Victorian Charm Meets Modern Scandinavian Style In A Lovely Bristol Home

This lovely Victorian terrace apartment in Bristol, England has been doing the blog rounds lately (it appeared on SF Girl By Bay and The Style Files) - and I can completely understand why! Currently under offer the beautiful property combines English Victorian charm with cool Scandi simplicity - as well as some very modern touches (loving the Crittall doors and windows!). Look out for the vintage touches and very cute dog who totally owns the space (love how one ear's up and the other's down!). I have to say, a wave of nostalgia washed over me as I looked through the pictures. Perhaps this is how our home would look if should we ever move back to old Blighty - here's hoping! I hope you feel as inspired by this charming space as I am! 

What do you think? Could you imagine living here?

I'm curious to know if the owners are from Scandinavia. The last time I raised this question was with this London home - and it turned out that the owner was very much British but had a passion for Nordic design. Stay tuned, in case I find out. What would you guess? 

Other British homes with a cool Scandinavian vibe: 

There's a big birthday coming up in the Brantmark household later this week, and I mean BIG. I'll be the crazy person sprinting around Malmö for the next two days (in case you're looking for me!). 

Hope your day is calmer than mine! See you tomorrow! 


Photography courtesy of The Modern House

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10 Clever Small Space Tricks To Learn From a Lovely Swedish Apartment

This Stockholm apartment is the type of charming and relaxed home which makes me want to pull up a chair and stay for a while. Books, plants, mix and match vintage furniture, an abundance of natural light - the CUTEST dog - what's not to love? It's only after taking a long hard look at the space that you realise each room is actually pretty small and narrow. So, how does it appear so light and airy? I spotted ten very clever small space tricks which have done wonders to create a cosy, comfortable and practical living space - I hope you might find them helpful for your own crib! 

1. Make use of every inch of floor space: This is particularly important if you live in a rental and can't drill holes into the wall. What could have been dead space under the windowsill makes a handy spot for books. If you're not too keen on piling books on the floor (remember the discussion in the comments section of this Norwegian home?!) - a low shelving unit would work equally well. 

2. Bring nature indoors: Small spaces can feel a little closed in and claustrophobic and plants can do wonders to draw the great outdoors in and bring harmony to the living space. 

3. Source easy to move furniture: in a tight space your furniture needs to work harder. In this instance, a Karin chair can be wheeled into the corner to create a reading corner for one or easily be pushed back into the centre of the room for socialising. 

3. Add an internal window: An internal window helps a narrow room to feel wider and also increases the natural light that enters the space. One very worthwhile investment! 

5. Create multipurpose zones: a built-in storage bench in the dining area can be used as a private place to sit and gaze out of the window with a morning coffee - or as extra seating at the dining table. Plus, it's handy for storing items like napkins, tablecloths, candles etc. 

6. Let the light flow: Wider entrances encourage natural light to flow through a space and make the room feel more light and airy. A sliding door or curtain are ideal for creating privacy when a standard door doesn't make the cut! 

7. Reflect the light: an obvious one - but mirrors can work wonders to bounce the light around and make a room feel larger. One of the My Scandinavian Home Studio interior designers recently included a series of mirrors made to look like a window in a narrow Brooklyn dining space and it did absolute wonders for the room! 

8. Wall to wall open and closed storage: it's easy to think that the entire wall should be covered in closed storage for a clean, practical look - but in this case the storage not only provides a place for clothes, the display surfaces add character and a personal touch to the room: two birds, one stone! 

9. Dual purpose furniture: A stool in the bathroom provides a handy spot for shampoo and conditioner - and can also be used for extra seating whenever and wherever needed! 

10. Wrap-around storage: We're well versed on book shelves that go up and around doors - but this is one of the first times I've seen shelving around a loo. Such a clever way to add extra storage in a tight spot.  

I hope you found this helpful! Even if you don't live in a small space, we all have a small room somewhere in our homes where these tricks can come in handy! 

And how cute us that doggy? He totally OWNS the space! 

If you have any more small space hacks to add, I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below. 

In the meantime, here's a little more small space inspiration for the weekend:

And of course, there's always the small space archive

I hope you've had a brilliant week! It's been a crazy one for me with a trip to Copenhagen and Hamburg thrown in. I've got a feeling I'm gonna sleep well tonight! 

