How white would you go in the home?

I know Scandinavian homes are synonymous with white, and yesterday's home was pretty white, but the interior designer behind this Swedish apartment has taken things to a whole new level! The floors, walls, furnishings, just about everything - is white! This isn't perhaps a very realistic way to live - as someone once commented here on the blog - 'own a rubiks cube and your stuffed'?! The home has of course been staged for sale through Fantastic Frank - sometime ago) but it's still inspiring in many ways - for example look at the difference a simple cream blanket makes on crisp white linen sheets - so calming. The kitchen is also lovely with a touch of dark wood and black. I guess the key question is, how white would you go?!

Stylist - Thomas Lindsell  Photography - Emily Laye / Fantastic Frank

I could definitely go for that all white bedroom - so peaceful! How about you?

Get the look - Pick up beautiful stone washed white linen bedding here. This vintage off white blanket is similar - If sold (hurry, there's only one!) I also love this chunky Ecru blanket - it would look so pretty against white sheets.

I have to admit, I have a real weakness for white. One of my friends had an all white wedding and all the guests wore it - it was such a beautiful wedding! I also love the white wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses at this rustic barn wedding (any excuse to indulge in a little wedding photography - and this bohemian wedding does look so romantic (and moving)?!

Other white, white, white homes include this serene home of a designer (love the courtyard) and a calm swedish apartment. And (yes, you guessed it) I have an entire archive dedicated to white homes - this is a Scandinavian Home blog after all! Scroll passed the first home as it will be this one.

 Have a lovely, calm day!

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A beautifully simple home with green floors

I'm always showing homes with white floors, black floorswood floors and even concrete floors. But what about green floors?! This surprising twist to an otherwise (beautiful) simple, white Australian home looks utterly fab and tells us that perhaps we need to think outside the usual colour scope? To get the look it's important to balance it with other items in the same shade (note the green tap and accessories in the kitchen, vases on the dining room table and vintage scales by the fireplace). Love the mid-century furniture too...

Photography: Brooke Holm with kind permission. Stylist: Megan Morton for Inside Out via Coco Lapine with thanks

Could you go green? Or perhaps you've seen another colour somewhere you like?

I've got something exciting to share with you tomorrow so make sure you pop back.....oooo, what could it be?!

Have a lovely day

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A serene white Malmö apartment

It was a while ago that I showed a completely white apartment. White floors, walls and ceilings maybe, but not everything bar a plant or a chair here and there. Even though I couldn't do the entirely white thing in my own home it doesn't stop me from admiring the beauty and serenity of an all white pallette in other homes such as this apartment here in Malmö. So simple, so beautiful!

Fastighetsförmedlingen via La Maison D'Anna G with thanks. 
What's your take on an all white home?

For a good few hours of interior inspiration, you can have a rummage through these past home tours of beautiful white homes. If you're not a white home person now, perhaps you will be after these!

PS I spy the Eames DAR chairs around the table and my favourite DCW chairs in the sitting room (15% off with code MYSCAN). A few choice IKEA items such as the sofa and side cabinet and the wonderful wishbone chair in the corner of the bedroom.  Any ideas where the fab kitchen light is from?

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A Small Swedish Apartment In Fresh White and Soft Grey

Hejsan hoppsan! I hope you had a great weekend! Did you get up to anything fun? Per was away and the girls and I headed out to the forest for some mushroom picking - we weren't very successful I have to say, but it was lovely having a picnic amidst the pines! Trees aide, I've been thinking about how it's been a while since I showed a fresh white and light grey home. It makes me realise just how much the trends have changed lately with so much colour and golden tones creeping in. So, how about we kick off the week with this serene, light and airy apartment in Gothenburg? For those of you who messaged me with words of glee over Friday's post (10 clever small space tricks to learn from a lovely swedish apartment), you'll be pleased to hear this space is also only wee - measuring a mere 42 m2 (452 f2)! Think fresh white floors, pale grey walls, a spattering of iconic design pieces, clever storage and one very beautiful masonry oven! Enjoy the tour! 

Love the tall plant, it adds so much to the room, don't you think? Does anyone know what species it is? The white ceramic shell pot* (just peeking into the corner of this picture) is a new item from Ferm Living. 

The front door leads straight into the kitchen - which also doubles up as a hallway. On Friday I mentioned how internal windows can do wonders for the flow of natural light into smaller spaces - and was pleased to see a little round window in this space!

At first glance, I wondered why the wall opposite the kitchen cabinets haven't been made into cabinets - but on further inspection I realised that there's a bed in the recess on the other side of the wall!

I spotted lights like the small pendant in this picture over at deVOL last week. It's so pretty! I've been wondering where to put one in my own home ever since! Could you imagine having a little light like this in your home too?

The Line print, white and wood storage from IKEA (I think)

When you're short on space you need to make use of every inch. I love the way a recess above the door has been used as hallway storage.

I have to say, no matter what trends come and go, I'll always have a penchant for homes with a white and soft grey palette. Are you a fan too, or do you need a little more colour? 

Have a wonderful start to the week friends! 


PS I'm not usually into numbers but I was excited to reach 250,000 followers on Instagram today - that's a quarter of a million! Kind of crazy! Thank you so much to everyone who follows along and makes my day that bit brighter with your comments!  

This home is for sale through Alvhem
*Affiliate links 

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A white home in Helsinki, Finland

It's no secret that I am completely drawn to homes with white floors! I don't know why but I just love them. As impractical as they can be for families with small children, I think they create a stunning effect, almost like the furniture is floating.  With the light fading here in Scandinavia and the days getting shorter by the minute, brightening up the interior is something of a priority! Finland based interior architect Joanna Laajisto and her husband, photographer Mikko Ryhänen completely rock the white floor look in their home in Töölö (I defy you to pronounce that!), Helsinki. You may have seen their home before on Scandinavian Deko and other fab blogs, but isn't it worth another look?!

Images Mikko Rhyänen, Styling Johanna Laajisto Via Scandinavian Deko
PS I definitely need to acquire a set of those Bertoia Side Chairs to go round my dining table. 
What's your experience of white floors? Are they as difficult to live with as I imagine?

On a completely different note, I pleasantly surprised myself today (this doesn't happen very often!). My computer calendar just went 'ping' and I went in to check what meeting I had scheduled. Only to find; 'Me time - 1 hour'. Bliss! I can warmly recommend this, who knows, enough hours of 'me time' a week may just allow you to build a home like the one above!

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A Swedish city pad in monochrome and copper

On Friday I was dreaming about spending the weekend in this rustic Norwegian cabin, weren't you?! And now, it's back to the city just in time for the start of a new week. This one bedroom monochrome and copper themed space in Gothenburg is a feast for the eyes, there's just so much to look at! I love the variety of light fixtures, the kakelugn (tiled oven) and touch of spring in the hallway.  Thank you 55 Kvadrat, you've brightened up the start of my week.

55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat
55 Kvadrat

Is there anything you love in particular about this Swedish space?

I love the white floor. I must have shown over 200 homes on here with white floors and never had one of my own. So I thought it was about time! I'm in the process of painting my top floor (and bedroom) white (you can see the work in progress here). I promise to create a post once it's finished. I must say, it's been such a tiring couple of the days - who needs the gym when you have a floor to sand, wash and paint?! Have you got a white floor in your home?

See more pictures and a plan of this lovely black and white apartment over at Kvadrat55.

More wonderful black and white homes here, here and here.

Have a great day!

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