Shades of White in a Swedish Country Home on Gotland

In need of a little escape today? Buckle up friends, we're off to a serene country home on the Swedish island of Gotland

Julia Khouri lives in the North of the Baltic island with her husband and four children. Her home is a sea
of serenity with milky white shades throughout. "A light and simple look has always appealed to me and gives me a harmonious feeling at home," she explains.

Keep a look out for the mix of materials and texture which help to add interest and cosiness, the tiled masonry ovens and the blend of old and new (that bathroom cabinet!).

Have you noticed fee-standing range-style ovens creeping into Scandinavian homes more and more lately? This one is by Smeg.

The mix and match items - including a Little Petra armchair and antique table in the sitting room are lovely! I really appreciate a combination of old and new. 

It's not always easy to throw objects of different styles and eras together, but it works really well here because they share similar tones. 

You'll spot vintage glass cabinets throughout Julia's home. Not only do they look nice, but they also provide great storage. They are also hot property right now, but if you're prepared to get the paint brush out, you can still find one for a steal! 

I don't feel like I show enough TVs in the home tours - so here is an example! I like it when they are more of a side show than a focal point, as seen here, do you agree?

The master bedroom is also on the ground floor. Notice how Julia has added lace inside the cabinet, which adds a soft, romantic touch and also helps to hide the items inside for a calmer look. 

I really appreciate the way Julia has found furniture to fit all kinds of nooks in her home - seen here in the window (old Gotland homes often have deep walls like this), and also in the bathroom. 

It's no easy feat when you are working with vintage / antique finds. If you're looking for an item in particular for your home, it's important to know the measurements in advance and carry a tape measure with you. Or you can do what I recently did, find something you absolutely love, buy it and THEN work out where to put it. After all, a coveted second-hand item of beauty is not always easy to find, so you have to seize the opportunity when it arrives (if you have the space to store it)!

The bathroom has been renovated in a classic, timeless way. 

I have to say, out of all my years of blogging, I've never seen a bath this small in Scandinavia! I have been in one though - many years ago as a child on a visit to Morzine, France. I found it very relaxing - mainly because I didn't need to share it with my sister for once! It's a great idea if you'd love a bath but don't necessarily have the space. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Julia's home as much as I have, and it has left you feeling inspired. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

See more country homes today - or if you're looking for urban inspiration, check out the Danish apartment archive - it's one of my favourites! 



Photography Julia Khouri, shared with kind permission


  1. from the french woman : in france this type of bath is called : "baignoire-sabot" (hoof bath), with reference to the shape, like the old wooden shoes of the countryside before ! practicable but not very comfortable !!!

    1. Merci! I was sure there was a name for these types of baths, I even tried googling it. I wonder if there is an equivalent name in English and Swedish?

    2. It's Niki, by the way!

  2. from the french woman : I know that in japan there are also very small bathtubes, with a bit the same shape : narrow and deep. but I am a lawyer not a sanitary saleswoman !!! XD

    1. Interesting! I will check those out now. If you ever feel like a career change, it sounds like sanitary sales could be your area! / Niki

  3. I wasn’t sure if it was the bowl on the ground or the what looks like a shelf behind it that was the bath 🤣🤣

    1. Dreamy home - Tas

    2. It's hard to spot the bath at first, but I find it fascinating, perfect for a compact space if you love a soak! / Niki

    3. I also thought it was the bowl as I can't see what is behind.

  4. This house is stunning, I love everything about it, from Beth in the UK :)

  5. I have used both the French and the Japanese versions of these baths and they are perfect if, like me, you are only a bit over 5ft. Great for reading in though.

  6. Tickled by introductions that start: 'from the french woman'. You might have started a trend; I think I'm going to copy and say 'from an Aotearoa woman' from now on. You see these short 'soaking baths' occasionally in NZ; they are based on Japanese designs and make a lot of sense in a small space. I'd personally like a little stool to sit on, but it would need to be somehow anchored down so it didn't float!

  7. from the french woman : in kind reponse to the way I present myself, it's because I've had a disability since fairly recently and I still don't master the world of the net well enough to protect myself from it. But I'm working to have a nice instagram account soon !
    So much the better if I started a trend ! xD

    1. from the french woman : and often threre is a kind of molded bench in this type of tube.

  8. I'm late to the party, but this home is my kind of place. I could happily move in as-is.

    I've always liked the 'from the french woman', moniker, too. She has a charming way of expressing herself. :)


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