Trevlig helg! 


This home is for sale through Historiska Hem - found via Coco Lapine with thanks. 

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The relaxed Norwegian home of Maja Hattvang

Apart from having a very cool name, Maja Hattvang also has style, and bags of it. But looking through her instagram and blog it's not your usual, classic, Norwegian style. There's a raw, cool edge to it with the slightest hint of glamour (spend a few minutes browsing her inspiring instagram feed and you'll see what I mean). Her signature style seeps into everything she turns her hand to - including the way she dresses, her book (see below) and the way she decorates her home. The Olso apartment is a mix of designer and vintage finds (note how the curved furniture helps to break up the angular architecture and add softness), and although fairly minimalist - piles of books, plants and groups of objects give the space a lovely, relaxed vibe.

Photography: Maja Hattvang - shared with kind permission. Found via SF Girl By Bay with thanks.

So lovely! It's the kind of space you could walk into and feel instantly welcome and at home, don't you think?

Maja's first book is an extension of this wonderful rawness. Naturlig Nok - (naturally) contains a variety of recipes for face masks and body scrubs to soaps and scented candles using natural ingerdients. "Nature is full of things that have proven good effect on the skin, if you only know how to use them." I so need a copy of this, how about you?

Get the look from Maja's home: dining room - 'woman with a fan' by Pablo Picasso, side cabinet from Montana, Flos lightsitting room - Grand piano sofa, knoll diamond chair.

N.B. Maja has recently moved out of this home - I'm so looking forward to seeing what she does next, how about you?!

Have a lovely day!

PS I'm currently in New York and preparing for three exciting events today: An interview with a USA TV channel,  a magazine for my Lagom book - and the Domino Design Blog Awards 2017 (I'll so be needing a cocktail by then!). Excited and nervous all wrapped into one!! Weeeee!

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Beautiful inspiration from 'Your Creative Work Space'

What does your work / creative space look like? Do you love to sit there and tinker away? I'm sure you're familiar with mine, although more often than not I'm elsewhere - at the kitchen table, on the sofa, in the window, a nearby communal workspace or in a café. A wise friend told me recently that if you don't use a zone (it might be for no other reason that it simply doesn't feel right!), it means it's either in the wrong place, or you have designed it in the wrong way for the task. So true! A few days later the beautiful book Your Creative Work Space: The Sweet Spot Style Guide to Home Office + Studio Decor by Desha Peacock landed on my desk. It was a sign! Known for her eclectic style and helping others see the possibility within themselves, their homes and personal style, Peacock advises that 'your physical setting can either hamper or elevate' your creative calling and offers tips on designing a creative workspace that will inspire the work you are meant to do. The book is packed with beautiful work spaces belonging to artists, designers, craftspeople, writers, and stylists - all of which will make you want to revamp your office in a heartbeat. Here are a few of my favourites:

Aren't these spaces just so inspiring?! Does it tempt to you to pick up the book and make some changes? I can't wait to get started - watch this space!

Your Creative Work Space, by Desha Peacock is published by Skyhorse Press, NYC and is available

Oh and good news, you can win a signed copy over on Instagram today! Yay!

For more workspace inspiration you might like to check out my office space/studio archive (featuring more of Justina Blakeney's fabulous LA studio, the magnificent Studio Slow and Holly Marder's atelier!).

Have a lovely day!

Photography credits: 1 + 2. Justina Blakeney 3. Anisa Rrapaj  4. Johanna Stark's home office by Emil Larsson 5. Sara Banner.  6. Leslie Woodward

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My Lagom book is now available in French!

Advert for my own book. 

My Lagom book launched in French today! I'm so excited! A huge merci to HarperCollins France who've had the book beautifully translated, created a pretty cover and also put together a special promo package which includes five cards containing some of my favourite Swedish proverbs, recipes (my children's Swedish Great Grandmother Olga's cinnamon buns are a must for a 'fika' break) and more from the book.  I can't wait to visit Paris (yay - I get to visit one of my favourite cities in the world!) next week for a book signing and fun DIY session at the book store in Galeries Lafayette at 4 pm on 9th November (perhaps I'll see you there?!). In the meantime, here's a sneak peek.

