Bringing the Hygge: A New Danish Armchair in Our Little Cabin

Kindly sponsored by Carl Hansen & Søn, all words and pictures are my own.

When you only have a small living space, like our 30 m2 / 322 f2 cabin, every single item needs to be carefully selected. If it takes up too much space or proves to be impractical you've just lost an entire section of your home! It was in this vein I set out to find the perfect armchair!

The answer came in the form of the foldable FK10 Plico ChairA little background: designed by Jørgen Kastholm in 1963 and relaunched in 2021 by Carl Hansen & Sønthe Plico chair takes up as little space as possible when not in use, while offering supreme comfort thanks to the ergonomic shape, soft upholstery and adjustable neck rest! 

It's one of those items that fell immediately into place and felt like it was meant to be! Not only is it undeniably beautiful, it's also incredibly sturdy and comfortable too! In fact, when Per sat down for the first time he exclaimed: ''Finally, a comfortable armchair in the house!'' And of course, being slim and foldable it's really practical for a small space too. 

It takes its name from the Latin word 'to fold', and true to all good Danish design, it has been carefully crafted with honest materials that will only get better with age, including a certified solid oak frame, leather armrests, brass fittings and a stitched linen canvas seat. 

Needless to say, we absolutely love it -  it's our new favourite piece of furniture. Although, I also am aware that we are not so much as 'owning' it, we are merely taking care of for the next generation!  

While you're here, I am also keen to share a couple of snaps of another lovely Carl Hansen & Søn piece: the RF200 Table Lamp

Also known as the petal lamp, it's designed by Rikke Frost and combines warm wood with metal and emits a lovely, mood enhancing ambience. I felt this combination worked best for our cabin, but it's also available in eight other versions! 

All that's missing now is a lit candle and a glass of wine and we're ready for a 'hyggelig' weekend! 

Are you also a fan of iconic Danish design?


I have been receiving so many messages about issues with the My Scandinavian Home email subscription. Thank you so much for alerting me to this, I apologise for the issue. Blogger has stopped offering the service (very annoying!) so I am now looking into replacing it with something else and hope to launch a new newsletter as early as Monday. I'll come back to you as soon as it is set up so that you can subscribe and receive email post notifications once again. Thank you so much for your support and stopping by to read my posts, I appreciate it so much!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Cosy Spring Update in My Sitting Room

Paid partnership with Bemz - all words are my own and I only work with brands I love and think you will too! 

I thought I'd kick off with a question - where's the busiest place in your home? As a family of five, it's the sitting room, more specifically the sofa! There's always someone on it - whether that's my stepson watching football, Liv making her way through Gray's Anatomy, or Allie and her friends hanging out. On the rare occasion there's a free spot, Per and I might just get to squeeze in too! It's just how I imagine our sitting room to be - cosy, comfy and full of people! But it also means our sofa (the Söderhamn from IKEA which we've had for donkeys!) gets SO much wear. Do you find the same in your home?

As we bask in the spring light here in Sweden (no need to talk about the snow yesterday!), I realised it was time for a new cover (that's the beauty of Swedish brand Bemz -  you can keep the IKEA sofa and update the cover - making it feel like an entirely new piece of furniture!). Here's what I chose for spring: 

The fabric
I looked at a number of samples (it's always worth ordering a few samples so you can touch and feel the fabric and see what works best in your room) and  went for the IKEA Söderhamn 3 Seater sofa cover Bouclé ivory and IKEA Söderhamn, Chaise long cover in Bouclé ivory. It's an elegant, classic textile with a lovely tactile feel, plus the wool-blend has lots of texture and added depth (you know me, obsessed with texture!). You can see how it looks when the light catches it below - so beautiful! 

The legs
Incidentally, the Sergel Skinny Wooden Furniture legs are also from Bemz (I got rid the of the stainless steel IKEA original legs a loooong time ago!). For a lower sofa, the Märta oval wooden furniture legs in walnut are a beautiful choice.   

You might notice a few other changes to our sitting room too... 

Other items
We updated the gallery wall with some personal art. Some you might recognise from previous posts, others are new. My favourites are the ones by Helsingborg artist Pearl Wallin, a friend of my Mother-in-law's, I love her work. I picked up the rattan chair in a second hand shop a few weeks ago. And the glass table is on loan from a friend. I'm testing it out and can't decide if I should invest in a glass one or keep the wood bench here. What do you think?  

