Marilou's Wonderful Canadian Home - And Feline Friend, Denise!

As pretty as Marilou's Canadian family home is, I have a feeling a certain somebody might just steal the show. You'll see what I mean when you reach the end of the tour. But first, more on Marilou. An entrepreneur (edit: and well-known pop-singer), French-Canadian Marilou Bourdon is the author of four cookbooks, and runs the wonderful online store Trois Fois Par Jour. Despite a full family life with children and pet cat Denise, Marilou also finds the time to share delicious, healthy weekly recipes. But today, it's all about her home in Quebec. Whitewashed inside and out, the house is a perfect blend of vintage, mid-century and modern pieces. Outside, you'll discover vegetable patches, cosy spots to relax and a dining area designed to celebrate birthdays.... welcome to Marilou's world! 

What a lovely home! I particularly like the piano, children's bedroom and the bathroom! 

And of course, DENISE!! 

Is there anything that stood out to you?  

There are so many other lovely Canadian homes in the archive too. Here are a few of my favourites: 

Wishing you all a great mid-week! 


Edit note: this post was updated on 8th July to include that Marilou is a pop-singer. Also the facade of the house shown was not Marilou's, rather an inspiration image she had used (eeeek) so it has now been deleted. Sorry about that! 

Photography: @mariloubiz, shared with kind permission. 

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An Idyllic Red and White Swedish Farmhouse In The Countryside

Mina damer och herrar (Ladies and gentleman), allow me to introduce you to Ekekullen, an idyllic farmstead in the village of Månstad, West Sweden. When Sara Sjöblom and her family moved in five years ago, they became the fourth generation to take-over the beautiful Falun red and white family home.  Sara and her partner have been renovating the property little by little over time while respecting the original structure, built by Sara's great grandfather. Think earthy tones, vintage and antique pieces and a wonderful, relaxed vibe. A perfect country home which combines and old and new and enjoyed by Sara's family, three cats and a flock of chickens. Välkommen in! 

Sara replaced a window with old doors bought from a friend - which her Father then renovated. "It's really lovely to just walk out of the kitchen into the garden in summertime" she tells me. 

The kitchen cabinets (from HTH) span the entire length of the kitchen and have been topped with concrete which has been impregnated and treated with a warm grey tone. 

These 'kakelugn' (swedish masonry ovens) get to me every time - they are just so beautiful, and the heat they give off is incredible! 

Sara found the chairs in a nearby 'loppis' (flea market) and painted them in 4502-Y from Beckers

It's funny how an item can suddenly evoke a memory which has been buried deep in the archives of the mind! Sara's vintage mirror reminds me of the one I saw in the Norwegian home of Tone Krok which I captured for my second book The Scandinavian Home. I had been convinced it was antique, but actually Tone had simply bought a new mirror and left it exposed to the elements in the garden for a couple of years - and it looked just like this one. Now that's a trick worth knowing! 

The grey ball vase* is from popular Swedish brand Cooee. 

A vintage coffee table - a local flea market find - rests in front of a sofa from Decotique.  

In the summertime, life moves outdoors to soak up the midnight sun on rayon chairs from Mio and a handmade table. 

Lounge chairs and a loveseat from Jakobssons (check out their entire outdoor range - so many lovely pieces!) have been arranged around a handmade table for a relaxed outdoor seating area. 

How unbelievably idyllic! It's everything I imagine a Swedish country home to be and more!

I love the outdoor spaces too - some lovely ideas here. Keep an eye out for more outdoor inspiration soon! 

Could you imagine living here? 

If you don't follow Sara on instagram yet, you're missing out! Hop on over to @ekekullen1 for more! 

Fancy taking a peek inside a few other Scandinavian country homes today? How about: 


Oh, and a total sidenote - Swedish names! In the UK surnames tend to be centred around a trade, for example 'Smith' or 'Taylor'.

I've noticed in Sweden however, many surnames tend to either be family names (Larsson - 'son of Lars') - some of which have become so common that the younger generation are swapping them out for made up names. In my experience it's also not uncommon for a married couple in Sweden to also choose the more unusual surname among the pair. 

But it's also common for surnames to have origins in nature. Sara's surname 'Sjöblom' for example, means 'seaweed'. 'Lindgren' of Astrid Lindgren fame, means 'green woodland' while Bergman (Ingrid Bergman) translates as 'Mountain man' and my own name 'Brantmark' means 'steep ground' (not quite as romantic as the others, I know!). I have always loved this. 

Where dot eh family names in your country originate from? 


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An Earthy London Home, Packed With Personality

Good morning! I'm feeling all refreshed and revived after a few days off - plus full of energy as I'm back in my studio for the first time in months. Weeeeee! What a difference a change of scene can make. Hopefully we can all experience it soon (meanwhile, I'll make the most of it, who knows how long it might last!)! In the meantime, there's the internet helping to escort us to homes far and wide without leaving our sofa! I spotted this wonderful home of hair stylist Cyndia Harvey over at The Modern House. Located in a peaceful mews in Brockley, South London, the living space is full of rich, earthy tones and packed with fabulous vintage and antique finds, giving the overall look a truly personal feel. 