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home

I hope all my lovely French speaking friends out there enjoy it and feel as inspired reading it as I did writing it. I'd love to hear from you if you pick up a copy!

If you're looking for an English version - the UK version is available here and US version here - you might also like to try your local book store / library.

Thank you so much for all your incredible support!


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The US Version of my Lagom Book is Out!

Advert for my own book. 

I'm super excited to announce the USA version of my new book Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life has hit the shelves today! The content is exactly the same as the UK version (i.e. full of fun and inspiring tips and tricks graciously passed onto me by my Swedish family and friends over the thirteen years I've lived here   - but with a different cover. I hope the book inspires you to bring a little lagom into your daily life - whether hopping on your bike to the shops, taking morning dips, enjoying a fika (a coffee break with homemade cinnamon buns from my children's great grandmother's recipe!), going mushroom picking, or creating a calm and clutter-free home (I'm going to try my hand at creating that capsule wardrobe this Autumn too!).

If it sounds like a book you might enjoy, you can pick up a copy here.

Thank you so much to everyone who has got their hands on a copy of my book so far - and for all your kind words and wonderful feedback - it means so much to me! I hope the book inspires you as much as it inspired me to write!

Niki x

PS - Thank you for all your questions about availability -  The UK version is available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and other Commonwealth countries. Amazon is a good bet, or ask in your local book store - even if they don't have it in stock I'm sure they'd be more than happy to order you a copy.  The book will also be available in French, Portuguese, German, Czech and Russian soon (I'll keep you updated as there's a chance more languages might be added - so fun!).

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It's hit the shelves!

Advert for my new book. 

Earlier this year I enjoyed many, many fikas with Swedish friends and family. It wasn't just because I was feeling particularly sociable (although it was lots of fun - and I do enjoy a cinnamon bun admittedly!) - I was on an important mission. I was busy researching the concept of lagom (a Swedish term loosely translated as 'not too little, not too much - just right') and how my Swedish friends feel incorporating it into various parts of their lives helps them to achieve greater balance and happiness. They were extremely generous - sharing a wealth of knowledge, tips, ideas and bite-sized actions -  which have been combined with my own experience of living in this wonderful country for over thirteen years to write my new book Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life. And today it hits the shelves in the UK! Yay! I'm super excited to share a sneak peek inside....

Photo credits: 1. Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. 2. Jordam Sanchez/Unsplash 3. Gaelle Marcel/Unsplash

The illustrations are by talented Swede Petra Börner - her work is so lovely and I was so lucky to collaborate with her.

I hope you like the look of my book! If you'd like a copy it's available online here or you can pick up a copy at your local book shop or library (if it's not in stock I'm sure they'd be happy to order it in for you!).

Excitingly, a US and Canadian version of the book will launch on 3rd October - (watch this space!) or if your English isn't quite up to it -  it'll also be available in German, French, Portuguese and Czech (with a possibility of more to be added to the mix too!). Eeeeeeee!

If you've got any questions or would like to know more please just give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll do my best to answer!

A huge thanks to everyone who was involved in the making of this book - especially the fabulous team at HarperCollins!

Trevlig kväll!
PS Those of you following on Instagram stories will know I'm on my way to London. YAAAAY! I'm partnering with new Scandinavian homeware brand Eërtmug, which is launching a pop-up shop in Shoreditch this Saturday.  If you're around come along and pick up some fab Scandi pieces for your home - all proceeds will go to Centrepoint!

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My 'Lagom' book available to pre-order in US!

Popping in with a rare Sunday post as I have some super exciting news to share.... my new book Lagom: (not too little, not too much) The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life will also be available in a US version - (same book, different cover) and is set to launch stateside on 3rd October, 2017 (available to pre-order here)  - eeeeee! You can read a little more about my book and find links to the European version here (it will also be available on French, Portuguese and Czech!). Thank you so much for the overwhelming response - det värmer i hjärtat!

I've actually just landed in the USA myself (I'm working on a fun project in Upstate New York over the next few days)! But I will of course be back tomorrow as usual with a beautiful Swedish home tour - look forward to seeing you then!

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