A Dream Stockholm Apartment, Inside and out!

''Think with your head not with your heart'', they say when it comes to house hunting. In my mind, this is way easier said than done, do you agree? 

Take this apartment for example, I'd fall in love the moment I'd step in the door! Located in the oldest buildings in Södermalm dating back to 1640, the exterior is a dream, with an interior to match! Eagle eyes out there might recognise the apartment from this post back in 2020. It's fun to see some new angles, but above all else to discover that it's for sale and looking for a new owner. Could that be you? 

Keep a special eye out for the incredible architectural details, interesting colour scheme, blend of furniture, lighting and art! 

The predominant shade is a deep Almond beige by Jotun. 

I love the way art has been propped atop the wainscoting, so you can move it around on a whim. The glass wood cabinet is also lovely! 

The tone in the bedroom has a pink - red  tint to it giving a soft touch of romance. I'm pretty sure it's also a shade by Jotun, check out their pink range here

The Flowerpot pendant in beige red make such a pretty combination with the almond beige walls! 

It's fun to see gymnastic rings in one of the children's rooms. My daughter Allie absolutely loves hers - well worth me bumping into them every time I go into her room (she says)! Source similar wooden rings here*

Industrial blue has been on the walls and desk and a hint of pink adds warmth and contrast.  

All in all, a really fabulous apartment! I really love the colour scheme. 

Is there anything that popped out to you? 

If you're curious about where some of the items are from, head over to this post (I did my best to link to as many items as possible!) 

Could you see yourself living here? Word on the street is that there's a viewing this week. More details here

Take a look at other Scandinavian homes with noteworthy colour schemes here:

Have a great start to the week! 


PS did you see the beautiful limited edition wishbone chair in slate in my bedroom / home office on Friday

Photography: Peo Bengtsson 
For sale via Bjurfors


  1. I love the rounded window and the deep window seat/ledges! I could definitely see myself living there!-Tracy T

    1. Yes they are so lovely - as are the windows themselves! Thank you for pointing these out. / Niki

  2. from the french woman : dear niki, echoing your sentence "think with your head not with your heart", to be able to make a choice of accommodation, it is also necessary to take into account, in addition to the decoration, the layout of the premises.
    I love your blog and I haven't missed a post since I discovered you.
    If I told you my preferences at the end of 2022, I do not comment too much on your publications because I do not want to be unkind if I do not like the proposed decor.
    The richness of your blog is precisely to offer varied things, wether we like or not !
    That being said, with each report that you offer us, I wonder how the accommodation is arranged ! I try to guess through the photos the layout of the place, and it's not easy !
    Wouldn't you like or be able to put a simple plan at the end of the report ?
    This could complete the visit and conclude withe your introductory sentence !
    Of course, this is just a suggestion, with kind regards.

    1. Bonjour! This is great input, thank you. I Don't always have this information at my disposal, but when I do, I will certainly try to include one as it does make sense! Niki

  3. This is a beautiful space! I like the cabinet, too, Niki. You'd have to have just the right place to put it and it works beautifully here. I'm glad you commented about the rings--I was puzzled by the hanging ring in a previous post and wasn't sure if it was used for gymnastics or decor. I don't think I've ever seen that in any pictures of decor in the US, but I love the idea--it would be a great way to give kids something active to do, especially when the weather isn't cooperative for outdoor activity.

    1. Yes, I guess you'd also need a pretty strong wall for a glass cabinet like this. Speaking of strong walls, the rings usually require either a concrete ceiling or a strong wood beam so they are not always possible to install. They provide hours of fun for active children (like my youngest!) if you are able to put them up though! / Niki


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