There's something lighter and fresher about the glass, but will I be forever removing fingerprints and dust? 

I hope you like this sitting room update as much as we do! If anyone's looking for the Brantmarks we'll be right here on the sofa - at least the children will be!

Got an IKEA sofa and feeling inspired to change the cover to something a little more special? My suggestion is to start with the free samples and then go from there. 

If you'd like some more inspiration, here are few different looks I've gone for over the years: 

I've also updated my bedroom and my Malmö studio with Bemz fabrics! 

Wishing you a great start to the week! 


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

This post is brought to you in paid collaboration with Bemz and contains affiliate links. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the Nordic businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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Cosy Corner At Home / Short Break!

There's a storm rolling (again) so I thought I'd wrap up the week with some pictures of a very cosy corner in our sitting room where I'm planning too hide-out! 

Come spring, the brown tones, sheepskins and blankets will be swapped out for fresh spring blooms and breezy linens. For now, though it's the perfect place to cosy up while the storm rages outside! 

Get the look: Ikea Söderhamn sofa with Bemz linen cover*, rug from Natur Pur (more pictures of it here), wooden table / bench*,  mug by local Hanna Keramic, wooden bowl*, danish wool blanket from Silkeborg Uldspinderi

It's the school half term in southern Sweden next week so I'll be taking some down time with the little ladies and Per. 

But naturally I'd never leave you without some beautiful Scandi interiors to enjoy!  Here are some of my favourite archives:

And these: 

Oh, and if you fee like a relaxing getaway in the Stockholm archipelagos - don't miss my instagram giveaway to win a one-night stay in the love suite at Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden - including a three-course dinner and breakfast for two! It's open until 28th Feb. 

Wishing you a wonderful week - see you Monday 28th Feb! 


*this post includes affiliate links

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Helen's Cosy Swedish Summer Cottage Living Room

Kindly sponsored by Nordal, thank you for supporting the brands which make features like this possible*

A few weeks ago, I headed off to My Scandinavian Home interior designer Helen Sturesson's 19th century summer cottage in Blekinge on Sweden's east coast. We had such a lovely time! Last week I shared some information about the cottage's fascinating past and some snapshots of the cosy kitchen, including her Mum's incredible apple pie - take a peek here if you missed it! Today, I'm looking forward to showing you a tour of the main living room area and bedroom (the entire cottage is made up of three rooms: a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. The loo is at the end of the garden and the bathroom is... in the Baltic Sea! A special thanks to Nordal - the Danish brand who made this trip possible - you'll spot many of their lovely pieces throughout the rooms! Ready to take a look?

The cottage is L-shaped, and the sitting room connects the kitchen (to the right) with the bedroom, when the family of four are here, they all share a room. Two windows flood the space with a warm southerly Autumn light. 

The room is made up of many different items collected over time - including a vintage sofa, a big glass cabinet which helps to keep books and games dust free as well as an incredible mirrored coffee table!

When Helen moved in, she peeled back the plaster on the wall to discover beautiful wood panelling. The planks are all numbers which could indicate the house has have been moved here - although this isn't confirmed (I have come across 'house moving' before in Sweden, does this ever happen in your country? 

CEMA pots in medium, large and extra-large, Club lounge chair in teak and paper rope.

Large 'kakelugn' (tiled ovens) stand in the corner of the main living room and bedroom and are amazingly effective at heating up the house.

In this picture you can catch a glimpse of the wood floor which squeaks as you move across it. A traditional Swedish 'trasmatta' (rug woven with rags / scraps of cloth which I wrote about in my Lagom book as they are a big part of the Swedish heritage) helps to keep drafts at bay and if you look very closely you'll notice the walls are wonky, adding to the charm! 

In the bedroom, floral wallpaper and natural wood help to bring the outside in and a candle brightens up the dark autumn day while adding a sense of calm.

I hope you enjoyed this snapshot into Helen's cottage.

If you have any questions about anything, give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll ask Helen for the low down. 

Incidentally, it's not possible to buy the Nordal items directly from their website (they sell wholesale only), however, there are many webshops throughout Europe which stock their things. Find your nearest stockist here

Next week, I'm looking forward to sharing the final post of three: Helen's cottage ready for Christmas - weeeee, so excited about this one! 

