Danish design inspired by Nordic nature

Today I'm inspired by the Danish design company by nord where sustainable design is at the centre of everything they do. Designer and owner Hanne Berant says  by nord design is 'inspired by the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature where the rough and gentle meet'.

by nord
Quite a lot of inspiration to take from this - obviously the sustainable nature of their work, but also from a visual perspective, using a picture over the sofa which looks like a window, scribbling on the wall (although my handwriting is so awful it would look like lots of squashed spiders) and the wonderful black and white moodboards.

And also, if you have guests coming around for supper and you haven't got any pretty flowers you could just nip out and collect a few autumnal branches as a centre piece - they're free too. genius! Definitely the autumn tip of the day.

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The home of a Danish fashion blogger

Hi all! I arrived back to an extremely stormy, wet, and cold Sweden at 2am this morning -gah!  Thankfully I have beautiful scandinavian interior design to cheer me up. This is the home of Danish fashion blogger Stephanie Gundalech in the centre of Copenhagen captured by Line Klein and styled by Helen Wiggers for Elle Decoration DK.

Photography: Line Klein, Stylist: Helen Wiggers Home owner: Stephanie Gundalech.

Such a beautiful home, I especially love the soft earthy hues and the wall displays. Is there anything that stands out for you?

Thank you Line for the kind permission to share these images.

And there's a little good news on the my scandinavian home front.....a wonderful new sponsor!

A warm welcome to my new sponsor designcollectors. If you're passionate about beautiful things and love Eames Lounge Chairs, Panton chairs, Akari lamps....this online shop have the biggest stock of Vitra Home Collection in Europe. And what's more they're giving all my wonderful readers (you!) a discount of 15% (code MYSCAN). Yay! Thank you designcollectors!

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Devine Dutch: interior inspiration

Yesterday I was in a shop with my eldest little girl and she said 'I have a great big problem, I'd love everything in the shop.' OK, not exactly a big problem compared to world peace (I need to work on that!) but don't you get that feeling sometimes? There are some shops I long to visit but fear it could be more than a little dangerous. The dutch, for example, have a real flair for design which bears a strong resemblance to Scandinavian style. I would love to spend a weekend in Amsterdam and visit shops like Sukha.....the only problem is, I might just feel like my daughter did today!

Pictures: Sukha Amsterdam
What d'you think?

Have you visited Amsterdam or perhaps even Sukha?!

As some of you know from my post last Thursday I am in fact on a bit of a long weekend break visiting my sister and her family. It just so happens that she lives on a very beautiful part of an island in the mediterranean. Sigh, the things I do for my sister.... :) I'm off to enjoy my final morning capuccino in the square now before I head back for the slightly colder and greyer Sweden this afternoon. But my batteries are officially charged!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend too!

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Brooklyn home with reclaimed wood

Hello and happy Friday - wooohoooo! Ullis, a great and super stylish friend of mine (I'm still waiting to show her home here but apparently it's not ready...) tipped me off about this fab space belonging to Ariele, a self confessed 'builder, fixer and do it yourselfer', in Brooklyn New York. Ariele has a fab shop called Brooklyn to West where she sells the furniture she makes out of reclaimed wood. If her apartment is anything to go by I'm all over that shop like a wood saw (errr). Sadly they don't ship outside of the US so for those of us elsewhere it's just to drool!  


Brooklyn to West

What do you think? Do you have anything made of reclaimed wood in your home? I am always super impressed with tables made from upcycled wood doors.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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