A Rare Peek Behind The Facade of Copenhagen's Colourful Nyhavn!

No trip to the Danish capital would be complete without visiting Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront, canal and entertainment district lined with brightly coloured townhouses, bars, restaurants and historical ships. But have you ever wondered what lies behind the colourful facade? Photographer Céline Hallas, husband Daniel, children Samuel (15) and Sienna (11) and their "very beloved dog" Yoda reside in an apartment with side views onto the canal. I caught up with Céline to find out more about what it's like to live in the famous district, her love of colour, collecting art and secret Copenhagen tips!

How did you get hold of your apartment? I can imagine it's pretty tricky to get hold of one?!
I really don't know how it happened. We had sold our old home without finding a new place to live and actually had to move in with my parents. We were looking in a totally different part of Copenhagen, but while we were sitting there in my parents' basement, constantly looking at what was for sale, this apartment in Nyhavn kept haunting my dreams with it's beautiful details and colourful courtyard. We fell in love with the apartment, not the area. We really didn't know the area and the fact we now never want to live anywhere else is pure luck!

What do you love most about living in Nyhavn? 
I love being surrounded by culture and history and even though it becomes part of everyday life, I always feel so blessed when I return home each day and see the colourful houses - this is home! To live by the water feels like an amazing gift. Sometimes when I open the windows in the early morning and smell the sea, I have to pinch myself to believe I'm not dreaming.

Are there any challenges? 
Sure there are! Tourists LOL! I sometimes feel they forget that this is our home with all that comes with it and not just a place where they can ensure the perfect picture to document their trip to Denmark!

I love the colour in your home - how do you decide on each shade?
I have always been obsessed with colours and colour combinations and it has always been my strength. So for me, it's more instinctive then sitting down and deciding on a colour. I find inspiration all over the place. I primarily use Farrow & Ball, the colours are all so beautiful.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to use more colour?
Don't be scared, what's the worst thing that can happen? Maybe you'll have to re-paint it to get it right -  it's so worth it. Life is so much more fun when you fill it with colour.

You have some wonderful pieces of furniture in your home, what are you drawn to?
I'm not into one style, I'm into great design and quality. I am drawn to pieces with colours, but I'm very selective about colours, it has to be just right, I'm very colour sensitive. If something has a 'wrong' tone it makes me depressed, I wish I was kidding but it affects me a lot.

Where do you shop for furniture? 
We primarily buy at auctions - Lauritz and Bruun Rasmussen. But we also find a lot at dba (a Danish online second hand shop).

Do you have a favourite piece? 
I think I have three! Our green couch from VITRA - beautiful to look at and even better to relax in. Our dressing table - it's hard to find a piece of furniture that brings so much joy. And our amazing post modernist floor lamp called Callimaco from Artemide, it just make me so happy to look at!

I love all your art, have you been collecting for a long time? 
Art has always been an important part of my life and I have had some of the pieces wfor years - such as the Wiinblad and Richard Mortensen. Over the last few years, my husband as really started to enjoy art in a new way and we both really love filling our home with it. 

Who are your favourite artists?
Wiinblad will always have a special place in my heart! But within the more contemporary art scene, I love Eske Kath, his work is loud, poetic and colourful- and I must say, that talks to my heart! I also like Farshad Farzankia and Evren Tekinoktay.

Do you have any secret Copenhagen tips?
I don't know if I have any - but if you are into art, I would recommend swinging by Bruun Rasmussen when you are visiting Nyhavn. It might be an auction house, but it feels like an ever-changing art

How fun to take a peek behind Nyhavn's facade. I often look up at the open windows and wonder what lies beyond!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home Céline!

You can see more pictures of her home and insights into family life in the district of Nyhavn here.

I particularly loved the gallery walls - it's especially refreshing to see a children's bedroom with more mature artwork, which could help them to appreciate the beauty of art in a different way. What do you think?

Another thing that's really interesting about the Danes is that they are massively forward thinking and as a result, big trend setters. If you like to keep your home bang up to date, it's worth taking note of  the colour schemes, materials, patterns etc in this home - they'll almost certainly be a hot trend next year!

For more 'great Dane' inspiration I'm loving a Danish home that's sunny on the inside, the fabulous Danish home of an interior designer and a warm and inviting Danish home.

I do love the relaxed Danish style, how about you?!

Hav en god dag! See you Friday!


All photography by Céline Hallas, shared with kind permission. 

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The cool home of a Danish architect

It's Friday, the sun's shining and things are hotting up here in Malmö! Hope they are where you are too?! Just over the bridge in Denmark is this oh so cool Danish home belonging to architect Friederike Faller. Friedericke and his family have decorated the space with muted tones and made maximum use of every square inch (check out the high storage in the hall, kitchen, sitting room and dining room and the desks in the bedroom). I also love the way Mikkel Adsbol has photographed it  - the angles, the light. A perfect home tour for a Friday don't you think?!

Home: Friedericke Faller. Photographer: Mikkel Adsbol (with kind permission). Boligliv. Via Decordots with thanks. 

Anything that stands out to you?

I love the rope ladder on the bunk bed - my girls have been asking for a slide on theirs (Hahaha. No). But actually this could be a great alternative. Incidentally if you're looking for a spring / summer wardrobe for your little ones this weekend, Smallable are giving away 20 Petit Bateau outfits, 16 Finger in the nose and 5 Imps and Elves outfits in an amazing Grand Prize Draw throughout April. I'm all over it!

Back to the all important home tour - if you loved this Danish home, you might also like to check out these spaces: a Danish oasis in Cannes, the beautiful home of a Danish designer, and since it's the weekend, a pretty Danish home by the sea. *Sigh*, I could live in all of these, couldn't you?

