The Calm, Earthy Home of A Danish Design Collector

Tjena! Hur är läget (how's it going?!)? I'm nearing the end of my first week back in the studio after the holidays and slowly cranking into action - but it's sort of painful! Know the feeling?  It's also distracting when the sun's shining and it feels like the rest of Scandinavia are still on holiday - including Danish photographer and stylist Marianne Jacobsen. Judging by her (pretty wonderful) instagram feed, Marianne is currently chugging through Europe by train. It's trips like these, as well as nature, Scandinavian design, minimalist spaces, light, art and architecture which inspire Marianne's daily work and the way she decorates her home in Aarhus, Denmark. Designed by famous architects Friis & Moltke in 1969, her house is full of timeless Danish design pieces as well as other collector's items in calming, earthy tones. I caught up with Marianne to find out more about her minimalist style and what's next on her wish list!

How would you describe your style?
My style is Scandinavian, minimalistic, delicate, eclectic and with a cosy / warm atmosphere (Danish!). I'm also very conscious about choosing a style that fits perfectly with my home. My house was designed by the famous Danish architect Friis & Moltke in 1969 and the architecture is inspired by Le Corbusier. I prefer to live with natural materials like wool, wood, stone, marble and leather. 

Alma light, Poet sofa*, The Poster Club* sells prints like this one (and ships worldwide)

How do you choose pieces for your home?
I love to live with carefully selected, beautiful Danish classic furniture and also timeless design pieces from other countries. I love Italian design like Cassina, but I do primarily opt for Danish design, since I love the deep roots we have in beautiful craftsmanship.

Montana Show shelves in 'latte' (I love this Danish storage - and have used the same brand in Allie's room).

Do you have a favourite possession? 
My absolute favourite is my Poet sofa* with sheepskin from House of Finn Juhl - such a beyond beautiful and timeless iconic piece. Likewise, I love my CH07 by Hans J. Wegner in walnut with leather seat and my Show shelves in latte from Montana!

What do you have your eye on next?
I'm dreaming about the Tabouret Méribel & Berger by Charlotte Perriand (Cassina) and the PK61 by Poul Kjærholm (Fritz Hansen).

They million dollar question for us hoarders, how do you keep your home so clean and decluttered? 
I just love to live minimalistic and with calm, earthy tones. It's just the way I am since I'm an organised soul that loves to live with few, very beautiful and significant pieces in my home. My mantra is 'less is more'. It's natural for me to declutter my home, but not too much since I like my home to feel cosy. 

Thank you so much for taking time out from your holiday to tell us about your lovely home Marianne!

If you'd like to see more pictures of Marianne's home and latest photography / styling projects hop on over to her instagram or homepage. They are a feast for the eyes!

There's also a load more beautiful Danish homes to drool over in this archive (just saying!).

Anyone else a huge fan of Danish design? I noticed the other day, almost my entire wardrobe is made up of Danish design - with some of my favourite go-to brands being Day, Birger et Mikkelsen, By Marlene Birger and Stella Nova.

Eeeek. Suddenly feeling a trip over the Öresund bridge (AKA 'The Bridge') to Copenhagen is in order... the Swedish crown is so weak right now though, I might have to keep the trip under wraps - not sure how popular it would be with Per!!!

Have a happy Thursday guys - nearly POETS day - WOOHOO!


Photography and styling: Marianne Jacobsen

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Travel Diaries: Design Hotel Villa Copenhagen

Unpaid Press trip*: 
Living a short hop over the famous Öresund bridge from the Danish capital city, I'm used to day trips to Copenhagen - but staying the night is something of a major luxury! Especially when it involves a design hotel (you know me!). Housed in the century-old former Danish post and telegraph office, the magnificent Villa Copenhagen is a short hop from the central station - making it easily accessible from the airport - and wait for it, Malmö! Hooray! When Per and I were invited to visit on a press trip a while back, we had grand plans for the weekend, but once inside the lobby, these quickly fell by the wayside in favour of seem R&R. Think incredible architecture, drool worthy interior design and a rooftop lap pool (warmed with the excess heat from the hotel's cooling system). Read on to discover more about our stay at Denmark's latest 'conscious luxury' design hotel - maybe you'll be the next to visit?

