15 Fabulous Danish Spaces That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a home with a touch of colour (OK puppies, kittens etc might also do the trick - but I'm talking strictly Scandinavian interiors here!). And in my mind, no one does colour quite like the Danes. Our Nordic friends seem to have a knack of finding shades that are both bold and earthy in equal measure. Think soft pink, deep blue and mid greens applied to walls, pieces of furniture or a subtle hint in a painting or book jacket. Either way, combined with whitewashed walls and floors as well as art and books, and the overall look is fresh, vibrant, relaxed and effortlessly stylish. Another Studio, a Danish creative content and product development studio run by Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg (who's home I recently featured here) and Mikkel Dahlstrøm, has an innate ability to seek out some of Denmark's finest homes for interior magazines. Here are 15 relaxed spaces from their portfolio - that really put a smile on my face, I hope they brighten up your day too! 

1 & 2. The colourful home of Sofie S. Boisen featured in ALT Interiør.

3. The pretty studio of artist Little Detroit featured in BoligLiv

4. Why have a bare wall when you can fill it with art like Karen Emilie Skou.

5. Princess and the pea (AKA one of the world's cutest pups) in the home of Mai-Britt 

6. Books piled high on the floor (featured in ALT Interiør)

7. Colourful book jackets make a wonderful feature in the home of Freja Bak Petersen.

8. Pretty in pink in the Aarhus home of Danish fashion blogger Maria Kaas featured in Femina DK.

 9. There's so much to love about Mia's dining room starting with the dark blue wall and touches of pink and gold1 

10. Sometimes all it takes is some colourful cushions and a deep blue pouf and the room is made, as seen in the home of @toves_room and featured in BoligLiv.  

11. When you have windows like these in Mia's home, it would be rude not to sit there and enjoy the view. With a coffee. For hours. 

12. A little table, a floor lamp, art and a vase in Kristiane's home (featured in ALT Interiør). Because no space needs to be dead space, not even if it's tucked behind a door in the corner of the room! 

13. How's this spot for a quiet afternoon siesta in Hanne's dining room

14. Feeling the blue touches in Karoline's sitting room (featured in BoligLiv)

15. Balancing colour to perfection: a bright blue floor which matches a fabulous lamp! I'm so curious to see the rest of Tova's danish home, how about you? 

Are you also feeling full of inspiration? 

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg from all the fabulous spaces Julie and Mikkel have styled and photographed. Hop on over to the Another Studio instagram feed for countless more spaces! 

If you're feeling the Danish style, you might also like to come and join me in the danish home archive too - it's one of my absolute favourites (warning - you can get lost in there for hours!). If this post pops up first, just scroll on past. 

In the words of the Danes - ha en dejlige dag! 


Credits: Styling and photography by Another Studio, pictures shared with kind permission. 

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An Endearing Danish Summer Cabin on an Allotment

It's only a couple of days until midsummer, and Scandinavians are gearing up to the big event. The atmosphere in the city is slowly changing as folk load up the boot of their cars, ready to ride out to the countryside. Danish family Nicolai, Sofia and their three-year-old child will no doubt be exchanging their urban apartment to enjoy the long weekend at their charming little kolonihave (allotment house). The small wooden cabin is located in Åbyhøj, a quiet suburb of Aarhus known for Northside festival - a popular 3-day music event. The cosy pared-back abode has everything the small family need to enjoy the summer holidays - including a kitchen, dining area, sitting room which doubles up as a bedroom, and a loft bed. On warm days, life spills out onto the newly built terrace and lush garden. Kom indenfor! 

I love the relaxed summer vibe, mixed furniture and touches of green and blue - a perfect little escape! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

Scandinavian allotment houses are really special. I've explained the history behind them here. If you feel like taking peek inside a few more, click on any of the links below:

So lovely! I hope you're feeling inspired too! 


1, 2, 3, 5, and 9: Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg & Mikkel Dahlstroem / Another Studio
4, 6, 7, and 8: @sofiaganer

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A Young Couple's Classic & Elegant Danish Home

MSH is turning into a bit of a Danish home love fest this week. This is the third home I've shared from that Nordic country this week (I hope you enjoyed the lovely pastel infused apartment on Tuesday and the summer cabin yesterday!). When you see the pictures, I'm sure you'll understand why! Twenty-four-year-old Liva Tholstrup and her boyfriend have decorated their turn-of-the-century apartment in Frederiksbjerg, Aarhus in an elegant, classic Scandinavian style, combining earthy tones with design classics and a wealth of natural materials. Pretty ceramic collections, an array of vases and various wall decor help to give the space a lovely homely vibe. Julie Wittrup Pladsbjerg and Mikkel Dahlstrøm of Another Studio were there to snap some pictures. 

I love this look, simply because I really love the classic Danish style. It helps that the apartment has incredible bones too - which add a decorative touch to the simple aesthetic. 

Is there anything that caught your eye? 

When I was 24 (the same age as Liva) I had recently graduated from university and was living in Dubai, working as an event organiser. I was living in a shared rental apartment. I remember decorating my room (painting the walls, putting up posters etc) but it certainly wasn't in the same calibre as this! Where were you and what did your accommodation look like when you were 24? 

See more snapshots of Liva's lovely home here - and there's a wonderful article about it in Alt. magazine (in Danish). 

You can also check out more Danish homes in this archive

It's SO sunny and warm here today, in fact the nicest day we've had in months. So, I'm heading off in a minute to catch a few rays Scandi style (winter coat buttoned up, face angled towards the sun!). I hope the sun is shining where you are too! 


Photography: Another Studio - shared with kind permission

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