A Cosy Stockholm Flat in Tones of Pink, Ochre and Green

I love it when I stumble across an entirely unique home - full of interesting colours, furniture and details. And this is one of those. Looking at the decor, there are certain clues that tell us the owners love scouring antique and second-hand stores, books and nature. They're also not afraid to break the rules, follow their heart and add playful, personal touches. And that's what I love about this living space. 

Third of white and grey? You're going to love this tour! 

In Stockholm space is of a premium and you can spend a fortune on even the minuscule of apartments. Swedes therefore get creative with the space they have. In this sitting room, a dummy wall has been put up in order to add more storage. I love the playful arch and also the tone-on-tone shades of pink. 

A pair of antique Swedish armchairs and a stool offer a seat in the window for fika! 

Old buildings are often blessed with thick stone walls which in turn mean extra wide windowsills. And with the windows opening outwards, they make the perfect place to display plants and other items! 

A home office space occupies the corner of the room. Personally, I love the bright red lamp and how it pops against the earthy pink wall! 

An antique chest-of-drawers has been fitted with a worktop so that it can double up as a kitchen island.  

The dining room is made up of a traditional antique sofa and chairs. 

A rail has been fitted to the children's bunkbed in order to create space for clothes. My daughter Allie, who actually turns 13 tomorrow, would love this as she flat lays her clothes every evening! 

An earthy green tone, plants and pictures of birds draws nature indoors - long after the leaves have fallen from the trees and the birds have migrated south for winter. 

How lovely! Really unique and interesting. Just what I needed to see this Wednesday, how about you?

Are there any details that you loved in particular? 

Take a peek inside other Scandinavian homes which have used plenty of colour: 

I have had the pleasure of meeting two out of four of the above home-owners in person: Sofie and Sussie, and they were truly inspiring! 

Happy Wednesday friends. I'll be back on Friday with some really beautiful Autumn inspiration, hopefully see you then! 


Photography: Lina Östling. Styling: Rydman. For Historiska Hem. Found via Nordroom with thanks. 

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A Cosy Little Swedish Cottage by the Sea

I have to confess, I dread the day my children leave home. On the one hand of course, I'll be happy that they have found their path in life and will be setting off on a new adventure, on the other, I sure will miss those crazy girls. Thankfully, there are quite a few years left. But I have a plan! 

I dream of living in a little cottage by the sea with Per one day, where I can snuggle up beside a woodturning stove with a book and a cup of tea come winter. 

With its cosy small rooms, thick stone walls to buffet the cold winds in winter, exposed wood beams, walls covered in books and art and a sun dappled garden - this 107 m2 (1150 f2) 19th century cottage is just the ticket. What's more, it's just down the road from us in Limhamn, South Sweden - and a short hop from the harbour! 

The eclectic blend of furniture, shelves that bow under the weight of books and pops of blue, red, green and yellow help to add to the relaxed feel of the space. 

I spy a stacked stereo system, just like the one I had at uni! Did you have one of these too? 

A tiny hallway space in the corner of the sitting room beside the entrance is reserved for coats and shoes while a nook in the stairwell is used to store firewood. 

The area up and over doorways is ideal for book shelves - especially in a small living apace. Lights have been added to illuminate the tomes after sunset. 

Curious to see the layout? Erik Olsson shared this along with the listing: 

Translation: Entre - hallway, Vardagsrum - living room, Matrum - dining room, Kök - kitchen, Trädäck - decking. Övre plan - top floor, Sovrum - bedroom. Kamin - woodburning stove. 

How charming and cosy is this cottage? It's certainly designed for 'njutning'! Looking back through the pictures I noticed a cat tree too - of course! I'd love to have another cat one day but I fear I've put Per off for life after the very crazy, viscous feline we had years ago! 

Are you a cat person? 

And more importantly, could you imagine cosying up in a cottage like this? Or do you prefer a more minimalist living space? 

See other cosy cottages here: 

Have a mysig (cosy) start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Erik Olsson (this property is currently for sale). 

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My New Book: Njuta (Enjoy. Delight In.)

Hi friends! I am so unbelievably excited to announce that my new book Njuta (Enjoy. Delight In.) - The Swedish Art of Savouring the Moment is available to pre-order in the US! 

Allow me to re-wind. 

Last January I headed out to the forest on cross-country skis for some much needed me-time. Just as I arrived, a text message with one single word from my Swedish father-in-law pinged on my phone: "Njut" it read. I smiled. The one-word message served as a reminder to take in the beauty of the moment - the landscape. the silence, the solitude, the dappled sunlight over the tracks - and breathe it in. 

"Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; love more; and all good things are yours."- Swedish proverb. 

