Natalia's Malmö Home In Warm Earthy Tones

I finished off the year with a list of 20 wonderful things to do in Malmö in wintertime - so it makes sense to start the new year with a peek inside a local home, don't you think? This beautiful apartment belongs to Natalia Andersson, a landscape architect and owner of Atrium - one of my favourite haunts (which of course, I included in my guide!). Natalia, her partner Adrian and their three-year-old son Mateo used to live over Atrium before relocating across the street to this larger 96 meter square (1033 foot square) apartment dating back to 1909. Natalia and Adrian have invested a lot of time renovating the space, gradually transforming it into the lovely family home it is today. Ready to take a tour? 

Natalia is particularly happy with the bespoke kitchen - which was built with the help of a local carpenter.

A limestone countertop rests atop cabinets that have been built from scratch and painted in griege (4005-Y20R). 

The kitchen walls have been painted in Skimmingstone by Farrow & Ball, which gives the entire space a lovely warm feel. Lampe Gras provides task lighting. 

The rooms have been furnished with a blend of Swedish antiques and vintage finds as well as newer pieces by the likes of Scandinavian brands Artek, Norrgavel and Skovshoved Møbelfabrik

The sitting room walls have been painted in Jotun Sand.  

Tip: When you have high ceilings it's important to include items that help draw the eye upwards and accentuate the height in order to balance the feel of the room. In this case a beautiful rubber plant does the trick! 

I love the old wooden side table. 

A good rule of thumb, is to include at least one vintage or antique piece in every room. It will instantly add a unique touch and a wonderful feel to the space - it also serves as a great talking point as people are always curious about the story behind it! 

The bedroom wall has been given a lick or two of Nordsjö Deep Paris

Such a lovely home - it feels so balanced and full of harmony. 

This reminds me that I really should head to Natalia's wonderful Atrium cafe for a brunch as soon as possible, it's only a 5-minute cycle from my house, so no excuses! In case you missed my guide - here's a glimpse inside: 

A roaring fire and a good book. What else could you possibly need on a cold January morning? 

Would you like to take a peek around a few other Malmö homes today? 

Firstly of course, there's our townhouse by the sea - see the before and after - although those of you who know me well, know my home will never really be 'finished'! 

You might also like to see Sofie's vintage inspired home and this turn-of-the-century apartment

Har det så bra! 


Photography: Natalia Andersson

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Lena's Serene Swedish Home At Christmas

When it comes to decorating Lena Lidman has one of those natural gifts - the ability to pick up unique vintage pieces and place them seamlessly into the home. The result is a beautifully balanced look - neutral and serene yet warm and inviting. At Christmas, she adds subtle touches: a star here, a garland of angels there. Keep a look out for the spruce and pine in vases. And for those of you who don't celebrate 'Jul' there's plenty to feel inspired by all the same. So pull up a chair, we're off to Umeå, in the North of Sweden for the full tour! 

I love a window seat - after all, everyone needs a little 'me time', especially at this time of the year, and it's a perfect spot from which to sit and watch the world go by. 

The cabinet was a vintage find, and Lena has given it a lick of paint to match the kitchen cabinets. 

Paper star lanterns* and pendants* look equally pretty at night as they do in the day. 

The painting and sculpture were picked up at Stockholm second hand shop Bergenström Rekvisita. Note how the shelf itself is made up of a simple plank of wood balanced on magazines. 

Lena has painted the wooden bookshelves to match the wall so they blend seamlessly into the room - I have a feeling these ones are from IKEA. 

Such a beautiful home. I love the vintage touches - and all the pretty decorations. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Ready to deck the halls with boughs of.... eucalyptus, boxwood and spruce? See more Scandi christmas inspiration here: 

I'm off to the summer cottage today to see how our tiny cabin build is going. I hear the internal wood panelling is being fitted - so exciting!! I can't wait to see everything and share an update here soon. In the meantime, keep an eye on my instagram stories if you're feeling curious! 


Photography: Lena Lidman, shared with kind permission 

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Inspiring Christmas Touches in a Beautiful Swedish Home

I think it's time for some more Christmas inspiration, do you? And what better than to return to the beautiful Swedish home of photographer and stylist Emelie Sundberg? You might recall the tour back in February - which was understandably hugely popular, and it comes as no surprise that Emelie's home is equally beautiful and cosy at Christmas time. Think pretty snow flowers and star lanterns, homemade wreaths, amaryllis, hyacinths, a wonderful Christmas tree and of course, lots of candlelight. There's inspiration to be found every corner! 