Meanwhile, I'm busy packing for a two-day trip to Oslo, Norway (very excited!) where I'll be writing a guide for Simply Scandi magazine UK (my guide to Helsingborg appears in the latest edition and there's also a Christmas edition on sale right now which features a piece I wrote about our Swedish Christmas). The mag is available here in case you're curious! 

Do you think it could be interesting to share a guide to Oslo here on My Scandinavian Home too? 

Wishing you all a REALLY wonderful, relaxing weekend - and look forward to seeing you here again on Monday! 


*Thank you to Nordal for this paid partnership and helping to make My Scandinavian Home possible. All words and photos in this post are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

Two Danish Coffee Tables, One Hyggelig Sitting Room!

Sponsored by Skovby, all words and photos are my own and I only ever work with brands I love*

The blankets are unfurled, and the candles are lit. It must be November! Our sitting room really comes into its own at this time of year, and my family and I spend many a night right here sipping coffee (OK - maybe we exchange it for wine sometimes too, while relaxing and hiding from the cold!) - is it the same in your home? I was therefore super happy to have the excuse to hang out here for a whole day MID-WEEK to capture these beautiful coffee tables for Skovby (you'll likely recognise the name, I've been working with this wonderful danish brand for many years and have always loved their  passion for wood and fine craftsmanship). 

You might recall we usually have a long vintage rustic bench as our coffee table, so it was fun to see how a different arrangement might look. And actually, I realised that there's something very handy about using two tables instead of one. Read on to find out more and take a closer look at these fine specimens! 

So, what's the advantage of two tables? 

Well, firstly, opting for two instead of one (I've chosen the Coffee table #241/264 with a white HPL top and oak white oil legs and coffee table #241/265 in oak white oil) with two different heights, means you can nestle them into one another or pull them apart, which gives you greater flexibility depending on the size of the party. You can also separate them completely - using one as a side table and one as a coffee table. In a small sitting room this is worth its weight in gold! 

Incidentally, the round shape is also a small space saviour, and helps a space to feel softer and more  inviting (it's funny how that can happen). 

Our sitting room suddenly felt a whole lot more practical, user-friendly and sociable! Per will be very happy with this indeed! 

Oh, and there's another important advantage: if you chose two tables, you can get a little more creative with the design. For example, I have combined white with wood in order to create a greater visual impact. 

Incidentally, the Skovby coffee table series is made up of a load of different elements (designed by Danish designer Per Hånsbæk) and invites you to choose the shape, wood type and size of the tabletop -  as well as between classic wooden legs, an edge steel frame or an adjustable height base. So, you can be as creative as you like! 

Keep in mind that a coffee table should be around two-thirds of the length of your sofa. 

What do you think? Are you tempted to opt for two tables instead of one? Or perhaps you've gone for something completely different (ottomans, chests, suitcases - I've seen it all!). I'd love to hear more about your coffee table!

If you're curious about these, you can explore the entire Skovby coffee table series and find your nearest stockist here

You might also like some of the other fine specimens from Skovby. I've captured many of their items in my home in the past, including a desk and chair in Per's home office spacea serving trolley which I used to serve glögg last Christmasbar stools in my dining room and one very fine bench among others!

In the meantime, if anyone's looking for me, I'll be right here sipping coffee and enjoying the hygge until these fine specimens are (sadly) collected on Friday. 

Have a hyggeligt day! 


*This post is brought to you in paid partnership with Skovby. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the exceptional Scandinavian businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

Photography by me, styling by Helen Sturesson

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A Beautiful Light-Filled Sunroom in Holland

Hello there! Thank you for your patience, we're back after bottling up as much sunshine as our EasyJet baggage allowance would permit - not much then! But still, nice to get a little boost and see my sister and nieces before the darkness sets in! While on the subject of darkness, the clocks went back on Saturday which means cosy season has just begun. Have they changed where you are too? This means two things: 1. Ramping up on candles and warm lighting to amp up the hygge and 2. Working on capturing as much daylight in the home as physically possible during waking hours. And it's the latter which is the subject of today's post!

I've talked about the popularity of greenhouses (remember this beautiful Swedish one?) - but a space that REALLY comes into its own at this time of year is a sunroom. Sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes from ornate conservatories to a simple balcony with wrap-around glass - but they're all based on the same principal: enjoying the daylight while staying toasty. And this incredible 'vintergården' (Swedish for 'winter garden') in the home of Wiola (@rapsiodia_w) and her family in Leiden, The Netherlands is a dream!

