3 New lamps At Home from Hudson Valley Lighting

MSH partnership, all words are my own: 
Everyone has a 'thing' when it comes to the home, don't you think? For some it's chairs, for others it might be rugs, or smaller items such as books, art and plants. What's yours? I love all these pieces, but for me, it has to be lighting! I love the way it can be used to create an atmosphere. I appreciate how it's vital for practical tasks such as cooking or reading. And I'm inspired by the way it can be used to highlight the things you love - and hide the things you don't! You also can never really have enough lighting in a home (especially in wintertime), so I'm always on the lookout for something new. 

Recently, I added three shiny new lamps to our living space - courtesy of Hudson Valley Lighting Group. You might recognise the name from the wall sconce in my sitting room. The international brand sells hundreds of lamps, offering everything from pendants to outdoor wall sconces, all with exceptional quality. I'm excited to share the ones I've chosen this time, they've certainly brightened up some dark corners of our house and cottage! I hope you'll feel inspired / get some ideas for your own home too! 

New lighting at the Cottage

Last time we were up at the cottage we installed the Barron lamp in aged brass over the sink. I felt immediately drawn to it since it's inspired by the work of mid-century Danish architects who reduced the glare from electric lighting by applying layers and curved shades. The result is a soft, diffused glow, that immediately feels warm and cosy - or as the Danes would say hyggelig

In Scandinavia, people love to place lighting in the window since it gives off a warm and inviting feel - which is why I chose this position over the sink. But I could also see it hanging in the corner of a room, or next to a sofa (I have a feeling this one might get moved around quite a lot!). But for now, there'll be a lovely light shining from our cottage kitchen window! 

New Lighting in our Home Hallway

A few months ago I shared my latest hallway update, but we were still missing lighting (cue: guests fumbling around in the dark for their jackets and kids emptying the entire content of the wardrobe to find a tennis racket... that sort of thing!). Needless to say, good lighting in the hallway is key, especially on darker days and nights. We were lucky enough to have the power source already, so all that was needed was the actual fixture! 

I decided on the Estee semi-flush by Mitzi. It's actually available in two colours: polished nickel or aged brass - but you know me, I love a brass look! Usually Per helps me out when it comes to DIY, but actually I did most of the installation myself, it was surprisingly simple (the round glass pendants just screw into place). Admittedly I was wise enough not to attempt the wiring though - being a Physics teacher, that's definitely Per's area! 

I can't tell you what a huge difference this lighting makes to our hallway - it looks way smarter than before, and the Estee emits a great light - which can also be dimmed down with the right switch if you want to make your hall / sitting room / dining area more cosy. Love that! 

If you're curious about this piece, you might be interested to know that there's also a 6-arm version, which would be perfect for bigger spaces. 

I recently installed a mirror and hooks in the narrow section of our hallway (more details here) - which have been great for bouncing around light and also providing space for a (daily) overflow of coats, bags, hats etc. But I really wanted to add some interesting lighting to the area - and the Angela in aged brass by Mitzi fit the bill perfectly. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the weight (it's quite substantial which makes it feel really high quality!). I also love the cable - which is why I decided to hang it this way using a hook - some cables are designed to shine! 

It has a really cosy feel to it when switched on (especially if you use a dimmer switch like I have). Placed next to a mirror, the reflection immediately doubles the light source too, which brightens up this little corner of our home after dark! 

Next step... the hallway tiles - but that's a subject for another day! 

For now, we'll be enjoying the fact that we can actually see something when we arrive home or about to leave! 

