The 10 Winners Of Association of German Furniture Industry Global Photography Contest

Sponsored by the German Furniture Industry:
What does #beingathome mean to you? This is the question that formed the basis of an exciting global photography contest held by the Association of German Furniture between 5 - 18 August, 2019. Contestants were asked to submit photographs that depict their favourite place in the home, across ten categories as part of the #zuhausesein / #beingathome initiative. A total of 232 entries were received from 19 countries as far and wide as India, Switzerland and South Africa!

It was an honour to be a part of the jury, and so inspiring to see so many beautiful entries, thank you so much for taking the time to enter!   

Here are the 10 winning photographs: 

1. Outdoor Living

Winner: Silvia Ferrando, Italy 
Copyright / Instagram: Silvia Ferrando @illumino_home_ideas
Category prize: SK 07 Ritual bowl: designed by Stefan Knopp for JANUA

2. Tiny Spaces

Winner: Karst Rauhé, Netherlands
Copyright / Instagram: Karst Rauhé / @krrrrst
Prize: Super Light by Bordbar

3. The Hallway

Winner: Agata Dimmich, Italy
Copyright / Instagram: Agata Dimmich / @passion_shake

4. Kitchen Lover

Winner: Mike Klar, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Mike Klar / Mensur Liang, homemade studio / @herrklar
Prize: Fabella light designed by Laura Straßer for Caussa

5. Relaxed Sleeping

Winner: Anastasia Benko, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Anastasia Benko / @stilzitat
Prize: Pfeife Night Stand designed by Vitamin Design

6. The Living Room

Winner: Roger Lemoyne, Canada
Copyright / Instagram: Roger Lemoyne / @rogerlemoyne

7. The Bathroom

Winner: Alex Schälar, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Alex Schälar @dieartige

8. Living with Children

Winner: Elizabeth Barrett, USA
Copyright / Instagram: Elizabeth Barrett & Kristen Fiore / @kristenelizabethdesign
Prize: Birdy stool from Hülsta 

9. Working at Home

Winner: Vicson Chan Chua, Philippines
Copyright / Instagram: Vicson Chan Chua / @neonvixx

10. Other Forms of Living

Winner: Pepper Schmidt, Germany
Copyright / Instagram: Pepper Schmidt / @heimatbaum
Prize: S18 side table / Thonet

A huge congratulations to all the winners!  We feel they really captured the essence of #zuhausesein / #beingathome.

In addition to a piece of furniture from a German furniture manufacturer, the winners can look forward to: 
  • Integration of your picture in the photo exhibition at IMM Cologne 2020
  • Integration of your picture in the German Design Book 2020
  • Two tickets and one overnight stay to IMM Cologne 2020 (the VDM will provide a travel allowance of up to €500. The winner is responsible for making the booking which will be refunded by the VDM).
You can find out more information about the #zuhausesein / #beingathome initiative on this website as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


This post is sponsored by the Association of the German Furniture Industry - however, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Feel Inspired By a Delightful Colourful Family Home

Eva Kaiser's home has been on my radar for a while now. When I first spotted it on Instagram I assumed it was Danish, since the Danes are doing wonderful things with colours right now. But then I bumped into Eva at Formland design fair and we chatted about her life on an old farm in Northern Germany with her husband, three sons, two dogs and seven Icelandic horses. I was so curious to hear more about the family's recent move across Germany, what it has been like to work with a blank canvas and how she combines colour in her beautiful home. Read on to feel inspired! 

I understand you and your family recently relocated; can you tell us more about your move?
Well, it was the most exciting change of my life. We didn't just relocate, we started a completely new life with our three children. Before, we lived in the South of Germany in Karlsruhe in a beautiful house that we renovated 8 years ago. But one day my husband and I asked ourselves if it was the place we could see ourselves growing old in - and it wasn't.

We had a dream, but we didn't know how it would look in detail. Two years ago, we were on holiday and found that we loved to live with our horses (we own Icelandic horses) but also that we were looking for a challenge. So, we were looking for something that would give our life new meaning. 

We found this beautiful place where we live now, and it took all our courage to sell everything we owned in the South and move away. It was the most difficult - and best decision I've ever made. Within one year we completely changed our lives and now we feel the rewards: we are so happy here, it felt like home in an instant. We are very lucky that my husband and I are both self-employed but nevertheless it took a lot to make the move! 

