A Polish Photographer Shares Her Elegant Home And Best Shopping Tips!

Have you been to Poland? The closest I've ever been is around 25 km from the border - so near, yet so far! But it's definitely on my radar, especially as it's only a short hop over the Baltic Sea and Polish design is starting to make waves across Europe! Photographer Kasia Bedzínska lives in a beautiful, white apartment with golden accents in Lodz with her partner Lukas, daughter Antonina, son Julek, photogenic dog Popcorn and a rabbit! You'd be forgiven for thinking her neutral home is Scandinavian had it not been for some of the fine Polish design pieces! Feeling curious, I chatted with Kasia to find out more about her style and the rise of Polish design (including a few brands to look out for). Read on for the scoop! 

How would you describe your style, and would you say it has a Polish touch? 
My style is some kind of cosy minimalism - or something! My home doesn't reflect the usual Polish style - which is usually more colourful and eclectic, however, I can see that this is changing. 

In what way?
Poland is a post-communist country. It was very poor. These days, people have more money and can afford nicer things for their homes. Interior styling has become more popular and people take inspiration from other countries and adapt it. 

I see a blend of pieces in your home including some Scandinavian design but also Polish pieces. Would you say Polish design is on the rise? 
Polish design is so so great! Look at my old desk I found (above), it was designed by Mieczyslaw Puchala in the 1960s. Poland is the 4th biggest furniture producer and exporter in the world for good reason.  

Are there any Polish designers / brands in particular we should keep a look out for? 
Armchairs by Polish mid-century designer Jozef Chierowski are very popular. I also like brands such as Hoom, Good Living & Co, mid-century and retro furniture from 366 Concept and Pastform Furniture, as well as handmade pieces by Un-common.  

Do you have any plans to start your own brand?
One day in the future, I'd love to! The first thing I'll make are candles! 

We'll be keeping an eye out for those Kasia! 


See more of Kasia's beautiful, neutral home on her popular instagram @minimaliving (if you like the look and feel of her pictures, she also sells a set of instragram filters). 

Looking back in the archives I was so happy to find that I've featured two really inspiring homes from Poland before including a cosy, yet elegant home in Krakow and the serene white home of a designer. I'm also a big fan of my dear Polish friend Agata Dimmich's style. 

I've just noticed the clouds have cleared so I need to rush out and make the most of it with an afternoon dip. It's hard to imagine that in just a few month's time, the shoreline will be iced up (gaaaah!) - and I'm definitely not hardy enough for a winter swim!

Have a lovely day! 


Photography: Kasia Bdzínska

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Everyday Glam In The Fabulous Home of Kyla Herbes

Shall we kick off the week with a little glam,  glam with a hipster touch? I'm talking about the wonderful Chicago home of Kyla Herbes. Kyla has a soft spot for pink (girl after my own heart) - and loves to team it with gold for a touch of everyday glam. I've been following Kyla's blog House of Hipsters for a while, and it always makes me laugh (Kyla's a writing queen - she even scooped up the Amara blog prize for 'best written blog').  But the main reason I nip in is to swoon over her decor which she describes as "just being different". The living space combines vintage, art deco, contemporary and the odd mid-century piece, and it totally works! Ready to put a smile on your face this Monday? Here goes...

First picture: Pelle chandelier* from West Elm (also seen in this fabulous studio apartment), rug from Annie Selke

Above picture: this bar cart* is similar

Print from 45 Three Modern

Love the fabulous Crane Fonda coral wallpaper inside Kyla's hallway guest closet - such a perfect idea! Suddenly made me think of the fact that my children can never close the cupboard door in our hallway and it drives me insane. But perhaps if I lined it with some funky wallpaper.... hmmm. Could you imagine doing this too?!

One of the things I love about Kyla's homes is that there is just so much to look at. You can look through these pictures countless times and still spot something unique. 

Shelving from South Loop Loft, armchair picked up at The Savoy Flea, this leather pouf* is similar. 