Wiola's sunroom doubles up as a place to relax, a guest bedroom under the stars and a home office. And her cats love it (of course!). 

I have my eye on this sofa bed for our tiny cabin (look out for the update later this week). It's designed by Karup specifically for small spaces. 

In the corner I spy a lemon tree, with a LOAD of lemons on it. I have become ever so slightly obsessed with my lemon tree lately (just ask my family). Yesterday I ceremoniously brought it indoors for the winter as the temperatures. Mine only has two lemons on it (which Per refers to as the most expensive lemons of all time due to the level of man hours and nutrition involved!). Do you own a citrus plant of some kind? If so, you might well understand what I'm talking about! 

The art - the largest of which is by Marta Chmielecka - focuses on nature, a perfect way to connect the space with the garden. I also love the felt wall lamp from sustainable design shop Luma Lano. 

I have been a fan of this desk from IKEA for many years as it's perfect for smaller, narrow spaces. 

But more importantly, have I mentioned the floor yet? Soooo beautiful, don't you think?

The 'Meet Me at Jaures' print* adds a touch of colour to the home office area. 

Light floods through the sun room into the main living room which has been kitted out with a number of fab pieces including a TOGO armchair, a sofa from FÉST Amsterdam and the Elipse pendent*

What a wonderful space to enjoy at this time of year! I can definitely imagine curling up here on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea and a book, how about you? 

Not got the space for a sunroom? Join the club! No worries though, I find simply rearranging the furniture a little to ensure you have somewhere to sit by the window can work wonders at this time of year. 

I have to say, it's been such a long time since I featured a Dutch home. Here are a few other Dutch spaces to enjoy today:

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of @rapsodia_w with kind permission 

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Tea For One In My Favourite Corner!

You can take a girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl, isn't that what they say? And no amount of delicious Swedish coffee can persuade me to drop my tea! Are you a tea drinker too? If so what type do you like best? For me, it depends on the occasion, but I never go a day without a mint tea, especially in the afternoon! My latest work for Bodum (along with Helen Sturesson) was therefore an absolute dream - and although I haven't been not sponsored to write about it here on the blog, I thought it would be nice to share a snapshot of your work and my favourite corner of my sitting room with you all the same! Plus, the teapot is really lovely too!  

As you know, we only have a teeny garden, but I still make space to grow mint. I'm planning on harvesting a whole batch to make tea leaves over the winter, but for now, I love putting a fresh sprig in my cup! I also noticed the garden centre had some 'mojito mint' which naturally caught my attention! Do you think I should go back and get some? I kind of regret that I didn't! 

It's rare for me to get this corner all to myself - it's everyone's favourite spot in the house! 

In case you're curious - we kitted it out an Ikea Söderhamn chaise longue (you can often pick these up for a song second-hand) which I added a Bemz loose fit linen cover in Pebble*. 

We've had this trusty blanket from H&M Home for years (I think they still sell similar ones) and the linen curtains were custom made by not PERFECTLINEN* (note the different options for finishes - mine are 'hem for clip rings'). 

The little wooden tray is from Nordal, and the beautiful Assam tea press with bamboo handle and Thermo mug (it's made from double glass so you can hold it comfortably!) are from Bodum. As part of the campaign, they're offering 10% off all tea-makers with code MSH - until this Sunday 15th May - so if you love the look of this teapot (or in need of a tea-maker!) now's the time! 

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be right here, sipping tea! And maybe someday soon, a mojito will be on the cards too. Skål!


These pictures were taken for a recent Instagram collaboration with Bodum - however, this blog post is not part of the paid partnership, I simply thought you might like to see this little corner of my home, and hear about the discount code! 

The post does however, include a few affiliate links, marked with *

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One Swedish Sitting Room, Two Cosy Winter ways!

My Scandinavian home partnership* 
Last week I ventured across town on my bike to visit my friend Helen Sturesson, a talented interior designer who lives in Davidshallstorg, a charming square in the centre of Malmö. Helen has one of those apartments in which you feel instantly at home. Dating back to the 1930s, the rental has staggeringly high ceilings, large spacious rooms and a wonderful relaxed style - with a perfect mix of vintage, new Nordic design and locally made items. And there's always a pot of fresh coffee simmering on the stove. The reason for my visit? With the harsh Southern Sweden winter looming, her Stockholm 3.5 seater sofa had seen better days - just when the family need it most! So I arrived armed with samples from Bemz!