What was the best thing about having a blank canvas to play with? 
What a question! So difficult to answer! For me, it's been really hard to work with a blank canvas. I've had to make many decisions within a short space of time before we moved in. I was also not completely free to choose colours since there were already some colours present in the house - such as the old terrazzo floor. To be honest, it has been so hard to decorate and finish our new home and it's far from being finished. I've moved many times, but it has never taken me so long to make decisions! You really have to take care to strike a balance between not rushing and yet still moving forwards. That's not easy and you have to allow yourself to make mistakes. I've made many - I can tell you! 

Are there any tricks you use to combine colours?
My favourite trick is to remember your first idea and remind yourself of it after you make your mood boards and have thought about it night after night. Your first, instinctive idea is usually the best. Another trick is to take a magazine and cut out all the colours you love. It doesn't matter if it's a picture or an advert. Or select shades from colour samples from paint producers. once you have picked out all the colours you love, you'll start to notice the same colours appearing. Play around with these colours and create a mood board or just allow them to come together randomly. It's a really fun and creative process. 

How do you find the perfect wall colour?
This is the most difficult thing for me because I always have a really specific colour in mind and I always try to perfectly match it. My partner in crime is Kolorat - a local paint company. They offer bespoke samples. After receiving these, I hope to have the perfect match and test it on every wall. 

Your home is full of interesting furniture and accessories, where do you find them?
Everywhere. I'm always keeping my eyes open. I find pieces at flea markets, on my travels and find inspiration online. 

When I first saw your home, I thought it was Danish, are you inspired by Danish design?
Yes, I am! I love the way Danish people play with colours and the creativity and ease with which they move away from the mainstream interior. But I always try to find my own way and hope to stay unique! 

What's next?
Our home is far from finished. Art is very important to me and we have a wonderful collection of paintings that are waiting to be hung on the walls. 

Hay Star Throw, wardrobe from Reform CPH

I understand you work within the world of interiors?
Yes, I offer workshops around the topic of colourful living and I also produce and sell homeware including cute colourful cushions from second-hand fabric and recycled yarn. You can also stay at our farm in a small holiday cottage that I have just finished furnishing (you're welcome to contact me directly for bookings)! 

As soon as we can move around a little more, I know where my stop will be! Thank you so much for telling us more about your renovation Eva! 

What do you think? Are you also feeling inspired by these beautiful colours? 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

See more pictures of Eva's incredible home over at @lumikello_ and on her blog

For more lovely colour inspiration today check out: 

So friends, that's it from me today. I hope this home tour has offered wonderful bubble of respite from all that's happening right now! 

Have a lovely sunny day! 


Photography: Eva Kaiser, shared with kind permission

This post contains a few affiliate links marked with * which means that if you click through and buy something, I might make a very tiny amount of money. 

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A Pared-back, Warm Family Home With Handcrafted Pieces

Why, hello there! Any plans to celebrate lil lördag (little Saturday) in style? Maybe this home tour will set you on the right path! Schirin lives in an old house dating back to 1928, in Bremen, North Germany with her husband Thomas and their two children Mattis (8) and Karlotta (4). Schirin works for a non-profit organisation by day - and at night pens Schmasonnen, a blog focusing on sustainable interiors. When Schirin and Thomas first bought their house over 7 years ago it was incredibly run down and in major need of repair. The duo set about renovating the property with a sustainable mindset, being careful to retain the original details. Today, the family enjoy a pared-back home which exudes warmth thanks to the abundance of natural materials, handcrafted pieces (Schirin and Thomas designed and built the kitchen table, shelving unit and children's climbing frame among other things! yep, I know!) and vintage finds. Step this way for the tour! 

There are so many pieces to love in Schirin's sitting room including: Nomad chair, Hay sofa, Kristina Dam table. I also love the woodturning stove tucked into the corner of the room - such a cosy touch in wintertime! 

