The Design Plans For Our Tiny Swedish Cabin (Komplementbostadshus / Attefallshus)

A while back I wrote that Per and I are planning on building an attefallshus (a small Swedish cabin usually measuring 25 m2 (269 sq.ft) - but in this case it's a 'komplementbostadshus' which is allowed to be 30 m2 / (322 sq.ft) in the garden of Per's family's summer cottage in South Sweden. We've been pouring over lovely cabins for ages as you know from this post! We were hoping to buy something ready-made but after assessing all the options we eventually decided to design it ourselves. Out-of-the-blue, I came across Anela Tahirovic - a really talented architect based just outside of Malmö, whose home I featured yesterday. Anela has been working with us to help realise our idea - while also adding some great ideas,  tips and tricks of her own. Ready to see the plan?!

Tadaaaa! This 3D drawing (by the fab Mahir at Studio Ark) gives an idea of the overall look and feel. We wanted to draw inspiration from the surrounding forest - and decided on brown wood panelling (see the inspiration below for a photo of the wood finish we are hoping to achieve). 

Since the living space is so small, we were also keen to draw in as much natural light as possible and create an indoor-outdoor living space. This is why the cabin has so many windows and doors - which we can throw open on warm summer days.

I am toying with the idea of swapping out the black frames in favour of slim brown ones for a softer look (as seen below in this lovely 'HÃ¥llbar' 40 m2 house by Woodworks. What do you think? 

Here are some drawings by Anela showing how the cabin will look from different directions:

Inside, there will be a tiny sitting room area, basic kitchenette (fridge and sink), double bed and bathroom on the lower level, and then an upper loft area (accessed by a ladder) for two more beds. In such a small space, storage is a struggle - so, not only do we need to live fairly minimalist (not easy for the Brantmarks!), but we will also need to find some smart storage solutions! Here is a sketch of the layout: 
I am looking forward to sharing more inspiration for the interior and the outdoor area with you soon. In the meantime, this past post might just give you some idea of the general design direction!

And good news, we have planning permission - WOOHOOOO! We were hoping to have started the build this spring, but all the local builders are crazy busy due to the pandemic, so now we're looking at September. Feeling excited but ever so slightly nervous too! 

I hope you like the plans so far! 

Wishing you all a lovely day, 


A huge thanks to Anela Tahirovic for the design sketches and Mahir from Studio Ark for the building and construction drawings as well as the 3D visualisations.


  1. Wow, congratulations on your plans. What a cool cabin. I hope you can get to work as soon as possible. Great!!!

  2. Wow, that looks so great! I have just bought a small holiday appartment (33m2) at the seaside in France and love to get inspiration from your posts!

    1. How exciting! I'm sure you'll create a lovely holiday apartment :) I'm happy my posts have provided lots of inspiration!

  3. Wow! Looks amazing. I vote for keeping black windows, I like the contrast and the strength of the black with the siding (and it ties nicely with those black lights on the outside). It will be such a lovely house for your family. I hope it goes up fast with no issues.

    1. Thank you! I'm actually really happy that you say that, the longer it goes before we can start to build the more I start second guessing myself rather than sticking to the plan!

  4. First of all - wow - the location is absolutely stunning! That's where you'll spend a great deal of your time. Second, I remember being nervous, most of all about the size, when we built our small bach (a common word we use to describe a very modest holiday home in New Zealand). I would pace other people's rooms to see if our planned living room or bedrooms would be too small. But I needn't have worried. With tall ceilings and lots of windows that connect to the outdoors there is plenty of space. You have both in your design. There is a lot to love about small spaces - the cosiness, the ease of cleaning, everything in its place (theoretically easy to find). Pared down living and a contrast to city life. I was instantly taken with the lighter brown windows but I think it will look lovely whatever you decide. You have an exciting project ahead - looking forward to watching it unfold.

  5. Do the black windows the light colour looks like a greenhouse/shed.

  6. Brown windows! This is beautiful and I hope you spend many happy times here under the trees.

  7. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the full tour when it's finished!

  8. Stunning Writing!! Keep up the good work.

  9. Hello Niki!
    So happy to see the follow-up post for your cabin. Such a beautiful property!

    We are also in the planning stages of a « rustic » cabin with mountain and lake views, in Canada.
    I particularly like wood exterior and large windows to let nature be present inside.

    Must admit, during these trying times with confinement and all, this project is welcomed and keeps me dreaming, and positive... We still have many steps before the construction as such... one little step at a time!

    I like the light brown coloured window casings. I believe this colour melds better with nature. What do you think, are black window casings a trend?

    Thanks for the lovely posts that I so enjoy with my morning cup of coffee. A nice highlight of my day. Thanks for all your hard work! Take care and good luck! Please keep us posted with the cabin.

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