A stunning home on an island outside Stockholm

Do you have a dream home in mind? Or perhaps you are lucky enough to already live in it? I like my home and there are some great things about a modern space - can you see the 'but' coming?! But I do dream of living in an old house one day. And in my mind it looks exactly like Mari Stregnheilm Nord's home in the Stockholm archipelago. Just in case you need a reminder, here are some more pictures of Mari's beautiful home captured by Lina Östling. Mari's home, which she shares with hr husband and two young children, has been renovated using a palette of white, grey and green and furnished with a beautiful mix of vintage and antique finds as well as items found on travels. Let's take a tour...

Photography: Lina Östling (shared with kind permission). Stylist and home-owner: Mari Strengheilm Nord. Found via The Style Files with thanks.

So beautiful don't you think?

I especially love the kitchen (the table and chairs!). Since this picture was taken Mari has renovated and it now looks like this (with the floor painted in S 2000-N from Nordsjö. I also like the curtain room divider - perfect way of stopping room to room drafts and also adding a touch of cosiness!

This 'how to paint diamonds on the floor' guide is really helpful to get the same effect on your hallway (or elsewhere in your home). 

Source beautiful vintage industrial pendant lights like the ones shown in Mari's home here.

Another space that falls into my dream home category is this artist's home in a former school - the light! Could you live here?!

What does your dream home look like?

Have a lovely day!

PS Lina has such a beautiful blog

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Lighting up time- inspiration from a lovely Swedish home

Hello! It's soooo grey here this morning, I don't think it's ever going to get light. I've lit a few candles for cosiness. In Scandinavia candles are common in the mornings (they even place them on the breakfast table at my daughter's nursery - so lovely!). How about where you are? While feeling my way around in the dark (almost!) it's also got me thinking about lighting in my home - and how much we're missing! Experts say you should have a whole host of different types of lighting in a space for maximum affect including ambient, task, accent and natural (see this guide). This Swedish home has a great mix of wall, floor, table, string and industrial lights. They even have an oil lamp! Perfect inspiration for anyone like me, who needs to brighten up your home this season!


Lovely home! I love the view over the canal as you come out of the front entrance too, not a bad way to start the day?

Lights I know and love: Flowerpot table lamp, the Bellevue floor lamp is similar. Black string lights. This brass wall light is similar to the one in the sitting room. I also love this industrial brass scissor lamp and for a splurge - the Serge Mouille two arm wall light is my favourite (one day huh...?!). This pair of green industrial pendants are similar to the one over the kitchen table. And finally, an incredibly talented friend of mine (and mum of one of the little boys in my daughter's class) has just designed the Little darling table lamp - seen all over the blogosphere right now, it'll definitely be one of the big lights of 2016 - watch this space!

More fab spaces to brighten up your Tuesday include this Finnish house made from containers (you won't believe it!) and a serene Norwegian home overlooking a fjord.

Have a lovely day!

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