Did you have a favourite lamp among these? Or perhaps you're after something different? If so, you can discover the full range of Hudson Valley Lighting Group lighting here


Photography: Niki Brantmark (and my kids - where I feature!)
Cottage kitchen Styling: Niki Brantmark
Hallway styling: Helen Sturesson

*This is a paid post in collaboration with Hudson Valley Lighting Group, however, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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Simple DIY: My Narrow Hallway Update

Do you have any pieces lying around that you haven't got round to putting up on the wall / fixing? I was gifted this beautiful Arles mirror by around a year ago. I originally ordered it for our landing but for some reason it didn't quite work - so it's been waiting for a new home ever since. And then the other day I had a lightbulb moment. Now, our house might have many great features, but the hallway is not one of them; it's fairly dark, has lots of doors and like Piccadilly Circus when all five of us are home (it doesn't help that our kids don't seem to have mastered the art of hanging up their coats). I have to admit, we haven't done anything to it since we moved in - until now! 

The hallway feeds into the kitchen (see above) and sitting room (last picture) and has a few in-built cupboards - which I've often contemplated painting (thoughts?). 

This wall has always been blank. I painted it in a Farrow & Ball shade many moons ago (could it be Down Pipe? I can't remember now!). I still love the colour, but it needed something more! 

And here's where the mirror came into the picture! Here's a step by step guide of my DIY project: 

1. The Arles mirror in brass is really heavy (tip: always check the weight of a mirror before you order it as some can be incredibly heavy - especially if the wall you'd like to put on is not that strong). I wanted to make sure it was hung in the right place from the start (I've made plenty of mistakes in the past!). I marked out the centre of the wall and made sure it was at eye height (the lower edge is 117 cm from the floor). 

2. I measured out exactly where I wanted the hooks to go beforehand, ensuring they were centred and also a good height from the floor for bags and jackets (102 cm from the underside of the rack to the floor). I also used a spirit level to ensure it was straight. 

The wooden pegs are from a local store - this coat rack* is similar. I've had this Ryobi drill for years and use it all the time - it's way more fun (and less work) than a manual screwdriver!  

3. And then all that was required was a good polish! 

I have to say the mirror instantly lit up the narrow space and together with the hooks, makes better use of the space. It's also handy to have a mirror near the entrance and extra hooks. 

The framed 'Twined 02' print is by Copenhagen-based design studio Moe Made It. And just peeping into the picture is a rubber plant, which Per calls 'Farfar' (Grandad) - since he inherited it from him just before he died over thirty years ago. Everyone in his family has a cutting - such a lovely way to remember someone! 

It's just a simple DIY but I thought I'd share it all the same - you never know, you might just have some empty wall space waiting for some TLC, in which case, I hope this inspires you.

I wonder how long our hallway will stay this tidy? I give it 5 minutes!! Oh well, life is designed to be a little messy, and it's a real sign of summer when balls, scooters, swim stuff and whatever else start to appear! 

Next stop, a new light - I haven't decided which yet, tips welcome! 

So, Friends, that's it from me this week. I hope you have a wonderful couple of days, see you Monday.

Trevlig helg! 


*this post includes affiliate links

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Making An Entrance: 10 Beautiful Scandinavian Inspired White and Wood Hallway Solutions

The hallway / entrance of a home is so important. Done right, and it can create beautifully calm, stress free mornings as well as set the scene for a warm, welcome home. Unfortunately, as a family of five, I'm starting to realise that it's also one of the hardest places to keep tidy - especially in the Swedish winter when everyone needs the most ridiculous amount of clobber (think snow trousers, hats, scarves, gloves, reflectors, helmets!...) - waaah! Do you feel the same?! Just in case, I've rounded-up ten Scandinavian-inspired wood and white hallway solutions, for the bohemian to the minimalist  and everyone in between! I hope you find some ideas for your own entrance!

1. Going boho (above):Yasmine's artsy hallway above (see the full tour of her home here) is all about the vintage, relaxed vibe. A rustic wood bench doubles up as a place to sit as well as provide a ledge for art, flowers and other items. Add a wall-mounted rack (with over 16 hooks no less!) and you're good to go! Perfect if you live alone or as a couple - or have another place to stash all that extra stuff for the kids!

