My black and white bedroom

Over at NIB Norwegian interior bloggers have been invited to choose something from their home that shows who they are. And I thought, why not join in here. My favourite little corner is one side of the bedroom. Ok I technically share it with my man but you can see that, umm, he didn't really have much of a say. (Poor guy!). I have so many treasured items, pictures of my family, presents from friends and nostalgic trinkets that tell a story that it's definitely a little corner of my world that I really love.

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home

A little guide to where things are from: the black wallpaper and bedding is Designers Guild. The mirror is Graham & Green. The reading lamp is the IKEA +365 BRASA. The two little vintage apothecary bottles were a present from P's dad who's a doctor. And I found the Swedish Gustavian chest-of-drawers in their attic. The jewellery holder was a birthday present from my P (good man!). And no guesses where the Chanel No5 perfume was from! People are buying second hand perfume for lots at the moment for the lovely bottles so if you have one that you don't like the scent of and thinking of slinging it out, e-bay it instead!

Do you have an area of your home you feel is truly yours and represents you?

Oh and also I've been looking for a pretty 'washed out' pink or lilac coloured throw for my bed - any tips? Or perhaps another colour - what do you think?

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Lilac and dusty pale pink for a calm home

Tjeeeena! Hope you had a lovely weekend? My little three year old and I visited Hem & Villa, a house and home exhibition in Malmö. We had a great time, she because she got a sweet at every stand, me because I love spending the day with my gal AND I got some home inspiration at the same time! Peeerfect. This calm Monday morning I'm taking inspiration from some of these beautiful calm, serene spaces. Pastels are the shades du jour, and I couldn't welcome them more this spring!

Interiör Magasinet
Rum DK 
Honey pie living etc
What do you reckon? Are you a pastels person or more of a bold and brights bad boy?! Or perhaps it's monochrome all the way? Me, I'm loving the pastels and white look. 

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A lovely little white Oslo apartment

Iiiiiiit's Friday. Woop woop! And to celebrate I have to show you a beautiful all white Oslo home recently on the market. Those of you who know me well, know I looooove an white home. But this tiny (61 metre square) apartment also ticks all the other boxes of things I love too. Vintage. Fireplaces. Touches of Scandinavian modern. Wooden beams. And an open wardrobe. Luckily for my man this place has already been sold or we'd be packing for Norway!

Finn Via the fab blog and web shop Nordic Bliss

What do you reckon? Could you live in an all white home?

Have a wonderful weekend all! See you Monday x

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Thursday evening DIY: Clock work

Take two FAB shops that most people can't live without (in Sweden at least); IKEA and H&M. Not brands you'd normally pair together. But hot on the blog rounds this week are these clever interior design ideas using IKEA's BONDIS clock and a H&M leather belt.

Brigg Via NIBs

Thank you Nordic Bliss for letting me know the clever creator behind this!

Have a lovely evening!

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A vintage / industrial / modern B&B in Provence anyone?!

Dreaming of escape to this very cool and very beautiful hotel, La Maison Pujol in Provence, France this morning. I visited Provence last year. Oh how I wish I'd stayed in this bed and breakfast packed with vintage pieces and a great touch of modern industrial. The only problem is I might still be there. Thank you to  photographer Manolo Yllera for the permission to use these great images.  

Photography: Manolo Yllera via French by Design
Love the big letters, love the touches of orange, the concrete walls, the dining area....yup, pretty much love everything!

Trevlig Torsdag! Have a lovely day!

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