A Danish Home With Easter Touches

Looking to get into the easter spirit? Mette Norrild has filled her 1970s house on the Danish island of Fyn with pastel hues, spring flowers (including Forsythia, cherry blossom and Magnolia) and pretty Easter touches. Oh, and don't miss the quirky details like artisan mugs, colourful glassware and twisted candles - they add such a fun touch! Here are a few snapshots to feel inspired by this weekend: 

So many pretty ideas!

Decorative mugs have become such a big thing in Denmark lately that I feel tour requires a roundup! 

From top left: Royal Copenhagen, Studio Palu (twisty handle), Krøllet Keramik (with cherries, sweets etc), Les Gens Heureux (pointed handle / splashes). 

It's made me want to start decorating my home this weekend, how about you? 

If you're curious about where any of the items are from, Mette's great at tagging her photos on instagram

For other pastel homes see:

And for some great easter decorating ideas take a look at: 

I hope this post has put you in the mood for the easter holidays! My girls break up tomorrow so we're looking forward to decorating the house a little. Maybe the rain / snow / everything the swedish weather gods wants to throw at us will clear up at some point too! 

Do you decorate your home for Easter? If so, I'd love to hear about your decorating traditions! 

Have a great weekend! 


Photography: Mette Norrild / @mettenorrild, shared with kind permission

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A Danish Home Where Subtle Colour and Earthy Tones Come Together

Christina Krabbe (AKA @glimtvist) lives in a wonderful 1940s red-brick house in North Zealand, Denmark with her husband Jonas, his three girls and her two boys, as well as their little girl Nora and a border collie named Chilli. Christina and Jonas share a passion for interiors - and love working on DIY projects together. This might include everything from building a lift bed from scratch to up cycling vintage furniture. They also have a penchant for colour, especially pastels which are combined with earthy tones for a vibrant yet calm family home. Ready to feel inspired by? Welcome to a world of pastel wall colours, vibrant art, patchwork quilts and vintage and contemporary design classics. 

The kitchen cabinets are made by Arki studio, a Danish firm who makes units to 'hack' ikea kitchens. The Bon Bon pendant lamp is by Hay. 

Patchwork Copenhagen quilt, RN design table, the kitchen wall has been painted in Light Antique Grey by Jotun. 

I love this Easter egg 'with a twist' idea! Isn't it fun? 

The wall in the sitting room has been painted in Observe by Jotun

Print by Taisho

Christina bought the desk in wood from Søstrene Grene and then painted it pink, SMALLrevolution stool, Portable Flowerpot lamp* 

Such an inspiring home! 

There are some many lovely, colourful details. Is there any room or corner that stood out to you in particular?

See more of Christina's home and follow her latest DIY projects at @glimtvist

Looking for a little more colour inspiration today? The Danes are masters of it! Here are a few favourites:

Glad lillördag (Happy 'Little Saturday' - as they sometimes call Wednesday in Sweden!). 


Photography: @glimtvist, shared with kind permission. 

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12 Simple Ways To Add Colour To Your Home This Spring, Danish Style

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I'm feeling completely revived after a visit from my sister - and a trip to the forest and a sauna / dip in the sea (all in all, a very Swedish weekend!). I thought I'd kick off the week with some Danish style colour inspiration. I'm not talking all out riot, more subtle, yet vibrant touches that will lift the home and put a smile on your face in an instant!

Maria Harmuth, who lives with her husband Morten and son Billie, has been renovating her beautiful, old apartment in Copenhagen. She started out by creating a timeless backdrop in warm, neutral shades before furnishing it with some wonderful Scandinavian classics. But what really stood out to me is how Maria has then added a layer of colourful accessories in shades of baby blue, lavender and sherbet as well as bright pops of tomato red and deep Klein blue to bring the look bang up to date. 

Here are 12 simple ways for even the most colour shy among us, to add colour to your home this spring:

1. Colourful kitchen glassware, utensils and dishes: it's hugely expensive to renovate a kitchen (I know just from working with our small summer cottage kitchen!). So, selecting timeless units and cabinets that will stand the test of time is wise. However, this doesn't mean you can't add a colourful touch. Simple items like colourful jugs and glasses, fruit bowls, chopping boards (this one is from Fabrek) and plant pots will help to give the space a lift.

