Helen's Cosy Swedish Country Cottage Kitchen

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Last week I spent a lovely few days at Swedish interior designer Helen Sturessons's cottage in the Blekinge archipelago on Sweden's east coast. I'd heard so much about it and was really intrigued to see it in person. The opportunity came thanks to a series of photoshoots which required a cosy backdrop - and her country cottage is just the ticket! A short walk from the Baltic Sea, the traditional red and white cottage was every bit as charming as I had imagined! 

The little 19th century cottage is made up of three small rooms (her family of four share a bedroom when they're here at weekends and in the holidays) and the wooden floors creak under foot as you move from room to room. Masonry tiled ovens and a woodturning stove (in addition to a thermostat) kept us feeling toasty throughout our stay as did some woolly socks and chunky woollen jumpers! Best of all - Helen's Mother turned up with a divine smelling apple and cinnamon pie. 

Here are a few snapshots from a cosy afternoon in Helen's kitchen - which she's kitted out with some seriously beautiful items from Danish brand Nordal - as well as other treasured items. 

When Helen and her family first bought the cottage it had no heating, and they would use the woodburning stove in the kitchen to heat up the room. Once-upon-a-time a father cooked meals for his seven children on this very stove (tragically the mother died when the children were young). These days, Helen has electric heating and the stove is used to keep coffee and tea warm.  

A wooden worktop is used for extra storage and keeping a few useful items at hand. 

Open shelves add to the relaxed feel of the kitchen. I especially love the traditional Swedish 'kryddhylla' (spice rack). Each of the glass pockets are used to store herbs and spices as well as sugar, flour and even small items like elastic bands and string. These days 'kryddhylla' are made of glass (as seen in Helen's kitchen), but you might also see them in a 60s/70s plastic variety or, if made prior to the 1920s, in porcelain. 

Do you have something similar in your country? 

The shelves are laden with glasses and crockery as well as other small items like egg cups and measuring jugs. 

The cottage surroundings portray an ever-changing scene. At the far end of the plot is a woodshed - and beyond that the outdoor loo (the only one at the cottage!). Throughout my stay, a fiery array of leaves swirled to the ground before settling on the rain drenched grass. Helen tells me that the family sometimes see deer and elk wander past, though sadly we didn't see any this time. Even so, we were able to find a load of pretty plants and late autumn flowers in the garden, including this foraged branch. 

Finally fika (a Swedish word meaning taking a break and enjoying a hot drink and a small treat). 

In Sweden you generally eat apple pie with 'cold vanilla sauce' and most would choose coffee - whereas in England we'd go for cream, vanilla ice cream or best of all hot custard with a cup of tea! How do you enjoy yours? 

The pie tasted every bit as divine as you can imagine! I wonder if I can get hold of the recepe - it would be nice to nee able to share it with you. Watch this space!  

And the final touch: candlelight! So mysigt!

I have to say, I can almost taste Helen's Mother's apple pie just looking through these pictures! 

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon 'fika' and for having me to stay Helen! 

I can't wait to share more pictures from Helen's cottage soon. 

If you like the look of the Nordal Danish kitchenware, you can find it in various webshops around Europe here. Please feel free to ask about any other item you see, I'm sure Helen would be happy to share the info! 

Have a 'hyggeligt' day friends! 


*Thank you to Nordal for this paid partnership and helping to make My Scandinavian Home possible. All words and photos in this post are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 


  1. I like its imperfections so much! It brings me a feeling of some sincerity and some true-story behind.

    1. Yes, I love that you used that word 'imperfection' - so true, and that's the beauty of this home.

    2. I like the imperfections very much myself.

  2. It's a beautiful place and I enjoyed hearing about the history of the house. Apple pie in my neck of the woods is made in a round pie tin and can be eaten with whipped cream, ice cream, or possibly cheese (I don't care for the cheese, myself). Coffee or tea would be a typical beverage to have with it.

    1. Cheese! Never heard of the combination before, so intriguing! ps I'm happy you enjoyed this post :)

    2. My mother always served apple pie with slices of sharp cheddar cheese on the side. I turned my nose up at the cheese when I was a kid, but now it's very nostalgic.

  3. Yes please, I would love the recipe for that pie. And the house isn't bad either ;)

  4. My spice and herb drawers (one for each) are a complete mess. I still have a whole nutmeg that my mother gave me (and she died in 1998) and I have containers of different sizes and states of disrepair that are crammed together. It's a complete embarrassment really. I was told that herbs and spiced need to be stored in the dark, so it's interesting to see them on view, in glass containers.

    1. Cherish that nutmeg and keep it forever. What a lovely keepsake to have, from your Mom.

  5. I love the kitchen, looks so cozy! And the black teapot - sadly, mine looks nothing like that, mine is white (glazed) and I like that is has a very Scandi shape (at least that's what I tell myself).
    And since the weather is turning really cold and the wind is very gusty I think I am going to make myself a pot of tea (with honey and lots of lime juice).

    1. I love the sound of your glazed pot ion tea with honey and lime Alena - enjoy the moment!

  6. So cosy! Thanks for showing us around this charming cottage. Now I am inspired to make apple pie.

  7. ................ F A N T A S T I C .. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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