Theo's Charming, Bohemian-style Abode in Berlin

We've had quite a few pared-back homes on the blog this week so it's definitely time to shake things up a little, don't you think? Plus it's Friday - woohoo! So, today I'm bringing you the charming, boho home of Theo Melnik. Theo lives in Berlin with her boyfriend, herd of cats, countless plants and some very fine second-hand finds. Here's Theo to tell you a little more about her delightful abode in her own words...

Where is your apartment? 
It's in Berlin, in Neukölln actually :)

What do you do work-wise?
I am a copywriter / content creator. Essentially, I really love writing and taking pictures, and basically that is what I do for a hobby and also for my job #bestlife

You do indeed! Can you describe the layout of your apartment a little?
We have one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and a pantry.

What's your decorating philosophy?
I always look at materials. I like 'real' materials like wood, brass, marble and things like that. However, that doesn't mean it always needs to be expensive. For example, we've just built a kitchen surface using OSB and I totally love it. I just don't like it when materials pretend to be something they're not (like plastic veneers for example). Other than that I love mixing old and new (with probably more old stuff). I also love design classics, but ideally used ones, from their original time period. "

How do you select pieces for your home?
Honestly, sometimes I think items pick me. I often just spend hours on ebay searching for materials (or particular finishings) I like at the moment and then see what comes my way. I've found many of my favourite pieces that way.

Do you have a favourite room? 
That's a hard one. I love them all. I guess whichever is the tidiest at any given moment? Right now I probably like the kitchen best but I am planning a semi-major bedroom update soon (which my boyfriend doesn't know about yet....) which I hope to share soon. So my favourite room might change in the near future ;) 

And do you have a favourite piece?
Oh wow, that's even harder! It's probably very silly but I absolutely love my cutlery - I got two vintage brass sets and adore both (though one of them is still my absolute favourite). We also just got a dishwasher and it's a game changer. Oh and the mirror in the bedroom and the kitchen table (which I bought respectively for 1€ and 1,50€ on ebay, which is incredible).

Ha! That's four pieces - but we'll forgive you, as your home is full of beautiful treasures so we'd find it hard to pick one too!

Thank you so much for the tour and telling us a little more about your home!

Theo shares daily snapshots of her home over on instagram.

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Have a fabulous weekend all!

PS 5 ways to add the Swedish love of balance into your life.

Photography: Theodore Melnik shared with kind permission. 

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Bohemian touch in a magnificent Berlin apartment

Have you ever been to Berlin? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to live there? I've visited a few times over the past few years and it's fast become one of my favourite cities. One memorable evening we wondered through the Kreuzberg district which is a really vibrant part of town and very cool, in an edgy, bohemian way (I was in awe!). That's probably why I was so excited to stumble across this incredible apartment in the same area. Owner Karina and her husband have decorated the space with restraint - choosing a few carefully selected pieces each with a story to tell - and at the same time allowing the magnificent architecture to take centre stage. And who better to capture the space than Jules Villebrandt of herz und blut?! Let's take a tour...

Photography: Jules Villbrandt. Home-owner: Karina.

What a beautiful apartment! Those floors! That ceiling.... I love the way an upper section in the kitchen has been left in it's original state, very beautiful don't you think?

Get the look from Karina's apartment: souce a beautiful, colourful boucherouite rug here, this is a great source for made-to-measure dual toned linen curtains, Angelpoise lamp.

You can see more pics and read a full interview over on herz und blut here.

You might also like to take a peek at a mid-century inspired Berlin home,  a Berlin home full of contrast and a calm Berlin home with a modern twist. So inspiring!

Oh and  something else you may find interesting (at least I did!) - this graphic maps out the top interior design trends for each US state, who knew?!

And finally, don't miss my sitting room refresh with Bemz tomorrow - am so excited to be sharing it with you!

Have a lovely day! 

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The bohemian summer home of a Swedish fashion photographer

Many Swedes choose to spend their summers on the beautiful east coast island of Gotland and I can totally understand why. One such person is fashion photographer Peter Gerhke (who has shot for H&M among many other brands) and his family. The family's relaxed, bohemian style stone country house is radically different from their permanent residence in Stockholm which is decorated with a far more contemporary feel. The family spend their time at the summer cottage bare foot, enjoying the grape vines and fig trees in the garden, cooking using home grown vegatables and herbs or fishing and swimming in the clear waters of the Baltic sea. Now that's a way to spend a summer!

Photography: Martin Löf. MILK Decoration with kind permission. 
I love the idea of hanging out bare-foot and care-free don't you?!

My favourite room, has to be the bathroom. I love free standing baths in the middle of the room, and just look at that beautiful original wood floor!

For more inspriation from Gotland you might want to check out this former light house keeper's cottage, the idyllic summer home of the blogger behind a Beautiful Living, and a beautiful Swedish summer retreat. Summer on Gotland 2015 anyone?!

