Small Space Make-over: A Teen Boy's Bedroom

Children's rooms are always fun to renovate as you can go a little more crazy, but when they start to hit their teens it's time to reign it in again and create something a little more grown-up. My stepson Albin, is 16 and spends a fair amount of time in his room (sometimes I think I hear him talking to himself but he's actually gaming against friends (in my mind, gaming is still Horris Goes Skiing on a ZX Spectrum circa 1984 so you can understand why this gets confusing!). When it comes to interior decorating, Albin has a fairly laissez-faire approach (understatement!). As long as he can sleep, study and play on his computer / watch football, tennis, baseball or WHATEVER is scheduled at the time, he's as happy as Larry (I'm still wondering who that is?!). Despite Genevieve Jorn and I being give free reign to design his room (which measures 7.7 metres square / 82 square feet), we were keen to ensure the look reflected his personality, run items from my wonderful make-over sponsor Danish homeware brand Nordal passed him, and ensure he had everything he needed!


Teenage Boy's Bedroom checklist*

Bed + reading light
TV and gaming console
Shelving for books
Storage for sports equipment
Desk with task light + drawers
Clothes storage

*according to Albin!


Photography: Bettina Holst / Coco Republic / IKEA

Floor plan

I really wish I had a 'before' picture (totally forgot to take one) but if you can imagine all white walls, no shelving and a slightly ripped poster stuck on the wall using sellotape you're on to something!


The tour

A 200 cm bed perfectly fitted the width of the room - with enough space for a TV, placed on a narrow wall mounted shelf, at the end. Layers of textile in the form of cushions and a rug (all Nordal) and the blue-grey wall colour (S 7010-R90B Ambience by Nordjö) helped to add a cosy feel. 

Simple wooden shelves were painted in the same colour as the wall and mounted higher up for extra storage. Gen and I love a corner gallery wall (remember this one?!). This ensemble includes a Happy Mondays print, and an old drawing by Albin. He can easily add to the gallery over time too. A wall-mounted reading lamp helps to light up the corner after dark (in a small room, wall mounting items help to free up floor space).

From left to right: Satin Pothos plant from a local flower shop, and grey and blue cushions with lovely fringed edges, a patterned rug and lampshade from Nordal.

Since Albin is often at his Mothers he doesn't tend to store a lot of clothes at ours, so we decided to do away with the wardrobe to create more floor space. A clothes rack (from IKEA) with storage underneath works as a great replacement and doubles up as a bedside table.

We couldn't place the desk in front of the window because of the big radiator. However, it still gets plenty of natural light in the corner. Right now a big palm adds a splash of colour to the corner of the room but we could add a wardrobe in it's place if needed. PS Loving the tassles on the rug!

I found the desk chair in a local second hand shop (imagine how excited I was?!)- it's originally from Hungary, and perfect because it's still relatively ergonomic (it swivels and the height can be adjusted). As you can see from the picture, I still need to sand down the seat and re-varnish it - Gah! Where does all the time go?!

My sister took the framed picture of Albin, the man and I many moons ago on a beach in Falsterbo. I love it as it was such a happy, sun-kissed day. There's a good chance we might just be replaced with a signed picture of Zlatan Ibrahimovic imminently though! The Nordal library lamp was moved up from our sitting room

And here he is, looking pretty happy with his new room, I must say...

... and perhaps wondering why I swapped his Malmö FF poster for an Arsenal one (out of shot) - kidding, England was a much better match!

I hope you liked the make-over as much as my stepson! In case you're looking to do something similar, here are a few of the items we picked:

1. Library table lamp
2. Dark blue cushion cover
3. Black wall lamp
4. Cotton quilt bedspread
5. Fabric lamp cover
6. Graphic canvas carpet
7. Natural cushion cover

*Find a webshop stockist near you here (Europe only).

If you are wondering about anything else just give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll do my best to help!

Come here for a home tour? You might like to check out the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian home tour archives.

Have a lovely day!


Photography / shoot styling: Niki Brantmark, Interior design direction / styling: Genevieve Jorn

This make-over was made possible with the help of Nordal. All design, styling and words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the companies that make fresh content possible.

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5 Great Design Tricks To Learn From a Small Swedish Space

It was a while since I featured a small space - which is a shame, as Scandinavian's are masters are these! This delightful apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden measures up at a mere 56 sqm (602 f2) - but the owners have still managed to squeeze in everything they need: including a light and airy kitchen, sitting room, home office, private bedroom, wardrobe space and a bathroom - and all with impeccable style too! Here are five things I love about this space - and what I see as the key to its success! 

