7 Small Space Tricks To Learn From A Light-Filled Stockholm Family Home

Unless you're completely minted, you usually need to compromise somewhere on a property - whether that's location, size, outdoor space, aesthetics or layout. For this family in Stockholm, living in the hippest neighbourhood in town - South of Folkungagatan, Söderhamn (SoFo), an area buzzing with independent shops, quirky cafes and lively restaurants - meant compromising on living space. But despite measuring 44 m2 (473 f2)  - the occupants have made maximum use of every inch - carving out a kitchen, dining room, sitting room, master bedroom, children's room and even a library! So how do you create a charming family home in a small space? Here are 7 great tricks: 

1. Use the height: In small spaces it's important to think vertically and use every inch. In this home, bookshelves have been mounted above the dining area creating a family dining space and library in one! And it looks super cosy too, don't you think?

2. Leave a little breathing space! The blank space between the dining table and chairs and the bookshelves makes the space feel less cluttered even though there's a lot going on. 

3. Go wall to wall: built-in benches in dining rooms, kitchens and sitting rooms are perfect for small spaces since they help to maximise space, eke out a little extra seating and provide extra storage. 

4. Let the light flow: small spaces can be starved of light - widening doorways between rooms helps natural light to flow into even the darkest of corners! 

5. Use curtains for privacy: Sometimes there simply aren't enough bedrooms to accommodate every member of the family. In this lovely home, the living room doubles up as a master bedroom. A curtain helps to carve out a separate sleeping zone while still allowing the light to flow from the window. 

6. Internal windows: The little kitchen in this Stockholm home wouldn't have received any natural light had it not been for the glass room divider. At night, a curtain can help to shield the children's bedroom from lighting (we all know how important it is not to wake the crazies!). 

7. Create storage wherever you can: In this tiny bathroom, the tank top doubles up as storage and an extra freestanding unit has been installed for shampoo bottles, shower gel etc. 

I had another look through the pictures to see if I could establish where they keep clothes - and there are two storage cupboards in the hallway (not featured) - I wonder if they've stashed items in other unseen places too, like under the bed? 

Either way, there are so a many great ideas to steal from this home, don't you think?

Other small spaces providing great inspiration:

Is your home small? What do you find the hardest thing about living in a small space? Have you got any space-saving tips? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm excited to be winding my way up to Stockholm by train today to visit the Stockholm Furniture Fair. This post has taken me way longer than usual to write as the snowy scenery flashing passed the train window is simply stunning! If you're curious to follow my journey / time in Stockholm I'll be sharing away on Instagram stories

Ha det fint! 


This home is for sale through Historiska Hem. Photography: Anna Malmberg

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7 Great Ways To Make The Most of An Attic / Loft Space!

Good morning friends! I'm feeling extra sleepy today after relaxing over the four-day bank holiday in Sweden. Two super strength coffees down and still no affect. What is a girl to do?! Maybe make my way to Gothenburg so I can hang out in this beautiful apartment? The wonderful space is currently on the market (any takers?) - and a great lesson in how to make the most of an awkward attic / loft space. Got a room like this in your home - or thinking of finally converting that attic? Here are 7 tips to learn from the Swedes! 

1. Skylights and dormer windows: the lower side of the sloping roof is incredibly low and could prove a real challenge, especially for taller folks. This is where the skylight and dormer window come in handy. Not only do they flood the space with light, they also help to create extra head room. notice how the sofa and dining table have been placed by the windows - capitalising on the extra height and natural light! 

2. Go high! Knocking through the ceiling to maximise height helps to add a light and airy feel to the space (which is crucial as attic spaces can feel really pokey). The beams also help to add character. 

3. Park life: I love how the space is dotted with plants (and even a small tree). It helps to draw nature closer (especially which it can feel so much further away when you're living amongst the rooftops!). 

4. Storage that blends in: shelving and other cupboards that match the colour of the wall (in this case white) will help a small space to feel less cluttered. 

