A Playful And Relaxed Family Home That's Bound To Put a Smile On Your face!

Thursday totally calls for a little colour, don't you think? After all - we need to start gearing up for the weekend - only one day away friends, one day away! PHEW! I can't think of a better way to get into the spirit than by taking a peek inside the wonderful home of Ulrike Lea who goes by the hashtag #coloursaremytherapy. Ulrike, who describes herself as an 'interior design lover, cyclist, crafter, Mamma and nature addict' has decorated her lovely home in Aix La Chapelle, Germany using a mainly neutral backdrop and then add splashes of primary hues in the form of furniture, accessories, ceramics, art and flowers. The look is playful and relaxed - and offers great inspiration to anyone looking to add cheerful tones without going all out!

Tulip chairs* and table*, source a vintage filing cabinet here*.

Ceramics by Foekje Fleur and Can Family

One of the key kitchen trends this season is to do away with upper cabinets (not entirely practical if you have a small kitchen, I know! But Ulrike gets away with it beautifully in this space). 

Plates by Donna Wilson

This is a great source for boucheroute rugs*, pick up a vintage school chair here*, Love x Play poster from Odot studio. Source a vintage wooden racket here* (or just look in my Mum and dad's upstairs cupboard in London and you're bound to find a whole selection complete with towelling grips - John McEnroe style!!). 

A wall of art by Marta Abad Blay

My home suddenly feels so serious. I might just head on over to the websites of some of the artist's featured in Ulrike's home! So many fabulous ones here, and I've tried to name as many as I could!

Has this home inspired you too?

If you'd like to see more (and I can't blame you!) Ulrike shares daily snapshots of her home over on instagram: @donnerstagsonntag 

Happy Thursday guys!


PS I'm writing this post in the Malmö IKEA store restaurant having used my 'family card' to buy a great big semla (swedish easter bun-type thing) and a coffee (bargain!). It's surprisingly calm in here (I DEFINITELY wouldn't do the same at the IKEA on London's North circular!!).

Photography:  Ulrike Lea
Affiliate links marked with * 


  1. My favourite thing here was actually the bouquet of flowers on the dining table... I actually had to save it in my inspirations folder. But that doesn't mean I didn't like the rest of the apartement - love the playful details an overall relaxed feel of the home. And about doing away with upper cabinets in the kitchen - we would love to do that in ours. It is a fairly small and narrow u-shaped galley kitchen and no upper cabinets would make it so much roomier. But not shure how we would get enough cabinet space. Oh, and I loved the dish rack. So practical with the two tiers. Would be perfect for our cabin in the mountains - need to find out where it is from!

    1. Hi Rita, the flowers are beautiful - remind me that I need to pick up my 'Friday flowers'! It's amazing how they can completely lift the spirits! With regards to the kitchen - I COMPLETELY understand you. I am renovating the kitchen at our summer cottage and it's only 8 metre square, I would LOVE to do away with the upper cabinets but there's absolutely no way, we just wouldn't have enough storage.


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