It's Friday - woohoo! Any great plans for the weekend? Whatever you do I hope you have a fantastic couple of days. See you Monday!

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A Boho, Warm and inviting Home in Södermalm, Stockholm

Who lives here do you think? Looking at the pictures of this charming apartment in the boho district of Södermalm, Stockholm, I can't help think it belongs to a creative of some sort - potentially working in the field of music. Right or wrong, the lovely living space might be on the small size (it's 40 metre square / 430 feet square) - but the clever lay out makes it a perfect home for a single person, couple or small family. And it oozes charm!  Keep a look out for the eclectic blend of furniture, walls painted in a rich patina, and the way they've worked with the original kitchen to create a cosy, warm and inviting space. I could totally imagine rocking around here after work, how about you? Just add music! 

A perfect example of how an old kitchen can be revamped without ripping out all the units and starting all over again (which can be eye-wateringly expensive). 

Exposed beams add to the charm of the space. 

A mezzanine floor over the living room provides space for a separate master bedroom (the high ceilings have certainly help facilitate this!). 

How lovely! I find this relaxed, bohemian style so inspiring, do you? 

A quick translation / Swedish lesson from the floor plan: 

Kök (pronounciation): kitchen
Hall (pronounciation): hall
Badrummet (pronunciation): bathroom
Vardagsrum (pronounciation): living room
Sovloft (pronounciation): sleeping loft
Balkong (prounciation): balcony

I've found Swedish to be a very sensitive language. Speaking from experience, if you get the pronunciation ever so slightly wrong a Swede will likely not understand what you're saying (it could also be that my pronounciation is horrible!). All-in-all, it makes it a little tricky to learn. 

Do you speak a second language? Or perhaps a third, fourth or fifth like my linguistically skilled older sister? I'd love to hear about your experiences! 

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There are plenty more lovely homes to feel inspired by in the bohemian archive too! 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem, with thanks

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An Inspired Bohemian Bungalow In Montana

There are some homes that you can imagine feeling at ease in straight away, this is one of them. Located in Missoula, Montana, the bungalow belongs to Bridget Ambrose - a healer and home stylist through Be Crow Be, husband Mathew, a product design director and their son Ryder. Among many other things (Reiki, integrated CranioSacral Practitioner etc), Bridget specialises in styling people's homes in a meaningful, sacred way. Her own home is a fine example of this. Plants, open shelving, layers of textiles and one-off vintage finds ensure a wonderful, relaxed, bohemian feel which Bridget describes as "a never-ending art project". While they may have amassed a fine collection of items, the pair also recognise the value of 'empty space' (a trick central to the Scandinavian style we all so love) - which gives the home its cosy and warm yet light and contemporary vibe. 

I love how Bridget has used wooden open-plan shelving, which she's lined with plants, baskets and decorative kitchen items, adding to the relaxed feel.  

I'm a big fan of nooks, especially when they help capitalise on space. Needless to say, this cosy built-in window seat around a custom reclaimed wood dining table is one of the family's favourite spots! A series of Tom Dixon Beat lights* have been hung over the table. 

How fabulous is this Mitt Accent Chair from Eclectic Goods?! I'm already wondering where I can put one in my own home, are you tempted too?! The painting is by Mel Remmers. Pick up a fluffy sheepskin like this one here*.

Rugs too small for the space? Just layer them up like this. Kisu rugs* sell vintage pieces like these. 

If you're going for a decluttered look, plenty of storage is essential. This Kinley Storage Unit adds to the room and also provides a perfect surface for art and plants. Perfect!

A vintage chest-of-drawers looks so pretty in the bathroom in place of a standard bathroom cabinet. I can't resist showing you the before (below) so you can appreciate the transformation! If you're feeling inspired, take a look at this complete guide to using vintage furniture as a bathroom vanity The vintage rug is from Jean Palmer Home

It's small hacks like the loo roll being hooked to the side of the cabinet that make this home so personal! 

How lovely! Do you see what I mean when I said you could walk into this home and immediately feel at ease? It's such a warm and inviting space!

See more of Bridget's home over at @becrowbe and read more about her services (some of which are remote) here.

Love a little boho? Take a peek at a creative warm and inviting family home, the golden vintage-inspired home of Sarah Shabacon and a cosy, boho Scandinavian family home.

Have a lovely day y'all!


PS I'm on an early morning train to the My Scandinavian Home Studio at Spinneriet just outside Gothenburg. We're going to take a look at some of the mood boards for the rooms we're currently designing - exciting! I love being at the studio, it has the most beautiful light (see the tour here!). If you're stuck on a room just give us a shout or read more about the service here - in celebration of the launch, we're offering 20% off our design service with code MYNEWROOM!

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