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A Calm Swedish Home With Smart Hall Shoe Storage!

So far this week, I've shared home tours from Lisbon and South of France - so today I thought return to Scandinavia, with a peek inside an apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden! Styled by Emma Fischer, it's a light filled space filled with designer touches in natural tones. I've done my best to point out a few of the pieces, just in case you fancy doing a little shopping this weekend! 

A second room doubles up as both a dining room and home office. Mix and match chairs include a Panton chair and Bertoia side chair. A Formikami light by &tradition hangs over the table and a safari daybed serves as a window seat. 

A giant rice paper lamp from Hay makes a statement in the sitting room and the Line No.8 print* by Rebecca Hein can be seen on the back wall. 

Etsy is a great source for vintage maps

Making the most of a split level by adding shoe storage under the steps is genius! I wish we had a solution like this in our house (even so, certain members of our household's trainers would still need to be kept outside!). Could you also use a system like this in your home? 

I am checking on the source with Emma for a few other items too - give me a shout in the comments section if there is anything you're wondering about and I'll do my best to help! 

All in all, a lovely, calm home with which to finish off the week, do you agree? 

Take a scroll through the Storage archive to feel inspired by other smart ideas this weekend. 

And that, friends, is all from me this week. Do you have any plans? In our house we'll be watching the woman's football (soccer!) world cup third and fourth place play-offs and final  -  the whole tournament has been amazing. I love how much the sport has grown in the past few years! Have you been following along too? 

Per and I also need to finish off a budget bathroom make-over we've been working on. I can't wait to share the results with you soon! 

Trevlig helg! 

Photography: Henrik Linden
Styling: Emma Fischer
For Alvhem

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A Swedish Florist Turns a Schoolhouse into a Home

There are some people in this world who are blessed with a rare talent to transform homes into beautiful, distinctly unique spaces - which could also grace the pages of a magazine. Sofie is one of them. We first met at her lovely flower shop Florista in the heart of Malmö (featured in this guide). I'd often stop by to pick up flowers and have a chat while her loyal dog Farfar (meaning 'Grandad') sat and guarded the door. At the time, she was living in this flat. 

Sofie left the city in pursuit of a country garden a few years ago, snapping up an incredible old school which she and her partner set about renovating and adding their signature stamp to the place. And now, I noticed on Bo-laget last night, it's time for the pair to move on once again - with Sofie taking up a job as a stylist in the fabulous eco-friendly store AB Småland in town. Which means, this beautiful house is waiting for a new owner. Could it be you? You're in for a treat if so! 

In the large open-plan kitchen, Sofie has installed freestanding stainless steel units with open racks - giving the space a contemporary industrial touch. 

Farfar in action behind Sofie! 

I love the windows to the right - evidence that this room was likely used as a classroom in the past. 

I've been seeing this check version of a seagrass rug pop up more and more in homes lately. It catches the light in the hallway in such a beautiful way! 

Faithful Farfar again, guarding the stairs! 

In true Sofie style, the sitting room is full of lush layers of texture and an amalgamation of styles. But the showstopper is the installation of pendant lights, don't you think? 

Sofie has a penchant for darker earthy shades, which help to add cosiness in areas like the bedroom. 

I absolutely love the bathroom! The combination of a deep earthy chestnut with white tiles, art and open shelving is spot on in my book! 

Beautiful. All of it. 

Whoever snaps this up is very lucky, I have to say! I even checked it out myself but we're not quite ready to leave Malmö. More info here

Also, if you missed it at the beginning, here is the link to Sofie's former apartment in town. I can't wait to see what she does next! 

Would you like to see a few other schoolhouses? Here are a few I've featured in the past: 

Here in Sweden we're gearing up for the big match in the women's World Cup - Sweden Vs Japan. The bacon sandwiches are ready and coffee is on the boil! May the best team win! 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 


Photographs courtesy of Bo-laget

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A Charming Croft on the Swedish Island of Öland

Tjena! How is life treating you today? Malmö is bathed in sunshine and it's hard not to cast our minds to warm summer days when we'll be able to sit outdoors with bare arms! A few summers ago, my family and I sailed in the Baltic, stopping at various islands including Öland. And today, I'm excited to provide a glimpse into a pretty cottage on the island. 

