The Secret to Creating a Calm & Organised Home, Scandi Style

Paid partnership with Elfa, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love. 

Minimalist, practical, calm, organised. These are just some of the words that people frequently use to describe a Scandinavian home. And they'd be right! Having lived in Sweden for over 18 years I am constantly amazed at just how neat and tidy people's homes are (with the rare exception, of course!). Life is messy, children are messy, so, just how do they do it? Simply acquiring less stuff - or having a good old declutter certainly helps. But there is something more at play. 

I put a lot down to excellent storage. 

Simply put - I've been told that by creating a perfect home for everything - no matter how big or small, keeping your home tidy, neat and organised will be way easier. 

The problem 
Now, I'm going to fess up. The Brantmark family home is messy. It's shamefully messy. Organisation is neither Per nor my strong point. Someone is always tearing around the house looking for something they've lost (is it just me or are children particularly bad at finding things?). And it's embarrassing. Is there anyone out there who feels the same? 

The solution
This year everything's going to change! Why? Because I approached global Swedish storage experts Elfa - who happen to be based locally here in Malm√∂ - and asked them to help me organise my home, room by room! And I hope, by sharing the knowledge and various solutions with you - you'll also pick up some great tips and tricks too. Unless of course, you've already got a wonderfully organised home - in which case, please do share your tips along the way! 

Who is Elfa? 
If you've been following My Scandinavian Home for a while, you'll most likely be familiar with Elfa already. Their fab storage systems pop up in homes I feature time and time again (take this, this, this and this!).  The Swedish company was founded in 1948 and prides itself on providing a sustainable, functional and high-quality storage system and doors for just about anything and anywhere in your home including the bedroom, children's room, living room, kitchen, garage, attic, hobby rooms, home office and laundry space. Think flexible shelving, drawers, hooks, baskets, dividers and more which will give even the tiniest and most awkward items a home. 

And they also offer planning help and great online tools. 

Most importantly, I love the Elfa ethos: it's not only about providing a perfect place for everything in your home, but also about creating more space for you, and making your home a better place to be. 

That's me sold! But where to start? 

Home Edit
The best way to get started, I learned,is to take stock of existing storage and 'problem areas' in the house. Have you noticed; some parts of the home feel way easier to keep tidy than others? It might be a load of small items collecting on a side table in the hallway, heaps of clothes in a corner or a cupboard stuffed to the brim with clobber.  

I pinpointed four areas in my home: my wardrobe (still in one of my girls rooms), Allie's bedroom (going from tween to teen!),  the laundry room (enter at your own peril), and the attic (don't get me started!). I'm looking forward to sharing my room by room plans, and all the details (including before and afters - no matter how embarrassing!) over the coming months. 

Do you have any specific places in your home? If so, I hope you'll enjoy the forthcoming series. 

Right, time to get planning, I've got a house to organise! Watch this space! 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, 


Photography courtesy of Elfa


  1. What a great partnership! I'll be excited to follow along.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy to hear you're looking forward to following along. I feel like I've got a lot to do - but I know it will be worth it!

  2. We started using Elfa in our home when our boys were young. I think I have some sort of Elfa in every room of my house! I keep repurposing it now that we are empty nesters. I think my favorite storage solution is an Elfa unit we put on the inside of our pantry door and use to keep our spices in alphabetical order. No hunting through pantry shelves for the right spice when we are cooking!

    1. Since looking into the Elfa solutions I can completely understand why you might have something of theirs in every room. I was at the showroom earlier today and I felt more relaxed just looking at all the different ways you can organise and store! PS I love the idea of your pantry door spice storage!

  3. I work as a professional home organizer, and I can tell you Elfa systems are game-changers! We love how customizable Elfa is, especially for closets and storage rooms. And the over-the-door rack is so useful in pantries!

    1. This is great to hear from a professional industry insider! I'm so looking forward to finally having an organised home!

  4. Looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Thank you, I've got some work to do - but looking forward to sharing the results!

  5. Rita/Turtledesign28 March 2022 at 15:18

    I LOVE organizing. Mind you, that does not mean I love tidying. I just love identifying and solving problem areas, and getting a space organized so the need for tidying is less. Clever and stylish storage solutions are key. Easy access and enough space is a must if you want other people to use it. My best tip for the process? Have a glass of wine/other preferred beverage while you work on it. Just makes it feel less like a chore and more like a fun time. Look forward to this series!

    1. A glass of wine? Now THAT's the type of organising I like the sound of! Thank you for the tip! :)
      PS I'll definitely keep the easy access in mind, sounds like very wise advice.


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