A Polish Photographer Shares Her Elegant Home And Best Shopping Tips!

Have you been to Poland? The closest I've ever been is around 25 km from the border - so near, yet so far! But it's definitely on my radar, especially as it's only a short hop over the Baltic Sea and Polish design is starting to make waves across Europe! Photographer Kasia Bedz√≠nska lives in a beautiful, white apartment with golden accents in Lodz with her partner Lukas, daughter Antonina, son Julek, photogenic dog Popcorn and a rabbit! You'd be forgiven for thinking her neutral home is Scandinavian had it not been for some of the fine Polish design pieces! Feeling curious, I chatted with Kasia to find out more about her style and the rise of Polish design (including a few brands to look out for). Read on for the scoop! 

How would you describe your style, and would you say it has a Polish touch? 
My style is some kind of cosy minimalism - or something! My home doesn't reflect the usual Polish style - which is usually more colourful and eclectic, however, I can see that this is changing. 

In what way?
Poland is a post-communist country. It was very poor. These days, people have more money and can afford nicer things for their homes. Interior styling has become more popular and people take inspiration from other countries and adapt it. 

I see a blend of pieces in your home including some Scandinavian design but also Polish pieces. Would you say Polish design is on the rise? 
Polish design is so so great! Look at my old desk I found (above), it was designed by Mieczyslaw Puchala in the 1960s. Poland is the 4th biggest furniture producer and exporter in the world for good reason.  

Are there any Polish designers / brands in particular we should keep a look out for? 
Armchairs by Polish mid-century designer Jozef Chierowski are very popular. I also like brands such as Hoom, Good Living & Co, mid-century and retro furniture from 366 Concept and Pastform Furniture, as well as handmade pieces by Un-common.  

Do you have any plans to start your own brand?
One day in the future, I'd love to! The first thing I'll make are candles! 

We'll be keeping an eye out for those Kasia! 


See more of Kasia's beautiful, neutral home on her popular instagram @minimaliving (if you like the look and feel of her pictures, she also sells a set of instragram filters). 

Looking back in the archives I was so happy to find that I've featured two really inspiring homes from Poland before including a cosy, yet elegant home in Krakow and the serene white home of a designer. I'm also a big fan of my dear Polish friend Agata Dimmich's style. 

I've just noticed the clouds have cleared so I need to rush out and make the most of it with an afternoon dip. It's hard to imagine that in just a few month's time, the shoreline will be iced up (gaaaah!) - and I'm definitely not hardy enough for a winter swim!

Have a lovely day! 


Photography: Kasia Bdzínska


  1. I've purchased two kitchen tables from a Polish company MoWorks on Etsy that are fantastic. They do custom furniture at a reasonable price, both tables are so well made and packaging was impeccable, no chance for damage.

    1. What a great tip - I'm going to check them out! Thank you :)


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