1. Keeping to one era: the mint green kitchen cabinets wouldn't look out of place in the 50s - 60s - and yet it was newly renovated in 2016. To match the look, they've added a Gubi semi pendant lamp* which was designed in 1968, a set of classic 7 series chairs (designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955) and a vintage mid-century table and dresser. Despite the eclectic materials, this has helped to create a cosy, cohesive kitchen. 

2. Lots of pieces, without the clutter! If you look closely at the windowsill there's a lot going on - 5 unique pots (love the spotty one - I think it's by Elin Frodig), a little lamp and a candlestick holder. But since they're all in the same tone, it looks interesting without looking visually cluttered, 

I'd love a larder, sadly they rarely build new houses with these! 

3. Grouping: in small spaces, it's really important to leave areas empty. This helps to give the illusion of space. This can easily be achieved by grouping objects together (as seen above with the shelves and gallery wall). If you have shelves at home that feel cluttered, try grouping items together in threes or fives and leaving space between the next group - it will instantly elevate the space! 

4. Elfa storage: I always think Swedish brand Elfa is such an unsung hero of the interior world. The solutions are much more budget friendly than say, String (seen below) - and you can create endless different looks - as seen with the shelf and desk in the home office above, and the wardrobe below. A small space's best friend! FYI I'm not paid to say this, in fact I've never even spoken to them, I just love what they do. Hmmm. Maybe I should reach out? 

5. Sliding doors: No, I'm not talking about the 1990s romantic-comedy (although - I did used to love that film!), I'm talking doors that glide into the wall and simply 'disappear'. We have three sliding doors in our own home and I can't tell you how much space they help save. But also, the door frame can be way wider which means more light can filter into the room. Perfect for windowless rooms like this little bedroom alcove! The one in the picture below is from Bauhaus

PS I also love the use of bold pattern and colour in a tiny space - it adds so much drama and detracts from the size. Are you a fan off this too?

Perhaps you spotted some other great ideas from this lovely Swedish apartment, if so I'd love to hear below. 

In case you're curious to see the layout etc - there's a load more info here (this flat is for sale!). 

All in all, one lovely pad, don't you think?

I'll leave you with a few other teeny Scandinavian apartments to look at this bright and sunny (yet very cold Wednesday - there's a deep freeze going on here right now and tomorrow we're looking at a high of 8 degrees C - BRRRRRR!). 

Have a lovely day friends! 


Photography Anders Bergstedt for Entrance
*affiliate links

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Duvet day in this beautiful bedroom?!

Summer is back - or perhaps it always feels like summer in this serene Swedish bedroom? Light floors, light wood furniture, neutral colours, rattan and a touch of greenery.  Oh how I'd love be back in bed, enjoying a duvet day here right now. How about you?

55Kvadrat. Post inspired by Decordots with thanks
*sigh* so lovely! Breakfast in bed anyone?!

The only thing I notice is that it doesn't have any wardrobe space (save for the open rail). But for artistic license shall we just pretend there's a walk-in-wardrobe like this one lurking somewhere else in the flat?!

Tips on where a few items are from: Bamboo pendant light, similar chunky knit cushion here. Muuto wood light, Kritina Dam 'Vault' print, Copenhagen print.

More fabulous bedrooms include this Dutch space, this boat house and all of these lovely rooms.  And top marks for paint inspiration go to the fab bedrooms in this Parisien design hotel. You'll never bump your head in this crazy bedroom either...

Have a lovely day!

PS I've got a print give-away this weekend, if you're looking for something fab for your walls make sure you stop by!

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A Lovely Pared-back & Contemporary Home In Bergen, Norway

Are you ready for a virtual trip to Bergen, Norway? Today, we're taking a tour of the beautiful home of Ole Anders Teslo - of real estate agent Eie and Catherine Bækken, a designer at Heem, a Norwegian studio focusing on subtle minimalism in the field of interior architecture and concept styling. Little wonder their home is a picture of Scandinavian modern perfection! The rooms have been painted in various earthy, calm tones - from a lighter blue-grey in the dining area to a dramatic deep shade in the bedroom - proving the background for an amazing selection of Scandi design pieces! The minimalist touch ensures a light and airy feel - and also allows each iconic piece to stand out. Look closely and you'll also see subtle textures which help to ensure a balanced feel. I think neatniks in particular are going to love this tour! Ready to take a peek? 