For those of you with a bare wall at home - I love the scalloped walls shown in this post from Weekday Carnival, also master of the Geometric wall. Bare walls no longer!

And a quick reminder, don't forget to enter the give-away to win the t-shirt soft bed linen, tomorrow's the last day! I'll be back Sunday with the give-away winner announcement and a rare Sunday post (with a fabulous home tour I might add!). So see you then and have a wonderful Friday / Saturday!

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A Dreamy Copenhagen Home Full of Books, Art and Danish Design

Friday totally calls for something fabulous. And when I discovered the Danish home of architectural technology student Freja Bak Petersen I knew I'd found just the place! Freja's Copenhagen apartment is a total dream! Just the glimpse of the books in her dining room in yesterday's Danish home round-up had me searching instagram for more, and her feed was awash with room after room filled with mid-century Danish design pieces, colourful art, stacks of books and subtle details that make the space truly unique and personal. Buckle up friends, you're in a for a real ride! 

Freja found the Børge Mogensen dining table on Scandinavian auction site Lauritz.

I could climb into that classic Kludestolen chair by Bernt Petersen and read all weekend, how about you?!  I also love floating bookshelves it helps to maintain a lovely light and airy feel (unfortunately, we don't have many walls in our home that could support this - do you?). 

Freja built the shelves herself (you can see a slide show of the process, including before pictures, here). So clever!

Instead of ripping it out, Freja kept the original 1920s kitchen and updated the cabinets with a lick of Retro paint by Beckers. The kitchen walls have been painted in Salt, also by Beckers. 

A plaster wall in the living room breaks up the white and adds a load of texture to the sitting room. 

It's the subtle touches in Freja's home, like the colour of the floor, that makes it so personal. "I painted the floors in a very light blue with a touch of grey. I love that they are light blue!" Freja told me. 

The velvet 'Floyd sofa' in matt beige is from the Sofa Company

What a perfect way to create room for a home office in a small space without having to stare at your work / study notes from bed! So inspiring! Freja made the desk herself using IKEA legs and a lacquered MDF board. The lamp is from Møller & Rothe.  

Oh, how I loved this home tour. I hope you also felt inspired!

Did anything stand out to you in particular?

I love the light blue floor (Freja has promised to come back with the exact colour code over the weekend. I'll stop by and update the post as soon as I receive it.

In the meantime, you can see plenty more pictures of Freja's home over on instagram here.

It seems the Danish design love fest has become a two-day affair! If you missed yesterday's post, I strongly recommend you pour yourself a coffee and hop over there now - so many dreamy spaces!

Other dreamy danish homes to love over the weekend include a rare peek behind the facade of Copenhagen's colourful Nyhavn, the cool home of a Danish architect and hygge and pops of colour in Hanna Järver's creative home.

Have a fabulous couple of days, friends!


If you're an interior designer or architect make sure you stop by over the weekend as I'll be announcing a very exciting contest!

Photography: Freja Bak Petersen, shared with kind permission.

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15 Fabulous Danish Spaces That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a home with a touch of colour (OK puppies, kittens etc might also do the trick - but I'm talking strictly Scandinavian interiors here!). And in my mind, no one does colour quite like the Danes. Our Nordic friends seem to have a knack of finding shades that are both bold and earthy in equal measure. Think soft pink, deep blue and mid greens applied to walls, pieces of furniture or a subtle hint in a painting or book jacket. Either way, combined with whitewashed walls and floors as well as art and books, and the overall look is fresh, vibrant, relaxed and effortlessly stylish. Another Studio, a Danish creative content and product development studio run by Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg (who's home I recently featured here) and Mikkel Dahlstrøm, has an innate ability to seek out some of Denmark's finest homes for interior magazines. Here are 15 relaxed spaces from their portfolio - that really put a smile on my face, I hope they brighten up your day too! 

1 & 2. The colourful home of Sofie S. Boisen featured in ALT Interiør.

3. The pretty studio of artist Little Detroit featured in BoligLiv

4. Why have a bare wall when you can fill it with art like Karen Emilie Skou.

5. Princess and the pea (AKA one of the world's cutest pups) in the home of Mai-Britt 

6. Books piled high on the floor (featured in ALT Interiør)

7. Colourful book jackets make a wonderful feature in the home of Freja Bak Petersen.

8. Pretty in pink in the Aarhus home of Danish fashion blogger Maria Kaas featured in Femina DK.

 9. There's so much to love about Mia's dining room starting with the dark blue wall and touches of pink and gold1 

10. Sometimes all it takes is some colourful cushions and a deep blue pouf and the room is made, as seen in the home of @toves_room and featured in BoligLiv.  

11. When you have windows like these in Mia's home, it would be rude not to sit there and enjoy the view. With a coffee. For hours. 

12. A little table, a floor lamp, art and a vase in Kristiane's home (featured in ALT Interiør). Because no space needs to be dead space, not even if it's tucked behind a door in the corner of the room! 

13. How's this spot for a quiet afternoon siesta in Hanne's dining room

14. Feeling the blue touches in Karoline's sitting room (featured in BoligLiv)

15. Balancing colour to perfection: a bright blue floor which matches a fabulous lamp! I'm so curious to see the rest of Tova's danish home, how about you? 

Are you also feeling full of inspiration? 

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg from all the fabulous spaces Julie and Mikkel have styled and photographed. Hop on over to the Another Studio instagram feed for countless more spaces! 

If you're feeling the Danish style, you might also like to come and join me in the danish home archive too - it's one of my absolute favourites (warning - you can get lost in there for hours!). If this post pops up first, just scroll on past. 

In the words of the Danes - ha en dejlige dag! 


Credits: Styling and photography by Another Studio, pictures shared with kind permission. 

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