5. A bespoke kitchen: Just because you have a tiny space it play with, it doesn't mean you can't have a practical kitchen. Invest in custom-made units that ensure you make use of every last inch (or if you don't have the budget, chat to the kitchen planning team at IKEA, they're likely to have some great solutions). 

6. Double skylights: placing your bed under a double set of skylights will feel less claustrophobic and help you to capitalise on the big plus of living on the top floor: sleeping under the stars! Skylight brands such as Velux do great blind solutions for them too, so you don't need to worry about losing any shut-eye! 

7. Custom wardrobes and cabinets: in small spaces, every nook counts! Get handy and build units that perfectly fit the space you have, or invest in someone to build them for you. Having lots of storage will make your home feel more practical and organised as well as less cluttered. 

We do actually have two spaces on the top floor of our home like this. They're full of stuff - but seeing this, makes me wonder if we should finally do something with them. Hmmmm. Suddenly feeling alert after all! 

Did any if these ideas spring out to you? 

In case you're struggling with a small space - or simply looking for ways to make it even more beautiful, take a tour of the small spaces archive, there are hundreds of stunning Scandinavian spaces in there! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Alen Nordic 
Styling: Nouvel interior
For: Bjurfors 

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Small Space Inspiration From Swedish Attefall Houses

I've always marvelled at the way Swedes decorate small spaces in such a practical, yet aesthetically beautiful way. It really is an art form. 'Attefalls' are small Swedish houses that measure less than 30 metres square (322 square feet). I've always found them to be a great source of inspiration for small spaces. Here's a round-up of some of my favourites corners (from various abodes). I hope you find them as inspiring as I do - and can find some ideas for your own small spaces, wherever you are in the world!

There are so many clever ideas here! I especially love the loft beds and kitchen ideas! 

Did you spot anything you loved? 

I found all these pics over at Sommernöjen - the architects who specialise in making these beautiful small houses. Check out their portfolio for more inspiration. 

If you're looking for storage ideas, these small houses probably aren't so helpful as they're built for short term stays. However, there's plenty more small space inspiration to be found in this My Scandinavian Home archive

Before I wrap up the week, I'd like to say, once again, a big thanks for all your comments on my post on Wednesday. I have read every single one of them as they continue to come in and will carry your thoughts with me along with my own reflections. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!


Photography courtesy of Sommernöjen. Pictures 1,2 and 3 from Plaza, photographer Lennart Weibull, stylist Lina Kjellvertz

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Small Spaces: A Beautiful Swedish Home That Makes The Most of a 'Sceiling'

Sloped ceilings (or 'Sceilings' as they're known in the trade) have their down sides (literally!) - and can be tricky to work with (trust me, we have one on the top floor of our house!). But with a little work they can make beautiful, light and airy living spaces. This small, two room studio is nestled on the top floor of an apartment block in Gothenburg, Sweden. The designer has thought carefully about how to work with the different heights - resulting in a practical, space efficient home - which is comfortable and easy on the eye to boot! 

Bespoke shelving in the kitchen makes the most of every inch of wall space to create as much storage as possible (IKEA shelving can easily be cut to size to create this look). The stove and fridge-freezer have been prioritised as areas that need extra head room while the dishwasher can be opened from the side. 

While looking back at these pictures again I also noticed how they've snuck in a fan amongst the shelving - smart! 

Redundant work space (the ceiling is simply too low on the far left to use) has been decorated with fresh branches of lilac - which could easily be exchanged for fresh herbs! 

The sofa has been placed on the lower side of the room (a little out from the wall) - creating a comfy, spot. I also love how the beams have been painted black for contrast. 

A table for two has been tucked away at the far end. It looks a little tight on the right, but it looks as though there's enough space to shift everything to the left for more head room! 

Does anyone know who the wall lamp is by? Rita?! 