Schirin and Thomas built the shelves (try Tylko for similar), Stockholm 2017 coffee table, Kristina Krogh print and Louis Poulsen Panthella lamp*

Schirin designed the climbing frame and slide, and Thomas, who is an engineer for wood technology, built it. Oh, how I'd have loved this when I was little! Lilla Gunga sells wonderful wooden indoor toys like this (Allie has the gymnastics rings in her bedroom and absolutely loves them!). 

Feeling very inspired by Schirin and Thomas's home - not least because of all the handmade pieces! 

Do you have any handmade pieces in your home? If so, I'd love to hear more about them! 

You can see more snapshots from Schirin's lovely Bremen home on her blog and instragram: @schmasonnen

Looking through the archives, this is actually the first time I've featured a home from Bremen (I'm guessing this won't be the last time, though!). But there are a load of other lovely homes from Northern Germany to drool over, including an inviting family home in a small village,  a charming home in kassel, North Germany and a playful home that will put a smile on your face

Have a wonderful day friends!


Photography: Schirin / Schmasonnen shared with kind permission
*affiliate links

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Swantje's Beautiful, Quirky, Colourful and Unique Home

I thought I'd shake things up a little today with a move away from Scandinavian summer cottages to a fabulous house in Münster, North West Germany. Outside of Scandinavia it may be, but a quick search on google maps tells me the city is a mere 4-hour drive from the Danish border - which may explain the hint of Scandinavian design! I caught up with art director, graphic designer and illustrator Swantje Hinrichsen to find out more about her beautiful, quirky, colourful and unique home. 

Swantje has painted the Danish design Kristina Dam coffee table in NCS 4050 Y60R. A Hay Danish design sofa can be seen in the background. 

From what period is your house?
My boyfriend and I live in an old house built in 1928 in Münster, close to the canal. 

The bright yellow shelf by Dutch designer Mickey Philips is an example of the many quirky and unique touches in Swantje's home. Source similar abstract prints from The Poster Club*

Can you tell us a little more about the layout?
The house is 145 sqm (1560 square feet), laid out over three floors. When you walk through the door you are greeted with a colourful hallway with bikes on the wall. The stairs lead to the first floor which has an open-plan living space with a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. The second floor is under the roof and contains the bedroom, a workspace and closet room (we call it 'the everything room', a second bathroom and a small balcony. 

How would you describe your style? 
Very graphic, colourful, warm, natural, conceptual and intuitive - with a touch of Scandinavian design. 

The freestanding kitchen units are from IKEA and the back wall has been painted in Kolorat K711-17-34-25/T. Ceramics from Studio Hear Hear, Studio Oyama, Mette Duedahl and TYBO Art and Craft line the shelves. 

The dining room wall has been painted in Kolorat K/0-0-15-54/T. 

There are some beautiful, fun details in your home, what do you look for when acquiring items?
I love craftsmanship, contrasts, materials and artisan ceramics. 

I love the road bikes, are you and your boyfriend keen cyclists? 
My boyfriend totally is. He is super passionate about it and also restores vintage road bikes from the 70s / 80s and 90s in his spare time using a workshop that he shares with others. 

Colourful racers like these are starting to be a big trend among the young and hip in Sweden right now (whether they are just used for peddling around town or into proper racing). I particularly love the ones with an eighty's vibe - they remind of the bikes my sister and I used to ride to school on! Have you ever owned a racer? 

Source similar bike wall brackets here*

Would you say your interior is a reflection of your personality?
My home, work and colours are kind of my way to express myself. They help me stay true to myself, help me change perspectives, charge my batteries and transfer emotions and thoughts. They are my visual language. 

Thank you so much for inviting us into your lovely home for a virtual tour today Swantje! 

If you'd like to see some more snapshots of Swantje's house, check out her wonderful instagram @swantjeundfrieda or for more info about her work, hop over here:

On a completely separate note: my children are enjoying their fourth day of the Swedish school summer holidays. All I can say is, I have total respect for all parents around the world who have been juggling the children being at home AND home schooling while trying to work over the past few months. How on earth did you do it? It's only 11am, the house is a mess, I've been asked over 100 questions (by each child) and we've completely run out of food. Thank goodness the sun is shining! 

On that note, I'd better get to the supermarket! But I'll be back tomorrow with one final post before Midsummer's Eve on Friday (will you the celebrating it?) - see you tomorrow! 


Photography: Swantje Hinrichsen

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