Step Inside Anna Church's Modern-Vintage Family Home

The other day I was leafing through Holly magazine and stumbled across the work of New Zealand artist  and entrepreneur Anna Church. A little research led me to images of her beautiful home in Toronto, Canada (I love it when that happens!). I couldn't resist sending a note to Anna to find out more about the wonderful living space which she shares with husband Nick and children Molly (10) and Thomas (8). Let's dive in!

How would you describe your style? 
My style aesthetic is modern vintage, mixing the efficiencies of modern-day living spaces with timeless eclectic treasured pieces.

How do you choose furniture for your home? 
I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain, flea market or vintage find! I Splurge on pieces I have swooned over for a good duration of time, like furniture pieces, such as our custom-made shaker dining room table. Which became a beautiful collaborative design effort with Arking Atelier (the stools, day bed and shelf above are also created by his hand). And all the artwork (besides my own) which we've collected over the years (We invest and gift a new piece of art to ourselves on our wedding anniversary each year). The beautiful Budgie / bird portrait above the mantel is by Fine art photographer Leila Jeffreys it was our first real collectable/ art investment piece.

I love the blend of old and new, can you tell me more about your thought process behind this? Mixing styles helps me create something more than meets the eye. It also fuels an impulsive inner necessity to constantly rearrange or evolve our space every few months (as the hunter gatherer in me is always on the lookout for a unique addition to our home or to use in my artworks!). A Lot of the Victorian details you see, have been added back, as they were unable to retain their original condition during the demolition / renovation process. I sourced and splurged on mouldings, a period-appropriate fireplace and ceiling roses custom-fabricated from fibreglass. The traditional backdrop is a perfect foil to the home’s modern architecturally efficient insertions.

What inspired the design?
The aesthetic of our home is a nod to the light-filled renovated homes found in our native homeland of New Zealand. White walls, pastel textiles and the large glass sliding back door lift the atmosphere of this once dark, unfunctional long rectangular home into a spacious light filled family friendly efficient space. Pops of colour come from my love of plants, collected artwork (and my own artwork) and carefully curated furniture accessories & smaller curiosities (both old and new).

As well as exhibiting in New York, Miami, London, Amsterdam, Toronto and New Zealand, Anna's art can be seen in various places around the family home including above their bed and here in her daughter's bedroom. her work is rooted in her graphic design and interior styling background. She uses a Sculptographic process, through which she builds new shapes from surprising elements, creating a sculpture and capturing a photograph of a new composition, yielding a fine art print.

"In an age of sensory inundation, the visuals you surround yourself with should bring joy, create fulfilling vistas in your home and perhaps even materialize your own aesthetic self-expression. "Art should inspire you to look deeper yet be a welcome cohabiter." — Anna Church

What a stunning home. I love how it's fairly clean and minimalist, yet there are interesting details and rare finds around every corner!

Is there anything that stood out to you?

You can find out more about Anna's work, latest projects and exhibitions as well as buy her art here:


The art featured in her home includes Blurred LinesPaper Cuts and Party Animal.

You can also get a load more inspiration here:

Instagram: @annachruch_art
Pinterest: Anna Church Art

Shall we kick back for another half hour and stay down Canada way? If so, pour that coffee and come and take a peek at:

An idyllic cabin by Lake Huron
The lovely home of Emilie Desjarlais
Lauren Maclean's beautiful Montreal home

Bah! Love all these spaces!

This post has reaffirmed my dream of visiting Canada one day. Any must sees when I do?

Ha det bra! 


Photography: Anna Church


  1. Wow, I love this home, and it's in my city! I really like the juxtaposition between the clean modern lines and the older touches. There are a lot of old Victorian homes in Toronto - generally that is my least favourite style when it's faithfully adhered to - but you can definitely make it more interesting.

    1. I agree, this home is so beautifully decorated! It's always fun to see homes pop up in your own town :)

  2. BTW, her website is - the published one isn't working.

  3. One of the nicest homes I have ever seen. I loved everything about the main floor (kitchen especially). Very thoughtful choice of finishes and colours. Gorgeous!

    1. Yay!c Love it when that happens! So happy you enjoyed this tour as much as I did!


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