A Cosy Norwegian Country Cottage At Christmas

Ready for something very cosy and a little Christmassy today? You might remember photographer Hilde Mork's beautiful rural Norwegian home from a feature I wrote about it just before midsummer. I've been dreaming about her lovely cottage ever since. Today, I thought it would be nice to revisit Hilde's home to celebrate the start of my favourite month of the year - December (birthday month!) and see how it looks in Winter time. As you can imagine, her little cottage in the small hamlet of Nesodden, near Oslo (which she shares with her two children) is as hyggeligt as can be! Surrounded by snow, the cottage is lit with the warm glow of a wood burning stove and advent candles flickering in the window. A fir tree has been chopped down in the forest and awaits outside the door and scattered stars hint that 'Jul' is near. Welcome to Hilde's cosy, sheepskin-lined home! 

How beautiful.

I can so imagine hunkering down there today by the fire, how about you?

There's evidence of what Hilde does in her spare time throughout the cottage - from the woodshed (imagine the amount of effort it took to chop up all that wood?) and dragging a Christmas tree home, to the homemade paper stars on the windowsill (see the DUY tutorial here) and knitting by the fire. Lovely hobbies - and perfect for when the snow falls gently outside! 

You can see more pictures of Hilde's lovely home here - and take a peek at how it looks in the summer here (equally beautiful, just very different!). Hilde also has an online shop where she sells her prints and other items -  and her work is also available at The Poster Club* (ships worldwide), something for Christmas perhaps?

Shall we entertain ourselves with a few more cosy homes this cold and frosty 1st December morning?

Here are some of my favourites: 

And one for those of you in the southern hemisphere: the cosy Whale Song Shack

Happy 1st December! 


Photography Hilde Mork - shared with kind permission


  1. Haha, I had to laugh a bit at your "deep in the heart of the Norwegian countryside". Nesodden is just outside Oslo, so very far from the countryside... But it is lovely there and feels a lot more rural than it is, and the cottage does look like it could be in the countryside! It lokos like the perfect place to spend your Christmas, especially in 2020. So lovely and laidback.
    I will be missing my own cottage in the mountains this Christmas, we have chosen not to travel because of Covid-19. But, making the best out of it and we are lucky enough to have one by the fjord close to where we live also, so we will be going there instead. (Sounds very fancy to have two cabins, but they are both old, from the 50's an totally not fancy. And the one in the mountains is my family cabin that I now own.)

    1. Oh whoops! That's so funny! Being a city girl Ioooked at the pictures and thought ''that looks lovely and rural and miles from anywhere'' - that will teach me!

      Loving the sound of Christmas at your cabin by the fjord - I'm sure it will be magical!

  2. Die Bilder sind wie immer sehr schön und "cozy")))

  3. Beautiful. We have a pile of homemade paper stars too- some even from when my 3rd grade teacher taught me (way too many years ago!)


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