An airy Swedish Home With a Beautiful Kitchen

Tjena! This lovely Swedish kitchen stopped me in my tracks this morning. It's like a total breath of fresh air! The room occupies the lower floor of a maisonette in central Gothenburg designed by uber stylist Emma Fischer. A friend once described the kitchen as 'the engine room of the house' - and this couldn't be more evident than in this home! I love how a large table takes centre stage, creating a space to gather, study, work and eat! Note the art too, helping to blur the boundary between a highly functional kitchen and somewhere enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing to hang out. 

In recent years, it's become really popular to do away with the upper cabinets in favour of open shelving, or even a blank space. This has a wonderful 'airy' affect but it's not always practical if you require a lot of storage and / or don't enjoy dusting! 

A space under the stairs is used as a coffee station - important in a country which ranks 6th in the world for coffee consumption (never get in the way of a Swede and their fika!).

Note the small ledge which can be used for pictures, cookery books and other slim items. 

A calming green accent appears in the form of doors, shelving and plants  -  adding a wonderful harmonious feeling to the space. 

A simple bench provides a place to sit and relax by the window - bathed in natural sunlight. Sadly, the balcony won't be used for quite a few months yet (we're still hovering around 0 degrees Celsius in Sweden!). 

An entire wall in the living room has been dedicated to books (a 'library' seems to be the theme of the week - I loved the one in yesterday's home tour, how about you?). This shelving system is by Elfa - a popular swedish brand, which you'll have seen in many of the homes I've featured. Look closely and you'll spot a series of tracks which allow you to move shelves around according to your requirements. Funnily enough, we have a builder at home installing an Elfa wardrobe and shelving system this minute! I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you soon!

A tight corner has been transformed into a reading spot complete with chair, wall mounted shelf, lamp, magazine rack, a blanket and even a plant! So cosy, and such a great use of space!

If this was in my home, you wouldn't even see the chair for clothes! Do you have a 'chairobe' at home too? 

A lovely touch of pink in the bathroom. A curtain hung on a circular rail takes up way less space than shower doors in a small space. It's a balance though - you need to get rid of the water after you've showered, or you'll be looking at wet socks! In Sweden you'll usually find a squeegee device* in private and public bathrooms / changing rooms alike - to save each others socks, and leave the room exactly how you found it. 

All in all, a beautiful home full of nice ideas! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Har det så fint! 


PS My thoughts are never far from what is happening - as I'm sure is the case with you. To read my sentiments, please see yesterday's post. Sending love and hoping for peace. 


  1. Light and airy is a favorite of mine. I like how she used gentle color in the kitchen--it makes it interesting but keeps things bright.

    1. Yes, the subtle green shade is so calming and adds a softness to the look.

  2. A gorgeous home and such good use of space! I'm a plant person, too and it always makes me happy to see how people style them. It's still freezing here in Canada, too!

    1. In the past year I've become better and better at looking after my plants and it's so satisfying to see them thrive! I also have to confess to being obsessed by my lemon tree! It's amazing what a difference greenery makes to a space. PS let's hope for spring soon!

  3. What an adorable apartment! The kitchen is beyond gorgeous with its light colour palette and a huge window. Very spacious, too - there is plenty of space not only for a dining table but for a bench as well. It reminds me of a kitchen in my mom's house where I grew up - not nearly as beautiful and it was small, but we had a dining table there as well and it is where all the visits took place (even if there were dirty dishes in the kitchen sink). It was also the warmest room in our teeny tiny house - thanks for those memories. Even though I am getting there in age, I still miss my mom (who passed away in February 2020) - I hope that wherever she is she knows I hold the memories of her and my childhood house very dear.


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