Located in Glömminge on the west coast, picturesque Rohallatorpet once appeared in a German calendar featuring typical Swedish crofts. Dating back to 1886, the property was in total disrepair when the pair bought it in 2019 and has since gone through a total renovation while ensuring the history of the house remained intact. Today, it's listed on Bonanza Location - a newly launched film and media location agency co-founded by Sofie Izard Höyer - a friend whose beautiful home I once featured here

When Julia Nilsson and her partner aren't busy with renovation projects, they love to look out at the meadows where deer graze on the pastures. Or wander down to the sea a mere 500 metres away for a dip. 

Ready to take the tour? 

So beautiful! I love the deeper earthy shades and the vintage and antique finds (especially that repurposed overhead rack for wine glasses in the kitchen!). 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

If you have any questions about something you see in these pictures, give me a shout and I'll do my best to source it for you! You might also find the info you're looking for over at @rohallatorpet, where Julia shares her latest DIY projects and before and after pictures! 

Oh, and why not check out my guide to island hopping in the Baltic - which includes Öland. It's a beautiful part of the world, perhaps it will inspire you to visit one day! And don't miss the tour of an Öland cottage by the sea which was for sale a few years back. 

Finally, if you're looking for a location for film or media in Sweden, check out Bonanza Location. They are also looking for new listings both in Sweden and abroad (if abroad list it under 'Skåne' for now). Sofie tells me, it's free to list your property in 2023! 

Have a great start to the week, I hope the sun is shining where you are too! 


Photography and styling Pontuz Löfgren  courtesy of @rohallatorpet

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A Christmassy Swedish Home / Rune's cosy Norwegian home

NOTE Did you come here looking for Rune's Christmassy Norwegian Home? If so - you can find it here! Sorry for the link error in my newsletter! 

Today I'm taking you on a journey to Vendelsö in the suburbs of Stockholm - and the lovely, warm home of interior stylist and set designer Elin Wallin. Long-time readers might recognise glimpses of this living space from a post I shared back in 2018. Since then, Elin, her live-in partner, and daughters Indra (13) and Edda (9) have continued to make this lovely, light and airy open-plan living space their home. 

Think warm brown tones, beautiful dark wood and pretty Christmas decorations as well as some clever room makeovers, vintage up cycling and amazing IKEA hacks - all of which have helped to transform the house into a home. 

The cabinet is a clever IKEA Hack. Elin picked up the Pax cupboard on Facebook marketplace and added the wood corner pieces before painting all the wood in the same tone. A simple twist which makes all the difference! Plus, it was no doubt a bargain to buy! 

I love the pink paper Christmas flower too! 

There's nothing like a roaring fire in wintertime, right?

Beside the fire is yet another IKEA second hand bargain - which Elin bought two for the price of one. They were already 'hacked' when she bought them (someone has stuck vertical strips of wood to the front and then painted the entire unit) for a designer look! Clever. 

Recently Elin replaced the coffee table for a marble one that she picked up second hand. But not without a DIY makeover of course! 



It's quite incredible what you can do with someone else's cast offs,  a little vision and some great craftsmanship, don't you think? 

Walk-in-wardrobe before 

I recognise this scene from my own home not long ago (feel so much better now that I have a proper grown-up wardrobe!). Elin took matters into her own hands in her house too - and scoured online second hand sites for Nordli storage from IKEA - before piecing together the different units, lightly sanding them down and painting the same colour (Strand by Alcro). 

The result:

Is it even the same room? What a transformation - and all bought for a song too! 

In the master bedroom, Elin has placed a Fan Shaped rattan headboard against wallpaper from Sandberg and a pretty Table Tropez light

Simply lovely - and so inspiring too. Is anyone else dying to get their hands on a second hand IKEA piece now? I might just go on marketplace and see what I can find! 

See more of Elin's home and follow her instagram for all her latest projects. 

Would you like to see a few other ikea hacks today? 

Come here for some Scandi Christmas inspiration? There are lots of lovely ideas in the Christmas archive (if this post pops up first just scroll past!). 

Wishing you all a great day! I'll be back on Friday with aa glimpse into the kitchen and dining area of our cabin with 'Jul' touches, hopefully see you then!


Photography: Elin Wallin, shared with kind permission

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