Marilou's Wonderful Canadian Home - And Feline Friend, Denise!

As pretty as Marilou's Canadian family home is, I have a feeling a certain somebody might just steal the show. You'll see what I mean when you reach the end of the tour. But first, more on Marilou. An entrepreneur (edit: and well-known pop-singer), French-Canadian Marilou Bourdon is the author of four cookbooks, and runs the wonderful online store Trois Fois Par Jour. Despite a full family life with children and pet cat Denise, Marilou also finds the time to share delicious, healthy weekly recipes. But today, it's all about her home in Quebec. Whitewashed inside and out, the house is a perfect blend of vintage, mid-century and modern pieces. Outside, you'll discover vegetable patches, cosy spots to relax and a dining area designed to celebrate birthdays.... welcome to Marilou's world! 

What a lovely home! I particularly like the piano, children's bedroom and the bathroom! 

And of course, DENISE!! 

Is there anything that stood out to you?  

There are so many other lovely Canadian homes in the archive too. Here are a few of my favourites: 

Wishing you all a great mid-week! 


Edit note: this post was updated on 8th July to include that Marilou is a pop-singer. Also the facade of the house shown was not Marilou's, rather an inspiration image she had used (eeeek) so it has now been deleted. Sorry about that! 

Photography: @mariloubiz, shared with kind permission. 

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A Wonderful, Relaxed Family Home in The Normandy Countryside

Hello there friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!? We're currently up in Stockholm for my niece Ebba's 'studenten' (high school graduation). It's a beautiful day, and the water surrounding Sweden's capital city is sparkling, I'm so happy for her!  Meanwhile, in Normandy, France I'm sure the sun is also shining. Even if it's not, Stephanie, her husband and four children have the perfect shelter. I discovered their wonderful country home over at Decor8 (read the full interview here), and couldn't resist sharing a few snapshots with you here. The interior is rustic yet refined, and filled with authentic items, proudly bearing nicks and scrapes from their past life - give the home a truly relaxed vibe. Ready to take a look? Bienvenue! 

How beautiful! 

I love the simple earthy tones and the wonderful textures.

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

You can see more of Stephanie's home over on her instagram (which she updates almost daily) - and Francophiles will also be happy to hear she's recently opened up an interior shop: Steph Since 1979.  

Before I head off to join in with the graduation preparations (it's a hive of activity around here!) - here are a few other charming French homes to delight in today:

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week!


Photography: Stephanie / via Decor8 with thanks.

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Warm Pools of Sunlight In a Monochrome Home

Tjena! We're going monochrome today with Alexander Parr's pad in Bielefeld, Germany. Black, white and earthy shades set the tone for a calm and contemporary apartment which is bathed in sunlight for much of the day. The items have been carefully edited and whittled down to a selection of new Nordic design and Scandinavian classics, while rugs, sheepskins. cushions and sheer linen curtains help to add warmth. Pull up a chair and enjoy the tour! 

A selection of Eames chairs have been draped in sheepskins in the dining area. In the corner a print from Paper Collective has been hung above a Grasshopper lamp

A drinks trolley* by Normann Copenhagen provides a practical place for vases, books and other pieces. The top print is from Normann Copenhagen (I love this one - especially when the light catches it in this way!). 

Alex sits at a 'Siege Ballon' while working. I actually once used an exercise ball to sit on when I worked in London. They're meant to be really good for your back and core strength as you're constantly moving and adjusting. Having said, it always used to roll away (although I did also suspect a couple of my colleagues played football with it from time to time!) - so I'd always be going off to retrieve it! Find out more info about this one and the health benefits here

While on the topic of office chairs, these days I use this one - which I love! But on a recent visit to the IKEA headquarters, I noticed that people were sitting on kinds of different seats - and one was even on a stationary bike! What do you sit on when you work / study? 

White linen is so fresh for the summer (source similar here*). I love how Alexander has paired with black lighting including a mantis wall lamp. So simple, yet so calm!

