Take a Peek Inside Steffi's Cheerful and Relaxed Family Home

Hey, Friday - how happy I am to see you! Is it me or has it been one very long week?! It could be because we're going skiing tomorrow and I've honestly been counting down the days! I hope you've got some fun plans for half term too! Before I head off I wanted to stop by and share Steffi's lovely, relaxed home in Hamburg, Germany with you. Built in 1910, the house has a lovely flow and large windows which flood the space with light. Colourful art, flowers and accessories add a cheery feel and I love the mid-century touches. In the words of Bright Bazaar - it's truly 'make you smile style' - and a wonderful family home for Steffi, her husband and two little boys. Enjoy the tour! 

I feel relaxed just looking at these pictures, how about you?

It's the kind of home that would make you feel instantly at ease. Love that.

See more pics over on Steffi's instagram @heyheyhaus

Since I'm heading off on holiday (rub it in why don't I?! Sorry!), I'm planning a little blog break until Monday 24th so that I can give my girls and long-suffering husband my undivided attention! I therefore thought I'd leave with you a load of archives (cue hours, days or even weeks of inspiration to be found!). I hope you find a load of inspiration for your home! 

Icelandic home tours (not so many in this one admittedly - but SO worth a peek!). 
Before and afters (I'm such a big fan of make-overs!)

Oh, and I nearly forgot. Happy Valentine's Day! Are you doing anything special? Per and I don't really celebrate it, but my girls love it. This morning when I left home, there was a little boy putting something in our mailbox - it looked like some chocolates and a card. So sweet! Allie is going to be  happy when she gets home from school! 

Have a fabulous weekend and see you 24th Feb!


Photography: Steffi / @heyheyhaus shared with kind permission

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5 Ways To Rock The Shag Rug

I'm not sure if you've noticed - but there's a new micro trend rolling into town. The deep pile shag rug. Now I know some of you are thinking 'What the fluff?' I mean, could you get anymore 70s? But our fluffed-up friend (or foe?) has been given a very modern update - and it's doing wonders to soften today's boxy architecture. Not convinced? Take a look at these 5 spaces and decide for yourself! 

1. Classic style: Go down the traditional route with a white shag pile rug like Norwegian Sonja Olsen - it'll go with everything. Add lots of contrast for a bang up to date look. 

2. Fluff up the beni! The beni ourain has been around for a while - and it's not going anywhere anytime soon - in fact, the fluffier the moroccan rug the better! Source a similar one here*

3. Tone on tone: Norwegian interior designer Tone Krok knows her stuff - and she's all in with the fluff (like what I did there?!). In this tone on tone beige room, the rug adds a load of texture and interest without adding another colour dimension - it must feel amazing under foot too!

4. Go all out: Why go plain when you can go pink - as seen in the Swedish home of Emma Johansson! Bring in a couple of other accessories in the same shade to balance the look and you'll totally carry it off!  

5. Pile on the pattern: love neutrals but want that little extra touch? Try a patterned rug like this one from Design Within Reach (sadly no longer in stock). I mean, who needs a sofa, when you have a rug like this to lie on?! 

So, what's your verdict? Are you a fan of the fluff? Or will you be keeping your rugs more slimmed-down this season? 

Still not convinced? Perhaps the fluffy chair is more your thing (love this simple IKEA DIY hack)? 

Have a cosy day friends!


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Danila's Lovely, Earthy Home In A Finnish Rental

Quite often, the homes I show are blessed with dramatically high ceilings, beautiful stucco, original parquet flooring and other drool worthy period features. All very well if you are lucky enough to have these in your home, but what about the rest of us mere mortals? If you fall into the latter camp, you'll be as excited as I was to hear the owner of this Finnish apartment state in her instagram bio: "making the most of a not so glam 73m2 rental." Sound familiar? Read on for some beautiful inspiration from Danila Yonsini's lovely home!  

Danila has painted her walls in soothing earthy tones with a warm hint and added plenty of texture to break up the 'boxy' feel of the architecture.

IKEA rattan cupboard, Portrait H* is similar, Mantis table lamp*

Every time I see a Samsung The Frame TV it takes me straight back to that greenhouse make-over I did with Emily Henderson.  I love the one in my sitting room too - I always choose pictures like the one Daniela's chosen but my kids love to change it to more shall we say 'statement' art - just to wind me up!  

We're so used to seeing iconic String shelving in the sitting room, but I absolutely love it in the kitchen too (as seen here!!).  

Is it just our family, or is your hallway floor knee deep in shoes too? If you have the wall space for it, this storage from IKEA is really nifty! 

I spy a piece that has gone bananas on instagram lately: the round, white ceramic vase from HM Home (I couldn't find this in the online store so it might require a store visit if you're interested) . They're everywhere! 

I love the little sculpture next to the bed. Sadly, I don't know where this particular one is from, but I got sent a similar one recently by a Swedish artist and it's one of my favourite pieces! You can see a glimpse of it in my sitting room here and they're available here

I hope Danila's home has given you some inspiration for your own home! You can see more pictures here

Fancy delving into a few more Finnish homes today?

