly inspiring before and after pictures of the exterior and kitchen as well as snapshots from some of the other rooms! 

Exterior Before 

Exterior after

The main school house and outhouse had been painted in linseed oil paint 100 years ago, and Lovisa and Daniel felt it deserved the same treatment today! Naturally, there was a lot of other work included in the exterior renovation too. The result is so fresh, yet still in keeping with the original look and feel of the property. 

Kitchen before 

Kitchen after 

Often it's only when you see the before pictures that you can fully understand the sheer amount of work that has gone into a project! Beautiful wood panelling has been installed throughout the house to bring back a romantic old school feel (see my guide to choosing wood panelling here). 

Kitchen units before 

Kitchen units after
Lovisa and Daniel upcycled old materials wherever possible. In the kitchen old wardrobe doors were installed and then painted with linseed oil paint. 

The oven is from Bertazzoni and most of the furniture is secondhand. 

Lovisa made the coffee table by hand. The Viscontea lamp is by Flos. 

I absolutely love this wall lamp - Lovisa bought it from Strömshaga. The rug is from Mio.

A Kyoto lamp from Mio hangs from the ceiling in the bedroom. 

Wood panelling has also been installed in all the bedrooms and hallway, giving the entire home a cohesive look. 

So inspiring!

If you've ever thought about buying a former schoolhouse, perhaps this is just the nudge you needed! 

You can also take a peek at other converted schoolhouses: 

Lovisa and Daniel continue to renovate their house room by room - follow the progress and feel inspired over at @lovisafurubo

By the way, thank you for your patience last week - my family and I had a really lovely time in Åre, Sweden. It was very snowy - a little on the cold side (my toes are still defrosting!), and so relaxing! back in the less snowy south now and all ready to go! Thank you so much for stopping by!


Photography @lovisafurubo, share with kind permission.

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A Converted School House on the Swedish Island of Gotland

Summer dreaming here again on My Scandinavian Home - with a virtual trip to the beautiful Swedish island of Gotland - and a magnificent, converted school that's just come on the market (are Per's ears burning yet?)! Dating back to 1860, Frojels Annex is located in Western Gotland and made up of a series of buildings which have been lovingly restored, all the while ensuring original features such as the big stone walls, atrium and beams play a starring role. The entire place sleeps 14 - which makes it a perfect place for an extended family to gather in summertime and unwind.  No doubt there are some bikes at the ready to take on of the gravel lanes down to the Baltic for a swim, before coming home to recline on vintage furniture in one of the many outdoor social areas. A perfect summer oasis in which to relax, be together - but also be alone! 

Could you imagine spending your summers here?

I understand the bidding has already started - but if you're quick, it might not be too late to jump in! More info via Bertwig here

If you're looking for a Scandinavian adventure this summer which includes Gotland, check out my guide to Swedish island hopping in The Baltic.  

In the meantime, why not lengthen your virtual stay on the island today and take a look at: 

Have a great start to the week! 


PS Thank you so much for your all your lovely comments about our new bedroom nook at the cabin (and for sharing your tips on air circulation) - it means so much. We're hoping to head up there later this week finish off some of the details. We still don't have blinds - with a 4.30am sunrise that's a little bit of a struggle!

Photography: courtesy of Bertwig with thanks 

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