I hope this lovely monochrome pad has filled you with inspiration today! 

You can see more snapshots of Alexander's light and airy home over at @alexanderpaar

I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow! I'm looking forward to finishing the blog week with a beautiful 'before and after' tour. Make sure you stop by to take a peek! 


Photography: Alexander Paar

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Dreaming About This Fabulous 19th Century House in Barcelona

In my days working for a corporate giant, we always made an annual pilgrimage to a consumer electronics fair in Barcelona, Spain. As someone who's not too interested in tech (some might say a total luddite!) the highlight of my trip was to stroll through the old town and dream about what lay behind the lovely old facade. I knew the homes would be pretty, but I certainly didn't think they'd be quite as fabulous as this! Located in the heart of the city, the 19th century house belongs to interior decorator Marta Tobella - who has lovingly transformed the space into a perfect oasis. Think fresh whites combined with tactile rattan, bamboo and wood - as well as large double doors that flood the kitchen and master bedroom with a welcoming cool breeze! 


This house has me longing to return to Barcelona (without the expo!). I love that Marta has installed a small pool to help keep cool on balmy days. Heaven! 

Could you imagine rocking about here? 

Tonight I'm doing a live session with Carl Hansen & Søn at 7pm CET. If you're around and fancy hearing about 'The Danish Concept of Hygge' and seeing my film of the incredible Danish Manor I visited last week, sign up here and join the fun (it's online, open to all and completely free). I hope you can stop by!

And tomorrow I'm heading to Copenhagen to meet with Skandinavisk (it's all go right now!). I'm slightly concerned that this means I won't get around to writing tomorrows post - if this is the case, rest assured I'll be back on Friday! 

Have a lovely evening!


Photography: Pere Peris, Styling Monica Klamburg,  Featured in El Mueble via Style Files with thanks.

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A Creative London Home Full of Greenery, Art and Sunlight

Today I'm sharing a little slice of home with you. Not my home (sadly), but home in the 'London' sense - the wonderful city I grew up in. This two-bedroom apartment is situated in St John's Grove near Hampstead Heath, North London - where as my childhood home was in the South West suburbs. Even so, the Victorian architecture immediately conjures up memories of a place I love and miss (especially in these times)! The flat is currently for sale - and I'm not sure who the owner is, but if I were to play 'through the keyhole' (in case you haven't seen it, this is a TV program where you guess who lives there based on the evidence) I can tell that they love nature, art, flea markets, travel and potentially Scandinavian design - oh, and have impeccable taste! 

What a wonderful home! Did you notice the parquet floor - beautiful! 

You can see more pictures of this lovely place - and read more about the property over at The Modern House

And if you happen to know who the owners are, I'd be super curious to hear if my predictions were correct!  

Shall we pull up a chair and take a tour of more British properties today? 

A charming rustic London townhouse
Before and After - A Rundown flat Becomes a Stylish London Pad

Tomorrow, I'm off to photograph the smallest property I've ever been in a beach hut! It's so pretty too! I can't wait to share more! 


Photography courtesy of The Modern House

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A Serene Dark Interior With A Wonderful Air of Mystique

It was a while since I showed a home with darker tones - and I forgot just how cosy they can be. Plus this one has a real air of mystique. The incredible project is the work of Ukraine-based interior designer Olga Fradina and belongs to fashion designer Katya Bakhira.  Located in Kiev, the space has been designed using deep, rich tones of grey and blue as well as an abundance of natural materials in order to create a perfect sanctuary - and somewhere Katya can switch off, mediate and sip tea. Welcome to the dark side, I think you're going to enjoy it! 

How wonderful! 

It's incredible how it seems to envelope you in cosiness and serenity in equal measure, don't you think?

Could you imagine going over to the dark side in your home? 

Before you decide, here are a few more homes with a similar vibe: 

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


Photography: Yevhenii Avramenko - found via The Design Chaser with thanks

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