2. Throw in a curveball: add a funky touch with an item that breaks off from all the other pieces. Here, an ornate candle holder fitted with candles in a lavender shade gives the kitchen a unique touch. 

3. Tomato red chair or stool: a classic Scandinavian trick - and one of the Danish colours of the year, this vibrant shade screams 'look at me' and adds heat and energy to the open-plan living space while also working well with pastel shades. The trick is not to overdo it - a single fiery red chair, stool or a pendant lamp is all that's needed. 

4. Candles: colourful candles have been everywhere these past 12 months. Mix and match and place in a brass candleholder like this STOFF Nagel* one to brighten up your dining table this spring. 

5. Ceramics: colourful ceramic mugs are having a moment and designed to be on display like art (as well as used, of course!). Go for mix and match colours and styles for a playful touch. 

6. Rugs: the rules are: there ain't no rules! Especially when it comes to the rug in this picture. The bright green and white cheques totally break off from the rest of the room and the size defies everything the rule books say about size. So, get experimenting and don't be afraid to do something different. It'll add a cool funky off-beat touch to the look!  

7. Cushions and blankets: Klein blue is so popular in Copenhagen right now (both in the fashion world  and home). This Klein blue cushion, baby blue striped blanket (stripes are BIG right now) and brown suede combination livens up the corner and looks divine! 

8. Storage: Everyone needs somewhere to put their keys, letters and other small items, so why not make a statement with a bright coloured unit like this one from Montana!  

9. Art / prints: go bold with art to add a splash to the walls. Online stores like The Poster Club* have a big array of colourful art to choose from. 

10. Bedding: refresh your bedroom with mix and match linen bedding in shades of lavender, pastel yellow, baby blue and peach! True Things Linen* sells linen in every shade under the sun!  

11. Flowers and vases: probably the simplest way to revive any space and brighten up your day - whether you go for a single bloom or a large bouquet in a riot of colours. Throw in a coloured vase for good measure! 

12. Small storage: it's common (and wise) to stick to neutral, timeless looks in the bathroom, but that doesn't mean you can't funk it up a little with some colourful accessories. Storage trays, toothbrush holders and towels offer a great opportunity to add a vibrant touch. 

How fabulous! And so achievable too! 

I hope you found these touches of colour inspiring. 

Curious about the neutral shades? In the kitchen and sitting room Maria has applied Smooth White from Jotun. 

See more of Maria's home over at @mariaharmuth

Would you like to see a few other homes with pops of colour? I love: 

By the way, 'funk / funky' is a very usual description in British English to describe something cool in an off-beat way, but while writing it I couldn't help feel a little nervous that it might mean something completely different in the US or other English speaking countries (gaaaah!). Can you help me out here? 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Maria Harmuth, shared with kind permission

*affiliate link

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A Playful Danish Home With The Cutest Boys' Room

Up for something playful today? In her Instagram bio, Julia describes her content as ''fairly ordinary every day and motherly life'' but looking at the pictures, her cheerful home on the Danish coast is far from it. In fact, there's a joyful touch around every corner thanks to Julia's ''great penchant for quirks, colours, flowers and nice finds' - not to mention art! I particularly like her son's room which is bursting with eye catching pieces from prints and planets to playful patterns and lots of furry friends. These cheery touches transcend into other parts of the home in the form of colour, pattern, flowers and art. Ready to take a tour? 

Rather than covering the entire room in colour, Julia has selected accent walls and worked with them to create a focal point. 

Her son's room has been painted half blue for to create a cosy zone - and then dots have been added for a playful touch. 

Julia has sourced items for her sons room from the likes of Faun & Luna, Bobles (tumbling furniture) and Maileg. The blackboard with oak frame is by Sebra. 

Try PSTR, The poster club, Minted, Postery and Desenio for fun children's prints. 

I hope Julia's Danish home has put a smile on your lips today! It certainly has mine. 

Oh to have small children again so I can decorate their rooms - so much fun! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Take a peek inside more playful homes today here: 

Thank you for all your comments yesterday about wanting to see more of Alexandra's vintage-industrial inspired home in France. There are lots of lovely pictures to look at on her instagram @belettepetite. She also wrote to tell me that she's thinking of creating a masterclass in English - might that be of interest? 

Goddag! (Good day!).


Photography courtesy of Julia / @smaaglimtaflykke, shared with kind permission. 

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