Step inside the hotel and the frenetic sounds of the city fall away as you're transported into another world. Designed by Danish archive Eva Harlou, the former courtyard, has been transformed into a lobby under a magnificent glass dome, and serves as a reception (although there is also an option to check-in remotely which comes in handy in the current climate) and a gathering place for tourists and Danes alike. A perfect setting from which to start my stay - and await Per with a glass of Prosecco!

Unless travelling alone, I'm a little sceptical about eating in hotel restaurants - mainly because I feel I should be out discovering one of the city's many haunts. But KONTRAST, the in-house brasserie has a street entrance, giving the feel of an independent restaurant. Plus, executive chef Tore Gustafsson and his team have pulled out all the stops. The dishes take inspiration from the southern gastronomic world of Europe and North Africa and made using local ingredients (including some from the hotel's own hidden garden). True to Danish stye, the presentation, explosion of flavours and wine selection of our taster menu were absolutely impeccable - as was the 'masked' service! 

It also helped that the setting was beautiful too - combining the historic decadence of the building with the rawness of nearby neighbourhood of Vesterbro.

The interior design has been a strong talking-point since the hotel opened on 1st July, 2020 - not least because of the fabulous and sustainable Earth Suite - so I was falling over myself to get to our room (nothing to do with the Prosecco, I promise!). 

The hotel had appointed several design and architecture firms to ensure that the interior design matched the magnificent grandeur of the Neo-baroque facade. With 390 rooms to decorate, I can imagine this was no easy feat, but it quickly became clear to me, they had achieved that and more!  

With views out over Tivoli Gardens, we may have been in the heart of a vibrant city, but our room was a picture of calm and serenity - and somewhere I could imagine actually living! It was beautiful. 

The rooms are blessed with high ceilings, herringbone floors and a calming muted colour scheme. Danish decadence at its finest! 

For the design, interior design firm Universal Design Studio took inspiration from grand Copenhagen residences and the work of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi to create spaces that combine the past and the present. Natural materials, custom-designed furniture, smooth marble surfaces and touches of brass help to bring the rooms to life - and sent my design heart a flutter! 

After a trip to the hotel lap pool and a stint in the sauna, we returned to the room to find the bathroom stocked with hand soap, hand moisturiser and shampoo and conditioner from the SKOG - calm of the boreal forest - collection by Skandinavisk. Per was especially happy - it's been his favourite ever since our weekend at a friend's cabin in the woods. And he's not even the preening type! 

We woke up - incredibly well rested - to a sunny Autumn morning in Copenhagen and after enjoying the hotel breakfast (who doesn't love an omelette bar and a strong danish coffee? - But if a buffet breakfast isn't your thing, I noticed the hotel also has a wonderful in-house bakery) we headed out for a wander through the streets of the Danish capital before making our way back to Malmö by train. 

All-in-all, a heavenly stay in Copenhagen! 

If you could also use a little 'conscious luxury' and like the idea of surrounding yourself with fabulous Danish design - Villa Copenhagen is waiting for you! 

Definitely one for the travel files, for when we're free to roam again. 

Oh, and if you feel like splashing out, everyone is talking about the Suites. Next time, perhaps! 


All photographs by me except the first one which is by Stine Christiansen

*Disclosure: Villa Copenhagen covered our hotel expenses as part of a press trip, however I was not paid to write this piece and was under no obligation to feature the hotel on any of my channels. As always, I only ever write about interiors I love and think you will too. 

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Two Idyllic Cottages To Rent In Denmark This Summer

It's going to reach a high of 12 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Fahrenheit) here in southern Sweden tomorrow and we're seriously excited (we've been waiting 6 months for this, I kid you not!). If you walk through Malmö tomorrow, you'll see people outside cafes in droves, with faces tilted towards the sun. With warmer weather finally on its way, my thoughts are drifting to the summer holidays and carefree days by the sea. If you haven't been to this part of the world in summertime, it's an absolute must. In case you're wondering where to stay, I stumbled across these two idyllic coastal cabins on Airbnb last week while planning my day by the Danish coast. Both are located in beautiful holiday destinations on the Danish coast and are a relatively short hop from Copenhagen!

1. Liseleje
Danes flock to Liseleje on the Danish riviera in the summer time to enjoy the authentic fishing village, al fresco dining on the quay and the long, golden stretch of sand. This charming white washed cottage sleeps 6 and is a mere 600 metres from the beach - and the interior is as pretty as can be!