During my nineteen years living in Sweden, I've noticed Swedes delight in the simple things in life. They see greatness in the small things - and understand that it doesn't take grand gestures or vasts amount of money to make life not only okay but truly wonderful. Through my Swedish friends and family, I've learned simple pleasures are all around us and can be found in every minute and every hour of the day. You just have to stop and take time to consciously appreciate what's already there. That is the essence of njuta.

In my new book, I explain njuta (pronounced 'nyu-tah) and offer tips and tricks I've learned from my Swedish friends about how to slow down and elevate small moments in daily life. The book hits the shelves in the US on 26th December 2023 through Harvest Books and is currently available to pre-order here

I hope my book helps to enrich your life in the simplest of ways, and the pages become well worn and loved. 

Niki x 

PS for those of you outside of the US, I do hope it will be available in your country soon. Are there any translations that are of particular interest? 

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Books, Art and a Cool Painting Technique in a Swedish Home

It's Fredag (Friday) people! Woohooo! I am going to hazard a guess and say 50% of swedes are working at home today. Basically, anyone who can! It's a day where homes are prepped between meetings in order to have everything ready for 'fredagsmys' (a cosy Friday evening at home involving tacos and a movie), possibly the most important event of the week! 

This fabulous funkis home in Gröndal, Gothenburg measuring 85 m2 (914 ft sq) is just the place I can imagine enjoying 'fredagsmys'. Books galore, musical instruments and art are just a few of the things that stood out to me right away. But take a closer look and there are other great interior elements at play. 

Flexible Elfa shelving (which I have added to Allie's room and also used in the laundry room and attic) is ideal for a large wall of books!  

I also love the classic vintage drop leaf table (source a similar one here*), which adds plenty of charm to the space. 

The living space is entirely open-plan with the dining area, sitting room and home office all in one - meaning everyone can be together yet doing their own thing. 

One of my favourite lamps - a Gubi semi pendant, hangs over the coffee table. 

I love this gallery wall, full of fascinating original paintings. While at the Formland design fair last week, I noticed that there's a strong movement away from posters and prints in glass frames to original artwork on canvas and other fabrics. A welcomed move! 

Plate racks have also become increasingly popular - as seen in Kristin's French kitchen last week, and here in the open shelving. 

Wall racks are a great idea for cookbooks - as seen here, it ensures they are ready to be perused over a morning coffee! 

In the bedroom, the owners have used old fashioned 'stänkmålning' on the walls - a method of flicking paint on the walls with a paintbrush. This was traditionally used by the Swedish lower classes who couldn't afford wallpaper but still wanted to decorate their walls. You often see it in summer cottages. In this room, the splashes have a wonderful contemporary feel! 

Wood abound in the shared children's room - and so much room to create too. 

What a fabulous home with so many interesting details, don't you think?

Are there any ideas which you could imagine applying to your own home? 

Check out more swedish homes this weekend here. 

I hope you have a fabulous few days, see you right back here on Monday, when I'll be sharing a beautiful French chateau!


Photography: Utsikten foto
Styling: Utsikten home
For sale via Historiska Hem

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The home of a Swedish book lover

Are you a book lover? I love a good read. Novels, autobiographies and biographies, design books.... basically anything that catches my attention. And of course, being the author of three books, with a new one coming out in January 2024 (exciting!), tomes hold a very special place in my heart! 

Even so, in most of the homes we see there may be a shelf or bookcase dedicated to books here and there - but I think this is the first home I have shared with books around every corner!

Step inside this apartment in Södermalm Stockholm and you'll discover a library, a study that also could pass as a library and even an entire wall dedicated to books in the bedroom. Could the owners be 'Scandi noir' writers or work in the literary or publishing world? Or perhaps they are historians? I'll leave you to decide. Either way, their lovely home offers some great inspiration if you're looking to store a large collection of books!

This bookshelf is really clever as it helps to shield the desk from the living room area - meaning you can switch off from your work at the end of the day. Plus, from personal experience, you feel so much more comfortable and calm sitting at a desk where you have a clear view of the outside and entrance to the room (it goes back to olden days when we'd need to keep an eye out for potential threats). 

I also love how they have used mini String shelves as desk storage. 

The library occupies the central room in the home. Bespoke bookshelves ensure no space is left uncovered, ensuring maximum use of space! 

The only question I have is, how do they reach the books that are higher up? Perhaps they have some library steps somewhere? 

Book columns like the one seen below are a good way to make the most of narrow spaces. 

How wonderful - and a perfect way to wrap up the blog week! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Please do also share any great book tips you might have. After all, summer is on its way! 

Would you like to see a few other homes with great libraries and / or bookshelf ideas? Here are a few I love: 

Have a fantastic weekend friends! I hope the sun shines for you!


Photography by Elin Sylwan, styled by Petra Yngfalk for Historiska Hem

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