I love the simple idea of storing white candles in a glass vessel. Also note the hyacinths in small* and large glass vases* - this is common a common sight at Christmas in Sweden and makes for a beautiful display that fills the home with a fresh scent! Note also the subtle boxwood wreaths. 

Top picture - Eldig Christmas star*

I've always loved this type of wine glass storage, it's perfect for entertaining too! 

I love pretty amaryllis at Christmas time - and this salmon pink version adds a pop of colour! 

A pretty Sputnik star lantern* hangs over a traditional 'adventsljustake' (advent candleholder) in the window. 

The fireplace has been decorated with a simple straw wreath and candle display. 

Emelie's daughter plays with pretty 'St Lucia tåg' choir figurines on the windowsill. 

A bouquet of amaryllis brightens up the desk in Emelie's study. It's also lovely to have a candle lit while you're working - it's not something I would have thought of living in England, but these days I often light a candle on my desk to help brighten up the winter darkness and create a calm feel (needed at this time of year, right?). 

How beautiful!

I hope you feel as inspired by Emelie's home as I do. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? Also, I'm really curious - do you have the same type of Christmas flowers in your country? 

Follow Emelie's beautiful instagram feed for more inspiration this Christmas.

Other festive homes you might enjoy today: 

I loved reading your comments about my three new lights yesterday. I was curious to read that in order for a room to feel complete and practical, you should have at least four sources of light. I feel I'm finally getting there now - do you have enough lighting in your home? 

Ha det så bra! 


Photography: Emelie Sundberg shared with kind permission

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A Bright and Airy Southern Sweden Home (With The World's Cutest Puppy!)

From a rustic railway carriage in Norfolk, England yesterday to a bright and airy Swedish home today - My Scandinavian Home is full of surprises and that's just the way I like it! I hope you enjoy the daily surprises! I discovered Swedish digital creator Kajsa Svensson on instagram a while ago - and have been meaning to share some snapshots from her lovely home in southern Sweden ever since. Expect large open plan rooms, pops of pastel, gallery walls, vintage furniture and cuteness overload. Ready to take a peek?

And wait for it. The cuteness overload I promised: Svea as a puppy!

Altogether now....


There's something wonderful about this home - it feels so welcoming and relaxed. 

I hope it's given you some ideas for your own home too! 

See more of Kajsa's home over at @kajsasven.

And for other Swedish home inspiration - pour yourself a coffee, find a cosy spot and delve into this archive

I've got a big photoshoot at my studio today - it's something I've been working on for a while and I'm slightly nervous but also very excited! I can't wait to share more soon! You may have noticed, I recently stopped posting on Fridays BUT I'm stopping by tomorrow as I'm super keen to share more of Helen's charming 19th century Swedish cottage with you. See you then!


Photography: Kajsa Svensson, shared with kind permission. 

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The Beautiful, Earthy Home of Swedish Illustrator Sara Bergman

Tjeeena! I hope you had a 'underbart' weekend! I seem to have come into my studio bursting with energy, extremely unusual for a Monday morning. But I think it could have something to do with the home tour I have lined up for you - it's so beautiful! Swedish illustrator Sara Bergman and her family have set up home in the picturesque village of Brunnby, not far from where my parents-in-law live here in Skåne county. Her beautiful home is testament to Sara's creativity. Look beyond the soothing earthy tones and you'll find one-off pieces, treasured items made by artist friends, beautiful pottery and layer upon layer of texture. Oh, and keep a look out for the well camouflaged TV and dozing family dog Kerstin (what would a Monday morning be without the latter?). 

Such a beautiful cabinet and cushions - but the star of the show has to be that marble bowl. I believe it's by Olsson & Jensen, but sadly couldn't find it available online. Let me know if you have more luck! 

Sara's home is full of beautiful sculptures. The one above is by Stockholm-based Elisabeth Ottebring. Sara also loves pieces by her talented friend Carola Kastman - and I have to say, I'm so excited to have discovered her art through Sara! If you have the time, check out her paintings and sculptures here. 

Can we all just take a moment's pause to admire this bedroom door?

The photo above Sara's desk is by Anna Malmberg, who recently packed up her Stockholm apartment and  moved to the South of France

What a beautiful way, in a perfectly imperfect way. I love how Sara has supported other local artists throughout her home. 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

Head on over to Sara's instagram to see a load more pictures from her home today. 

The entire Kullahalvön area (where Brunnby is located) is popular among artists and other creatives - it's also one of the few places in southern Sweden you can surf! I've featured several homes from the area, including: 

The home of Josephine Ekelund (which we also captured for my book The Scandinavian Home).

I hope all this inspiration has put a spring indoor step!


Photography courtesy of Sara Bergman

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