A white home in Helsinki, Finland

It's no secret that I am completely drawn to homes with white floors! I don't know why but I just love them. As impractical as they can be for families with small children, I think they create a stunning effect, almost like the furniture is floating.  With the light fading here in Scandinavia and the days getting shorter by the minute, brightening up the interior is something of a priority! Finland based interior architect Joanna Laajisto and her husband, photographer Mikko Ryhänen completely rock the white floor look in their home in Töölö (I defy you to pronounce that!), Helsinki. You may have seen their home before on Scandinavian Deko and other fab blogs, but isn't it worth another look?!

Images Mikko Rhyänen, Styling Johanna Laajisto Via Scandinavian Deko
PS I definitely need to acquire a set of those Bertoia Side Chairs to go round my dining table. 
What's your experience of white floors? Are they as difficult to live with as I imagine?

On a completely different note, I pleasantly surprised myself today (this doesn't happen very often!). My computer calendar just went 'ping' and I went in to check what meeting I had scheduled. Only to find; 'Me time - 1 hour'. Bliss! I can warmly recommend this, who knows, enough hours of 'me time' a week may just allow you to build a home like the one above!


  1. Wow those floors are so shiney too. Would love that but would never be able to keep them clean.
    Me time, that would be nice!!

  2. Those floors are beautiful. I absolutely love it too.

    Have a nice day,


  3. White floors are my absolute, hands down, no questions asked favorite design element. They are beautiful and airy, albeit a bit impractical for someone with a black dog who sheds a bunch :) Love these shots.

  4. Very beautiful home!!All the best Mari

  5. I love the little colourful details in this stylish home!

  6. This apartment is awesome! The brass light fixtures work so well with the minimalist color palette. Love the black hang-it all with the walnut balls! I like the look of white floors but feel like they might show dirt easily and show dings etc. Btw. hurray for scheduling me time! We all need more of this...

  7. Spacious, fresh, very cozy and lovely! i would always want to go home if my house looks like this one. One of the best interiors I've seen for a white-themed home. Love it!

  8. Hi there! New follower here! :)

    I LOVE white floorboards. The older the wood, the better. I tend to prefer a simple white wash to something so gleaming (these in your post look almost vinyl!), but I think they're the easiest way to brighten a room without sacrificing walls (I like painted walls!), and they look great with either traditional OR modern-style rugs thrown over them...

    1. Hi! Welcome! And good to hear your thoughts, I completely agree with you. Love your blog by the way, just been lost there for to long to mention.

  9. With that gleam those floors look like they are a sheet of ice! It's a nice effect but I think I'd like something more worn looking. These rooms are crazy gorgeous though. Love your me time notion :)

  10. Beautiful home, look amazing, those floors!!!
    Have a lovely day!

  11. Those gleaming white floors?! I hadn't seen this home before, so thanks for posting it. And good on you- making time for yourself like that!

  12. Love these interiors they just seem s to be pretty fascinating with great interiors...


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