The Idyllic Thatched Cottage and Garden of a Danish Artist

The work of Danish artist and freelance designer Ane Kirstine Bilde is inspired by flora and fauna - which makes her idyllic country home a perfect base. From the outside, the property on the coast of western Funen is every inch the quintessential country home, with its thatched roof and whitewashed stone walls. Inside, the relaxed vintage and antique furniture helps to accentuate the warm and inviting, yet calm and relaxed feel. look closely and you'll notice every corner of Ane's house is filled with pretty floral motifs and nature-inspired art. In spring, the house comes alive with spring touches from the garden - and life moves outside to the garden and a simple outhouse. Ready to take a look? Velkommen (as they say in Denmark)! 

What a lovely life! I couldn't think of a more perfect home for an artist inspired by nature, can you? 

The outhouse is so pretty. This style of sunroom / greenhouse has become increasingly popular in Scandinavia lately as somewhere to hang out when the weather is less than favourable - but still mild - and prolong the summer! 

Funnily enough, it looks a little like the tiny cabin we have just built - except, of course ours is a contemporary version! 

Could you imagine spending your summer here? 

See more of Ane's idyllic country home over at @anekirstine.bilde - and discover her art here

Would you like to take a look at a few other Danish country homes today? Here are a few of my favourites from the archive: 

Have a great start to the week friends! 


Photography: Ane Kirstine Bilde shared with kind permission

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A Warm and inviting Home in Rural Sweden - Filled with Vintage Finds

Hello friends. I'm back here after a week off with my family. Last night the Öresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark was once again lit in yellow and blue as we pray for peace and our hearts go out to all those affected. While I continue to share Scandinavian design inspiration here on My Scandinavian Home, please know you are never far from my thoughts. 

Today, I felt like re-visiting Nicole's charming country home in North Sweden. It's one I think about often (who can forget the seat by the window from where you can sit and watch salmon jump from the river). Originally from Chile, Nicole has carved out a home in rural Byske, and set up Nicole's Lantgård - an online shop selling vintage and antique furniture.  Every room in Nicole's home is filled with an eclectic mix of well-worn pieces - each with a story to tell. The second hand finds create a sense of familiarity and come together to give the home a lovely soul - like a big, warm hug. Ready to see her latest updates?

This room is just beautiful - I can imagine the family spend the bulk of their time here (I would!), snuggled up on the sofa enjoying a book by the fire or playing cards at the table. 

I love how Nicole has chosen to paint the floor in a dramatic dark colour - helping to ground the space  and ensure a cosy feel despite the enormous ceiling height. 

Nicole sells all kinds of vintage and antique furniture through her online webshop Nicole's Lantgard. It's one of my favourite go to sources (she ships worldwide) - I often wonder how she can bear too part with some of the items. Needless to say second hand pieces can be spotted at every turn. 

Despite being far from a town, the house always feels full of life - with children playing and numerous pets occupying cosy spots around every corner.

What a truly lovely home. 

Warming in every way, and so inspiring to see how vintage and antique pieces can be adapted to every space. 

Best of all for me? The library! It's made me realise this is exactly what we need in our tiny cabin. 

Is there anything in particular that stood out to you? 

Stor kram (big hug) to you all,


Photography courtesy of Nicole / @amvalland

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A Harmonious Stockholm Apartment Furnished with Vintage Finds

This lovely Swedish apartment caught my eye this morning. There was something about it that felt familiar and yet at the same time unique. Nestled on the second floor of an early 1920's building in Stockholm, the one bedroom flat has been decorated in soothing tones of white, beige, and a hint of green. The furniture is a perfect blend of vintage and mid-century finds - with every piece unique - and a nod to some of the biggest Scandinavian trends of the moment: conical shapes, fluffy rugs and plenty of linen. let's take a look around! 

What a lovely, harmonious apartment. 

It's on the market - a hard space to leave but from looking at the shared bedroom, I can only guess the family have out grown it. Might you be the next owner? 

Fancy taking a look around a few other Stockholm homes today? Here are a few of my favourites:


Photography: Historiska Hem

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A Beautiful Vintage-industrial Inspired Living Space in France

Hej, or should I say 'bonjour! in the language of love - something of which I am hoping to spread today on Valentine's Day with this dreamy open-plan room in France! Alexandra - who owns online antique furniture boutique Petite Belette and runs online 'upcycling' masterclasses - describes her home and workshop as "a universe made of forgotten furniture, of raw and simple materials that respond to the adage: 'nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed,' (Antoine Lavoisier). I couldn't resist sharing this light-filled room, packed with personality - and yet at the same time cosy and calm. A perfect place to curl up with a book!

Eclectic furniture, industrial touches and rough walls rich in patina all help to create this wonderful room!

A library of books wait to be plucked from the shelf before curling up on the sofa. 


Imagine all that light! 

Could you imagine pottering around this room today? 

Wishing you all a happy St. Valentine's Day and a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography picture 1: Audrey Fitzjohn - Home magazine. Other images courtesy of @belettepetite 

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