2. Rørvig
About a one hour and a quarter drive from the Danish capital, this rustic log cabin is surrounded by woodland and situated near Rørvig harbour which is lined with quayside restaurants, cafes and shops. The area is also great for hikes. I'm loving the rustic vibe! Oh and it sleeps 6.  

Could you imagine spending your summer holidays at one of these lovely cottages?

I certainly could!

For more Danish summer cottage inspiration, I'm also loving these homes (although they're sadly not available to rent!):

A charming cottage on the island of Fejø
An idyllic Danish summer cottage
A Danish retreat

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends.

Roll on the Danish summer!


Photography courtesy of Airbnb with thanks

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Trend Alert: 5 Holly Jolly Christmas Danish Homes

Colours have been creeping into danish homes for a while now - so it makes sense that the Danish Christmas should be bursting with colour too. This is nothing new of course. Danes have been using their vibrant red and white flag as a tree decoration for hundreds of years. But there's something a little different about this Christmas - and it's all about the chintz! Think branches dripping with hand painted baubles in a riot of fuchsia, turquoise, silver and gold and green, and fun shaped ornaments featuring toadstools, snowmen, paper flowers and even avocados and skulls! Bright coloured candles with a twist (literally) and light up the darkness and there's glitter, plenty of glitter. Oh, and there's something else you should know, tinsel is back too. Naturally, the Danes carry it off beautifully with their innate sense of style, the bright colours popping against a backdrop of white, earthy pink and blue. Ready to feel inspired by a holly jolly Christmas - Danish style? Here are 5 homes that have captured my heart (snapped by Another Studio). 

1. Louise over at Mor Till Mernee is never one to shy away from colour in her home (albeit in a wonderful subtle way) - and her beautiful tree, covered in toadstools, snowman, hearts, baubles and the Danish flag, is a fine example! 

2. The Danish home of @papirkalas, purveyor of paper rosette garlands, is full of Christmas cheer. Think tinsel and alder tree branches adorned with shiny hand painted baubles, toadstools, bells and paper flowers in a riot of colours - against a serene white backdrop. 

Candle carousels have been popular in Scandinavia since World War II. Artilleriet sells a similar musical candle ornament with chiming bells! 

There's the tinsel folks. And in true Danish style, it looks fab!

Check out the finer details of her baubles and you'll spot hand painted glittery details too. 

3. In Sofie Boisen's early 20th century home it's colours a go-go with bright red candles, pastel coloured tree ornaments and a sprig of mistletoe against a dusty pink and blue backdrop. 

Whoever said all Scandinavians are minimalists?

Colourful glassware, Hay twist candles and a timeless Skultuna candleholder help the Christmas table to shine. 

4. Ida (@midtimeller) has gone for a Christmas tree with twist in her lovely danish home. These trees are not to everyone's taste, but there's something about the imperfection that intrigues me - plus they're perfect for small spaces. This one is looking resplendent with its bright coloured ornaments that catch the light. 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a wreath hanging from a glass cabinet door (see Helen's home) and I love Ida's tiny candle wreath!

5. In Tove's apartment in Frederiksborg, Copenhagen it's all about the pastels (check out her pale blue floor!) - and the tree is full of turquoise, fuchsia, yellow and pink touches. 

I love the casually draped stars too! 

Zoom in on Sofie's advent candle below and you'll spy a fabulous array of Christmas ornaments including avocado, rainbow and even a skull! 

What do you reckon? Could you imagine adding a little chintz to your home this Christmas? 

In the words of Burl Ives, it really does bring a 'holly jolly' feel, and when styled like the Danes, it doesn't need to be over the top either. 

I have to say, my kids would love it! They've got their eye on a tin of caviar, glittered unicornspink balloon pup and even a fun French set including a baguette, croissant and bottle of red! I quite fancy a set of the Hay twist candles (for the more daring among us, there's also these glittery candles on clips).

Looking for more Christmas decorating ideas this weekend? 

Check out the Christmas archive - it's full of 'jul' themed home tours, Christmas decorating ideas and cosy log cabins. 

Speaking of which we had a light snow fall in Malmö yesterday, you can imagine our excitement! 

It was perfectly timed with a birthday in the house on Sunday - MINE!!! I'm looking forward to cosying up with family and even doing a little cross-country skiing with friends - wish me luck, I'll need it! 

I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend too - stay warm and cosy! 


Photography: Another Studio / @anotherstudio, shared with kind permission. 
First picture from the home of Sidsel Garsdal

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