Keeping it Simple in a Calm, White Swedish Home

Do you find sometimes we over complicate things? Sometimes the process of home decorating can feelv overwhelming and we end up doing nothing at all! Pictures remain unhung, a 'temporary' lampshade hangs for years, and you make do with the too few pieces you have. Are you guilty of this? I definitely am!

But how about if we just kept things simple? Often, this is the best solution! For example, using a neutral base sets a calm scene which can be added to in time (like we saw in Monday's home!). 

This Swedish apartment stood out to me for this very reason. The owners have used a simple palette of white mixed in with soft, earthy tones. Not only that, but they've conjured up practical solutions such as the wood shelves - which provide great storage in the sitting room. They've also added simple furnishings such as white rugs with a hint of pattern, which go with anything.  The result is a timeless, warm and inviting look that's also highly functional. Scandi design in a nutshell! 

I hope you feel inspired by the tour! 

Who says we're too old for mobiles? I've always loved this planet system (search Etsy for similar!). The Lisabo desk is from IKEA. 

Did you se what I meant about the simplicity of the scheme? And it created such a calm feel too - like a breath of fresh air! The wood and leather touches added just the right amount of warmth. 

Note how different shapes helped to give them space a greater impact too - so clever! 

Did anything catch your eye? 

I've got to run this morning as I'm heading to Lund to take my niece out for lunch. She is studying at Lund University. The city is my new favourite after I spent a weekend their to write a guide for a magazine. It's one of the oldest in Sweden and full of independent shops, cafes and restaurants centred around a millennium old cathedral! You can see pictures from my weekend there over on instagram highlights. And don't miss my latest Malmö guide too! 

See you Friday! 


Photography courtesy of Stadshem, with thanks. 

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The Serene Scandi-style Home of a Norwegian Living in Lisbon!

You can take a girl out of Norway, but you can't take Norway out of the girl.... I don't think this is the original saying, but it certainly fits in this instance!). Marriken moved from Norway to Portugal 11 years ago to live with her boyfriend. The pair instantly fell in love with the period details of this apartment in the centre of Lisbon and moved in three years ago. 

"The apartment had been well maintained, but we have still done some work to it after we moved in," Marriken tells me. "We renovated the bathrooms, painted, opened up a wall and replaced the kitchen. We try to make well-considered decisions that will stand the test of time and prefer to take the time to think things through rather than rushing into decisions, hence it's still a work in progress." 

Ready to take a peek? You're in for a treat! 

'Check' print* - The Poster Club, Wishbone Chair - Carl Hansen & Søn

Striped linen duvet cover* and pillow case* - Magic Linen,  Rug - H&M Home. 

Oak wall rack - by We Do Wood

So serene. Simplicity at its finest. 

I especially love the French balcony in the sitting room - the doors are like art, and all thew windows flood the space with light. Is there anything that stands out to you? 

You can see more daily snapshots from Marriken's Lisbon apartment over on her inspiring instagram feed @third_floor_left

Would you like to tiptoe around a few other homes of Scandinavians living abroad today? If so, you'll love these: 

Exciting life change: a Swedish family home in the French alps (I was so happy to catch up with Bettina here in a Sweden a few days ago, whenever we meet, I'm always ready to pack my bags and head to the mountains afterwards. One day friends, one day!). 

Oooooh, what a wonderful selection of places, styles and inspiring people! 

Do you live in the country you grew up in, or have you also moved abroad? 

Happy Monday! 


Photography courtesy of @third_floor_left

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The Relaxed Danish Family Home of Dorte Bak

Wednesday huh? What have I got in store for you? The relaxed Danish home of Dorte Bak, that's what! Under normal circumstances, Dorte's, lovely home in Amager, Copenhagen would be a mere 30 minutes' drive from where I live. But there's nothing normal about 2020, is there? So the only way for us  Skåningar (southern Swedes) to visit Amager is online! Either way, Dorte's world is well worth a visit! Aside from her beautiful white washed, cosy, vintage-inspired home, which she shares with her husband, ten-year-old twin daughters and Silke the cat - Dorte has a couple of wonderful key strengths that I don't possess: she can bake (see her daily recipes here) and knit (visit her shop for pretty patterns and yarn). Liking the sound of Dorte's world? Let's take a peek at some perfectly imperfect snapshots. 

Oh, how I loved this tour - from the children in the kitchen to the balls of yarn in a basket and a curled-up cat on the sofa - this is one, relaxed and cosy home. 

Did anything stand out to you? 

You can see more lovely pics of Dorte's home over at and And if like me, you're not a knitter but keen to learn, keep an eye out for her 2021 workshops here

That aside, I have to confess, I have a lot to do this week. Starting with a column for a very exciting new UK magazine called Simply Scandi (launching in Jan). I've also got a ton of photoshoots coming up which I need props for (but that's just fun!) and I'm also kicking off a small side business with a very talented friend of mine (more news to follow soon!!), all the while stopping here each day (although, of course, that's just a pleasure!).

Oh, and don't even mention Christmas shopping. I haven't done a scrap, have you? I think that's why I avoided any mention of the C word in today's post! Hope you didn't mind.

And did I mention Per's teaching from home again? He has set up a massive white board in our dining area. I just went down to make myself a cup of tea and he was working on a complicated maths equation with his class and said: "Maybe my wife can solve this?" -  I was out of there in a flash! 

What's your working from home situation like these days? 

I hope this home tour has given you a little bit of a breather from the mid-week chaos. In case you're after a few more Danish tours today, you'll love: 

Ha det så bra!


Photography: Dorte Bak shared with kind permission

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