You might be familiar with the Swedish company as I'm a huge fan. Bemz sells custom covers for IKEA sofas and armchairs as well as accessories such as legs, cushions and curtains to match. With over 100 fabrics to choose from, you can always find the exact colour and material you're looking for! It's a genius concept, allowing you to give your IKEA furniture a whole new lease of life.

Helen worked with the fabrics to create two new, beautiful looks - a cosy winter white and a darker Christmas vibe with a touch of cool corduroy! I returned with my camera to capture them both (over a cup of coffee or two!): 

Look One: Cosy Winter Whites

For the lighter look, Helen worked with linens - centred around a cover in Chalk Simply Linen for the IKEA Stockholm 3.5 Seater Sofa and cushions in lovely warm tones including Acorn Simply Linen, Taupe Conscious Pinstripe, and Natural and Cocoa Brera Lino

The striped Conscious Pinstripe in Taupe is part of the new Bemz Conscious Collection. If you have a moment, you must check out the range! It's made up of pinstripe and herringbone patterns created from 100% recycled material and inspired by the sharp tailoring of menswear. The sofa covers are awesome!

The lighter cover totally brightened Helen's sitting room - especially in these darker days! The traditional style also worked beautifully beside her vintage cabinet (how cool is that cabinet? Helen bought it at auction from Bukowskis a while back). 

If you look closely, you'll see a variety of textures - including soft linen, knotted wool and stoneware - which, when combined with the plants, breathe life into the space (especially when the trees lie dormant outside). 

Green marble windowsills are a classic 1930s feature in Swedish homes and make a perfect spot for Helen's collection of ceramics, plants and other treasured items.

I love the way the brushed, peach-skin of the linen and cotton blend catches the light - it makes it look so inviting! Anyone else feel like they could pour a coffee, curl up in this corner and stay a while? 

Helen completed the look with a Bemz cover also in Chalk Simply Linen for her IKEA Karlstad Armchair  - to match the sofa. 

Love this light winter look? Here's a little about Helen's haul:

Get the look

Look two: Cosy Winter Moss

For the second look, Helen was keen to add a touch of Jul (Christmas) inspired by the nearby Beech forest in wintertime. 

To create the look, Helen chose the fabulous Corduroy cover in Winter Moss for her IKEA Stockholm 3.5 seater sofa. You probably won't have seen this before since it's part of the new Bemz Corduroy Collection, designed in collaboration with Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy. If you love a little corduroy, check out the entire collection in all its super soft, wide 'wales' (ribbed) glory here

Helen combined the Winter Moss cover with cushions in Rose Simply Linen and Natural Brera Lino - and some very lovely Swedish Christmas touches! 

How cosy is this look? There's something about the deep green corduroy fabric that amps up the hygge. Add a little candlelight, a book and a steaming mug of glögg (spiced mulled wine) and you're good to go for the entire winter! 

I particularly love how the corduroy catches the light - and the contrast between the velvet and linen. Beautiful!

Pale pink with moss green has to be one of my favourite colour combinations for years, are you a fan too? The touch of pink maybe subtle, but it makes all the difference to the look - something to think about if you're selecting cushions for your sofa. 

True to Swedish style, Helen's Christmas decorations are super simple yet so pretty. A star here, and a bauble there. The candleholders are handmade by local designer Karolina Brobeck. 

If anyone's looking for me, I'll be curled up right here - chatting to Helen until the kids come home! 

If you love the 'Winter Moss' corduroy look as much as I do, here's the low down: 

Get the look

Get The Look

What did you think? Do you have a favourite?

I hope I can show more of Helen's home moving forwards, it's so inspiring! 

If you have an old IKEA sofa or armchair knocking about and would like to freshen it up in time for the new season - nthis is a great solution! Don't have an IKEA sofa but in need of a new place to curl up this winter? You can find a load of secondhand IKEA sofas online - throw on a Bemz cover, and it will look as good as new! Oh, and they ship pretty much worldwide. 

Get ready to order your free samples

Thank you Bemz for collaborating with Helen and I on this - and thank you so much to Helen for inviting me over! I really enjoyed capturing these two looks in the fading winter light!


Photos by me / styling by Helen Sturesson

This post is brought to you in paid collaboration with Bemz and contains affiliate links. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mailbox.

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