Perfect way to jazz up a tiny guest bathroom: the Party Animal wallpaper by House of Hackney!

Aaaaah, I love this. It makes me want to go a little more out there (starting with our downstairs loo!). How about you?

I also love that Pelle chandelier*, I'm thinking it could go over my kitchen breakfast bar (although I'm afraid this only seems too be available in the US - is that right?).

Did you get any ideas for your home?

See more of Kyla's home here and here.

Have a fabulous start to the week - I hope the sun is shining where you are too!


Photography: Kyla Herbes, shared with kind permission

PS So unbelievably excited about some of the rooms the interior designers have designed over at My Scandinavian Home studio, I hope to share a few of the layouts and mood boards with you soon! Read more about the service (and get 20% off a new room design with code MYNEWROOM) here. We'd love to help you! 

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The Copenhagen home of a Danish style icon

Hello Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend?! Today is a big day here - my littlest girl started school. I've never seen anyone look so big and yet so small,  I'm not actually sure who was more nervous me or her?!  Anyway, all was well and I'm feeling calmer now, so it's definitely time to get on with today's tour! This lovely home belongs to Pernille Teisbaek, stylist, co-founder and creative director at Social Zoo Direct and her boyfriend. When it comes to fashion Pernille is your girl (you only have to check out her instagram gallery to see this!). When you see her fab apartment, it's obvious her eye for style covers interiors too!  Pernille likes to mix and match - blending old and new pieces from different eras (she has a distinct penchant for brass/ gold too). The result is a unique space with a touch of glam - what a perfect space with which to kick off the week?!

Credits: Photo - Ditte Isager (with kind permission). Styling - Sidsel Rudolph. Featured in Elle Decoration Sweden. Found via Elisabeth Heier with thanks. 

What a great space - loving the palm trees!

Anything that catches your eye?

A few other items I love: Dining area: Series 7 chairs. Sitting room PK22 chairs, Nagel candle holders, this Beni Ourain style rug is similar.  Bedroom light grey linen bedding, knit blanket, bedside table from Piet Hein Eek. Linen cushion covers from H&M Home.

For more pictures and the full write-up visit Elle Decoration Sweden.

I love the way Ditte captured this home - do you remember her own space which I showed a few weeks ago?! Beautiful!

Have a great start to the week! Back tomorrow with another home tour which I think you're going to like.....see you then! 

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The calm and collected home of a Swedish interiors stylist

It's always a pleasure to stumble across the home of a prop and interior stylist.  And this Stockholm space belonging to the talented Joanna Lavén and her husband David is no exception! The couple set about restoring the flat back to it's former glory - even peeling back layers of flooring to reveal beautiful original parquet floors. I love the light in these photos by Marcus Lawett - he has really captured the elegance of the space, which has been decorated throughout in grey tones and teak mid-century finds. The brass gives the home a distinct touch of fifties glam too, what a fabulous home!

Home owner / stylist - Joanna Lavén. Photographer: Marcus Lawett, shared with kind permission. Via Dust jacket with thanks.
Is this your kind of style?

There is something very cool, calm and collected about the space. I couldn't ever imagine feeling flustered if I lived here. 

Get the look - source beautiful teak mid-century furniture here or on auction sites such as e-bay and Live Auctioneers. All of these vintage drinks trolleys / bar carts are fab! This wall light is similar. Oven from Ilve. 2097 Chandelier by Flos. Painting over bed by Lennart Sand.

To see more of Joanna's lovely home and find out where other items are from check-out the full piece over at Elle Decoration. You can also find out more about her work as a prop & set stylist here.

And if you're after a few sneaky peeks of Scandinavian stylists' homes how about the stunning Danish home of Nathalie Schwer, the lovely home of Dorthe Kvist and Sofia Jansson's delightful family home.

If it was Christmas inspiration you were after today, you might want to sit back and enjoy this archive or my latest pins! Or if that fails - how about this recipe for spiced mulled wine? Ooooo, now you're talking!