A ladder is stored out of the way but within reach for higher stuff - I see there is an alcove to the left - any guesses what could be hidden up there?! I've always wanted one of these ladders - but haven't found use for one yet! Actually, maybe the shelves in my bedroom? Would Per's handmade shelves withstand the weight though?!  

Artwork: Portrait M* by Gurilla,  Figure 02* by Bycdesign studio

A bench has been placed at the far side of the bed which can be used for lighting, books etc, while the higher side of the room is reserved for storage. Love the light green-grey wall too, how about you?!

Artwork: Shapescape 08* by Jan Skacelik, 
Lighting: Mass light by &tradition. 
On the bed: white linen duvet cover*, beige pillow case*, cream knit blanket, and grey linen throw* are similar.

Loved this! Such great inspiration for spaces with sloped ceilings too. 

I hope you've found this home inspiring too!

Other beautiful small spaces to feel inspired by today:

15 small space hacks to learn from a Danish home
10 ways to turn a pokey top floor flat into a swoon worthy living space
A Small Swedish space that will make you want to downsize

Have a wonderful start to the week - I hope the sun is shining where you are too!


Photography: Alan Cordic for Bjurfors - found via Nordic Design with thanks
Affiliate links marked with *

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Small Spaces: Grandma Style Meets Urban Jungle in a Berlin Rental Decorated on a Shoe-string

Hej hej! I hope you had a fabulous weekend?! Mine was just what I needed - hanging out, swimming in the sea, relaxing. And it was during one of these moments, a friend made a comment while  browsing an interior magazine: 'the homes and items in this magazine are so exclusive and out of my reach that it all feels completely irrelevant." Do you feel like that sometimes too? You're not alone, my 'small spaces' archive is the most popular and viewer figures sky rocket when I feature a low budget home. And this is what inspired today's tour!

Joana Gericke is an environmental engineer masters student and lives in Berlin with her boyfriend (also a student) and two cats (does everyone in Berlin have a cat?!). The pair have decorated their delightful 56 square metre (602 square feet) rental apartment almost entirely with secondhand and handmade items. Joana shares her tips on how to create a beautiful home on a shoe-string budget - and enjoy a  ore sustainable lifestyle as a result!

This striped linen table cloth* is similar, glass storage jars*, source vintage basket* and scales*

"My home is a mix of Grandma style and urban jungle - very few pieces are new" Joana told me. "I like my home to feel personal, cosy and full of memories."

A dark blue accent wall in the kitchen helps to create impact and a vintage ladder provides extra storage without having to drill into the walls of the rental apartment. 

A stove top kettle helps to free up counter space in the galley kitchen (I so need to get one for my own kitchen - I've got my eye on one of these vintage beauties*!).

Dried flowers are a big trend this year - and of course, they last forever! Perfect!

"If you are on a tight budget, go to flea markets, especially those that aren't crowded with tourists," advises Joana. "This is a problem in Berlin - so called 'vintage markets' are expensive. I'd recommend going to smaller ones in suburban areas. I also like eBay Kleinanzeigen where you can buy and sell low cost items. I don't know if there is something similar in your country but I think so."

"If there is something you can't find second hand, think about making it yourself - there's often an easy way and it'll feel more personal and can fit your needs and style."

"If there's something you want but don't need right away, it's better to wait until you can afford it rather than buy a cheaper version that is not quite right,"  advises Joana.

 The bed is on a raised platform so that the room can double up as an office.

Isn't this space charming? There are so many lovely ideas to steal! 

It's quite incredible what an impact vintage items and plants can make to a space - and it's amazing what you can find for a song if you're smart about it. 

Is there anything you love in particular about Joana's home? 

Joana finds inspiration at: @friederikchen, @becausethereisnoplanetb_ and @doitbutdoitnow
(among others) and of course, there's always Joana's own inspiring feed

Check out more small spaces here and two beautiful homes decorated on a shoe-string budget here and here!

Have a great start to the week!


Photography: Joana Gericke

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