Old meets new in a Stockholm home

It's all happening in Södermalm, Stockholm this week. So if you're looking for somewhere to live, this area of Sweden's capital city's got the place! Following Tuesday's all white affair, this beautiful apartment (which I found via one of my blog favourites, La Maison D'Anna G) has a lovely relaxed old meets new feel with a touch of industrial / shabby. 

Burfors via La Maison D'Anna G

So which style is more you - the fresh white or the relaxed old meets new?

Me? I'm definitely for a little mix of old and new, I love an old floor with history like the ones they sell at The Reclaimed Flooring Co and antique / vintage pieces which tell a story. Plus if you're a bit messy (like I am) it this tyle is much more forgiving!
PS Just a quick question before I leave, does your man / girl understand your love of Pinterest? My guy is finding it hard to grasp the context, or actually I think he gets it but doesn't actually get why. Oh how he's missing out!

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Kook; new on my wish list!

One of my London friends is designing a bar which I'm sure will be fabulous once it's finished! This has got me really itnerested in bar and restaurant interiors. There are so many things to think about, from practicalities and ambience to location, economy, comfort and asthetics. Kook in Lazio, italy was designed byMohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini from Noses Architects in 2012 and looks really wonderful. I can already see myself sitting on one of the leather chesterfields sipping on a cocktail waiting to be seated!

Via Love is Speed
 What do you think (have you been here?!) Any aspect you particularly like? I'm all over the tiled floor and concrete surfaces.

Do you have a restaurant in your city you would recommend? Here in Malmö I'd firmly recommend Bastard (book a month in advance) and in Copenhagen I've been longing to go to Noma.

All this talk of restaurants is making me hungry.....:)

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Sunny white Stockholm studio

With all the snow blanketing the ground outside I'm in the mood for an all white interior (who am I trying to kid....I'm always in the mood for white!). This apartment is currently for sale in Stockholm and is a great lesson in how to design a studio space. I love the blend of light grey marble, galvanised steel and the natural wood / cognac accent. Beautiful!

Erik Olsson via Hannas Room
What do you reckon? Could you happily pad around this home?

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