Have a lovely day!

Monochrome, brass and mid-century in a sophisticated home

Mid-century love today with this lovely, sophisticated apartment designed by Lauren Macer of Sisälla Interior Design. The colour has been kept to a minimal monochrome scheme save for a deep gold touch which has been accentuated by brass accessories.  It's no wonder it was shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2015. Could you live here?

Interior Designer: Lauren Macer. Photography: Eve Wilson. Styling: Studio Moore. Via Desire to Inspire with thanks

I absolutely love the vignettes in the hallway and bedroom. In the picture above they've mixed framed prints with a brass based lamp and a branch from a rubber plant (I have one of those plants and they grow like crazy - as you can see from this picture).

Other items I know and love: Kitchen: Serge Mouille wall light. Sitting room: Grasshopper light. office: Hay About a Chair. 

Other homes with a monochrome and brass colour scheme include this Swedish space, a home in Gothenburg and the lovely Norwegian home of Nina Hoist.

On an entirely different note - just how incredible are these swimming pools - oh how I would love to be transported to any one of these for the day (or week, or month). How about you?!

Have a lovely day!

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Stockholm space with touches of black and gold

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Easter break?! It's our last day in London today, the sun's shining and the spring flowers and blossom are out, yay! My girls are waiting to go to the park with my sister's Goldendoodle - they're going to miss her! But first, a home to share. This time a split level apartment in Stockholm decorated with a splash of black and gold and touches of designer, mid century and vintage pieces. Oh and a little outdoor inspiration too, after all it's almost barbecue season, right?! If the sun's not shining where you are, I hope this space brightens your day!


Fantastic Frank

Black and gold. What a fabulous combination, don't you think?!

Have you noticed the 'black' wood outdoor trend of late? If it's not the house itself it's the garden fence. Flowers and greenery really pop against it for a striking effect.  The table and chairs are similar to the popular Swedish designed Grythyttan outdoor furniture (I'm thinking about getting a set for my own garden). I love this outdoor string lighting too. For more outdoor / garden inspiration I'm loving some of these spaces. More inspiration squirreled away here too. Oh OK, let's go all the way - pool anyone?! I just love the 'long-day-in-the-garden / nearest park season don't you?!

I spy the brass bumling light and string pocket shelves. Source mid-century furniture on Live Auctioneers or Lauritz.

What are you up to today? Anything fun? We're flying back to Sweden tomorrow so I'm heading off to enjoy one final day of fun with my girls.

Have a lovely day!

PS - thank you for entering my easter give-away, the winner of the Elina Dahl print has now been announced here

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Back to beautiful basics - monochrome and brass in a Swedish space

Back to basics today with a monochrome space. Oh how I've missed you black and white! This small space 'one room' Swedish apartment for sale through 55Kvadrat is furnished with statement designer pieces (guide below) and black accent walls for a striking effect. Brass has been used as the accent 'colour' -whether in the form of designer lamps or accessories. It looks like it's a trend that's here to stay and I like it! Are you a fan of black, white and brass?


Small space inspiration indeed! 

A guide to where items are from: sitting room - the amazing brass lamp could be the Anders Pehrson bumling, Thonet 209 chair,  sheepskin throw, Cross blanket, DLM table, Hay cushion and Ferm Living half moon basket. For black wallpaper try Wilderness by Ferm Living. Kitchen - Thonet 214 chairs, Tulip dining table, Tom Dixon Etch Tea Light Holder in brass, 2015 scratched calendar.

Other fab homes with a monochrome and brass theme include this and this one.  And I've even added a touch to my guest room too!

Out of interest, do you go through waves of inspiration for your home? I've been through a bit of a lull but suddenly I have so many ideas for my house. Yesterday I picked up the most fab vintage Beni rug in Lund which is inspiration in itself (thanks for all your encouragement on IG!). And I'm planning some major projects in the next few this space!

Have a lovely day!

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