Cyndia lived in Jamaica until she was eleven years old. As an adult, she lived in various rental spaces until moving into this space three years ago. Cyndia took absolutely nothing with her from her previous home. Instead, she scoured local markets, picking out art-like pieces and anything that 'spoke to her' including a French rattan chair, 20th century wardrobe and ''crazy blue suede bed''. As a result, Cyndia feels a connection to all the items she owns - and loves that they tell their own, unique story. 

The white walls help to give the space a gallery-like walls, allowing the unique furniture and art to take centre-stage. 

Recently I've talked a lot about the 'rödtråd' (the red thread). In this home there are a few factors that bring the overall look together. The first, are the earthy tones of ochre, ombre and rich brown seen throughout. The second is the angular triangular shapes - which have been repeated several times in the main living room. This helps to give the entire living a space a wonderful, cohesive look. 

The bespoke kitchen island is the only modern piece - and was inspired by a Donald Judd desk. 

One of the things that really stood out to me while reading the full interview over at The Modern House, is how Cyndia took her time to decorate her home, picking out pieces one by one. 

Decorating with antique and vintage pieces is a slow, ongoing process, but your patience will definitely pay off: it's the best way to create a truly personal home that's also sustainable! 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Cyndia's home?

Read the full article and see more pictures of Cyndia's home here. Curious about Cyndia's hairstyling? Check out her awesome work over at @cyndiaharvey.

Intrigued by other eclectic homes? Here are some more to enjoy this sunny Monday: 

Have a wonderful start to the week! 


Photographs courtesy of The Modern House

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Emelie's Serene Swedish Home With Notes of Green

It's one of those days when I'm miles behind and I just don't know where the time is going. Elsewhere in Sweden in the mesmerisingly beautiful home of Emelie Sundberg - it's as if time has stood still. Her living space oozes calm and serenity! So, what's the trick? The stylist, photographer and founder of Inredningspodden - a popular Swedish podcast about interior design - has applied lovely muted tones of green throughout her home, which, when combined with wood and other natural materials, draw the inside in. Her choice of vintage and antique furniture as well as an abundance of plants and flowers also add to the wonderfully relaxed look. Welcome to Emelie's world! 

Simply stunning, don't you think?

It's easy to look at pictures like these and think how effortless everything looks, but trust me, Emelie and her husband have put in a huge amount of work into transforming the house into a beautiful family living space. Below is an example of one of the projects they have carried out. 

Emelie's Clever Hallway Hack: 

Emelie and her husband have completely transformed their hallway to make space for the family shoes and other outdoor wear. To create the look, they added wainscoting, built-in seating and a the Rakkestad wardrobe from IKEA. And then painted  everything including the window frame in Green Tea 846 from Beckers. What a fantastic transformation! 

This home will leave me dreaming all day, how about you? 

If you'd like to see more of Emelie's living space and see her latest projects, check out her instagram and blog

You might also like to tune in to her fantastic Inredningspodden podcasts (in Swedish) - there are 67 episodes to date. 

Fancy exploring other Swedish homes in serene tones of green today?

The earthy green home of Sofie Izard Høyer was the most popular home tour of 2020 - and I can totally see why, how about you? 

This beautiful Swedish home has become instantly recognisable for it's wonderful features and incredible decor (including notes of green!). 

I also think this Stockholm apartment in shades of blue and green is truly inspiring! 

Would you consider green in your home?


Photography courtesy of Emelie Sundberg

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A Cosy Living Space In a Swedish Country Home

Why, hello there friends! Monday huh? Well, that came around quickly. Here in Sweden, we were treated to a magical weekend - a rare diamond - with two days of clear blue skies and frozen seas upon which we could ice skate. It was simply incredible! And now, the clouds have rolled over and we're all hunkering down at home once again, fires roaring. A few miles from Västerås, interior stylist, creator, author and founder of Babes in Boyland, Nathalie Myrberg is busy stoking the fire at her home at Målhammar.  The family moved to the former stables in the height of the pandemic in 2020 - and plan to convert half of the house into a summer cafe and farm shop.  Nature, the slow life and sustainability are close to Nathalie and her family's heart - and their home is full of vintage treasures. Here are a few snapshots from corners of the rooms they've completed so far! 

This is a mere snapshot into Nathalie's life in the Swedish countryside - but it's early days, and I for one look forward to following their project over on Nathalie's Instagram and the blog

Perhaps one day, we might all even be able to visit!

Would you like to see more cosy Scandinavian country homes today? Here are a few that are bound to inspire:

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


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