Eames wire chairs circle the table and a Penthella floor lamp can be seen in the corner. 

You often see lamps (like this Hay Cloche one) on the windowsills in Scandinavian homes. I've asked a few friends about this and they say that it helps to make your home look warm and inviting from the outside, making it nice to arrive home!

A pair of Jielde lamps are the only items on the wall in the kitchen (I love these lamps! I picked up a beautiful vintage one on Etsy a few years ago here). Try Icelandic brand Kalklitir for a similar chalk paint affect. 

A beautiful leather Tiki sofa pops against the dark wall and a mirror and Flos 265 light help to lighten up the space on darker days (it rains 239 days a year in Bergen - can you believe that? It's still one of my favourite cities though!).  

Wall mounted classic String shelves provide a perfect home for a collection of magazines, books and other treasures. 

I love this little home office space. Using a Ferm Living plant box* as storage for prints and frames is a great hack too (it could also be used in a children's bedroom for books!). 

I spy the iconic wishbone chair. Did you know these chairs take around three weeks to produce - including one hour for a skilled craftsman to weave the seat? They are so beautifully made! 

I love how a simple Thonet bentwood chair has been used as a bedside table. I also recognise the Noon print by Kristina Krogh (I have the same one in my bedroom!).

And just look at the storage system below! I can imagine this looking so different with a wardrobe like mine - but loving the idea, it turns the whole room into a walk-in-wardrobe! Could you imagine doing something like this?

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did and have come away with some ideas for your own home. 

If you'd like to see more of Catherine's style, check out the Heem portfolio - it's full of beautiful minimalist spaces! 

I'm really excited that this has given me the opportunity to dip into the Norwegian archive to find a few more homes for you to enjoy today (there are so many incredible ones in there): 

Oh, how I miss Norway! Have you ever been? It's a magical country. 


Styling: Heem
Photography: Dag Randen

This post contains affiliate links marked with * Thank you for supporting My Scandinavian Home. 

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Pattern, Prints and IKEA hacks in a Charming Swedish Cottage

Why, godmorgon! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I was up at the cabin and the light was so beautiful (you can catch a glimpse in this little film). Elsewhere in Sweden, illustrator and creator Kajsa Hagelin was also making the most of the late summer days with her family at their home in the countryside. Kajsa and her family have been renovating their quintessential red and white cottage by hand, sharing the inspiring kitchen transformation, Ikea DIY hacks and choice of wallpaper and textiles on instagram. Look closely and you'll also spot lots of Kajsa's own artwork throughout the house too. Ready to feel inspired?

Kitchen before

I'm not sure when the above 'before' kitchen shot was taken - it looks dated to say the least! Either way, Kajsa and her family decided it was time to strip it away and make space for a new kitchen!

Kitchen after

The pair installed an ikea kitchen themselves, adding custom handles for a traditional touch. 

I love this breakfast scene! 

A gallery wall in the dining room includes some of Kajsa's own work (namely the two top right pieces).  You can find many of her prints at Wall of Art

A pair of vintage rattan chairs ensure a relaxed vibe in the sitting room, while the gallery wall (which also includes some of Kajsa's own work) cleverly disguises a Samsung The Frame TV - can you spot it? 

Simple hooks hammered into the side of the staircase create a spot for children's coats and classic Swedish Fjellraven Kånken rucksacks

The wallpaper in the children's bedrooms is from Willam & Morris and the bedding above is from Garbo & Friends. But what really steals the show is the hand built wardrobe - made from an ikea Billy bookshelf as well as left over panelling and a wardrobe door. 

In the other children's bedroom, they've also worked their magic with a Billy Bookshelf, this time customising it with colour, knobs and fabric. So clever, don't you think? 

The wallpaper is by William & Morris

A less than attractive water boiler gave Kajsa the excuse to add pretty Svenskt Tenn fabric to the upstairs bathroom. Svenskt Tenn is a classic brand in Sweden having been around for nearly a century. Recently their colourful textiles and wallpaper have become really popular among a younger crowd! 

So many lovely ideas in this home, don't you think?  

I particularly love all the textiles, wallpaper and prints  - they add so much character. 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

See more of Kajsa's home over at @kajsavisual and discover her work as an illustrator and creator here (she's so unbelievably talented!). 

Would you like to take a peek inside a few other creatives homes today? Here are a few to get your started:

Have a happy start to the week! 


Photographer Kajsa Hagelin, shared with kind permission. 

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