In case you missed it, I shared a stunning Finnish family home in a former schoolhouse yesterday (so dreamy!) and I also love the happy, vibrant home of a Finnish designer and Maiju's delightful home. Check out the entire archive here


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A Beautiful Finnish Family Home in a Former Schoolhouse

It's one of those days where I'm completely behind with E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G and I know that in any minute the children are going to fly through the door from school. Gaaaaah! Before they do, I'm going to reward myself with a moment of pure inspiration - I hope you'll find it inspiring too! Welcome to Anna Wallendahr's stunning country home in Lohjansaari, Southern Finland - "the land of a thousand lakes and breath-taking nature". A photographer and cafe owner, Anna captures breathtaking snapshots of her home and life in Finland which she shares on her instagram @aamuomenatarhassa. She lives with husband Jussi, who works in IT and runs gypsy brewery Ö brewing, two daughters Josefina (10) and Elise (6), three cats and 10 chickens. A former schoolhouse, the family home dates back to1898 and is blessed with 3.5-metre-high ceilings, spacious rooms and large windows. Anna and Jussi are renovating the house bit by bit - sharing their projects as they go. Here are some of my favourite corners. 

"Our house is surrounded by beauty here by lake Lohjanjärvi in Lohjansaari. I feel grateful for living in this amazing country." 

Sometimes Anna finds the many doors, windows and high ceiling a challenge. The living room took her a year to decorate - a make-over which included creating a windowsill that spans the length of the room. The result is stunning - and a perfect place for the cats to sit and gaze out of the window! 

Although only temporary (Anna plans on potentially painting the wood with deep / dark egg tempura paint), there's something beautiful about the wood walls in the master bedroom, don't you think? 


I can certainly see why Anna feels lucky to live where she does. The house is hauntingly beautiful - and the scenery is simply breath-taking! 

Could you imagine living here?

If you don't already follow Anna on instagram, it's a must! You can find it right here

And here are a few other schoolhouses to love:

Oh wow, now that I've started the search, I've found loads of them! Pour yourself a coffee, put up your feet and check out the archive here!

Have a lovely day!


PS I think I may have made it - no sign of the children yet - PHEW! 

Photography: Anna Wallendahr

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Step Inside A Relaxed Bohemian Family Home In South Korea

Why, hello there! I'm excited to be kicking off the week with a My Scandinavian Home all time first: a home tour in South Korea! And it's perfect time with the country's first ever Oscar win last night!  B.Minjung (who I'll refer to from now on as 'B'!), her husband and their adorable two-year-old girl Yoon Seul live in the coastal city of Busan. The family are currently awaiting the imminent arrival of a baby girl, a little sister for Yoon Seul. The relaxed apartment is testimony to B's passion for vintage and bohemian decor and is a sea of warm, earthy tones and natural materials including wood, rattan and bamboo. B also loves to make her own home decor items - some of which she sells through her web shop. I hope you enjoy this lovely tour as much as I did! 

The apartment is full of earthy natural tones - including an abundance of wood, rattan and bamboo. A simple wooden children's fence / gate ensures Yoon Seul can play safely in the sitting room. 

I spy IVAR cabinets from Ikea. In Sweden it's popular to paint the cabinets to match the wall colour - but I love the way B has left them in natural pine. 

And how cosy does that fluffy sheepskin throw* look on the rattan chair?  

I have been scanning the pictures for clues on how South Korean's live. If the picture above is anything to go by, it seems they have a tendency to put washing machines / dryers in the kitchen - just like the Brits (in Scandinavia they these appliances tend to be in the bathroom). Where do you place them in your country? 

Another thing I noticed is the dark wood floors - something you don't tend to see in Scandinavia right now. 

I have always been a fan of binga baskets having seen them in this relaxed beach home, a bargain hunter's Antwerp home and a relaxed Tucson home (source a set of 5 here*). 

Cuteness overload!

Is it too early to be thinking about weekend lie-ins and breakfast in bed? 

Spot the tootsies! 

There are few ledges in the bathroom so B has used the power of hanging plant holders and an Ikea step stool to add a touch of greenery! 

There are so many pretty items in Yoon Seul's bedroom - but I especially love the little wicker trolley. I remember when my girls were two. They used to love rolling their toys from room to room, this luggy basket* would have been perfect! 

I absolutely love that most of Yoon Seul's toys are made from wood. I often wince when I see mountains of colourful plastic toys that buzz and beep (even if kids do love them!). Having said that, I used to have a plastic fisher price garage and my children enjoyed it 30 years later. Some toys never go out of favour! 

Did anything from B's home stand out to you? 

You can see more pictures from B. Minjung's lovely home over on her instagram feed @ddbling

Here in Malmö the sun has just come out (hurray!) and I'm thinking of heading out to survey the damage from the storm last night - did you get crazy winds too? I also need to clear my head after a crazy week at fairs in Denmark, Stockholm and Frankfurt. I'm feeling full of inspiration but massively tired too! Roll on the weekend. Oh. It's only Monday. Bah! 

Have a great start to the week folks! 


Photography: B. Minjung - shared with kind permission

This post contains affiliate links which means I might make a tiny amount of money if you click on the a link marked with an asterisk * and buy something. 

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