Get the look: Try Etsy* for a similar rustic wooden bench*. This artwork* is similar.

2. Industrial Touch: when you have towering ceilings like these it'd be crazy not to make full use of the height! This clothes rail means you can double up on space (store the lesser used items on top and keep a hook handy). Kind of cool, in a contemporary industrial way - and practical too!

Henrik Nero for Alexander White 

Get the look: configure your own wall-mounted clothes rack.

3. Your very own island: Particularly good if your front door opens straight into a larger room like a sitting room, this solution helps to carve out an entrance-way and provide a place for shoes, bits and bobs. Smart!!

Leroy Merlin

Get the look: Try Ikea for simple wood and white wall mounted units like these. 

4. Clean and contemporary: This sleek hallway is ideal for the minimalists out there who don't have a husband with fluorescent orange squash shoes (apparently they were on sale). I'm liking how the shelving is open so you can grab and go!
Munk Collective
Get the look: items from Danish design firm Munk Collective. Try Farrow & Ball Strong White for the same pale grey floor (I have the same in my bedroom). 

5. Hanging Around: Love this all-in-one wooden solution - which sadly isn't big enough for my family's hallway needs - but if you're one or two, you're in luck! I'm thinking it would look perfect in a guest bedroom too!

Get the look: Tojbox, Oak storage by Danish firm Woud
6. DIY benchwork: This simple DIY solution made from plywood is ideal for a larger family with a whole load of stuff to store (I'm thinking, a 'bucket' each?!). Plus the surface can double up as a place to sit or plonk bags. Add a row of hooks above (in any shape or form) and you've got yourself a pretty neat and organised hallway!

Get the look: Get creative and build these with a little help from your local hardware store - or ask a local carpenter to make customised units to fit your space.

7. Behind closed doors: all hail built-in storage which makes the most of every inch (particularly awesome if you have a small hallway) - and keeps everything looking neat even if you have a lorry load of stuff. And this design has a built-in bench too! Yay!

Get the look: Ask around for a skilled carpenter to help re-create this or speak to the kitchen designers at IKEA (or other kitchen suppliers). 

8. It's a wrap! Despite the low quality picture I really wanted to include this! Built out of plywood, the customised unit makes use of otherwise dead space around a doorway and create bags of room  - genius!

9. Under the stairs: While creating this post I really wanted to try to offer a solution for everyone. In the UK, narrow hallways which run in line with the stairs are fairly common and leave little or no room for storage (my parents have an entrance exactly like this). This under-the stairs-solution pull-out solution is so clever! Not only does it provide plenty of space for yourself, you can close it up for a neat, minimalist look. "Stuff? What stuff?"

Matic & Garau

Get the look: a local carpenter can create custom-made storage like this for you. Add Muuto dots for everyday pieces. 

10. Airy Minimalism: This beautifully simple, narrow hallway in the beach house of Karine Kong is so dreamy. Clean and contemporary yet with a airy, beach vibe, it's perfect for a family with few belongings living somewhere lovely and warm.

Bodie & Fou

Get the look: view the complete hallway make-over 

I think I might just have got one step further to a new hallway that actually works. I'm looking at you number 7!

Did any particular solution stand out to you?

Feel free to leave hallway tips and tricks you've discovered below, I'm all ears!

Have a lovely day!


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Hello hallway!

Let's face it, it's kind of nice when a friend comes into your home and says 'wow'! right there in the doorway. So I'm taking my inspiration from these monochrome hallways. I've just got to get rid of the pram, the hundred pairs of shoes, the tricycle, the wet brollies. Um.   

Country Living

VT Wonen


Bodie and Fou

Alvhem Makleri
So, here's to a 'hello hallway' and a welcoming home...some day in the future! A few lovely details here don't you think? I'm coveting the mosaic floor.

PS I absolutely looove the Cavern Tapestry 'arrow' wallpaper in the first picture and it's hand silk-screened and eco friendly don't you know?!

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